Blue Valentine - Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNowEU on 15.10.2010

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Here’s the trailer of Blue Valentine,
the news of today are coming right after!
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling star in Blue Valentine,
the moving story of Dean and Cindy and their love that was born by chance and now came to an end. 
The young couple knows that it’s time to say goodbye, but before leaving,
they decide to pass one last night together talking
and recalling all the most beautiful moments of their love.
It’s official, one of the long-lasting marriages in Hollywood came to an end. 
We are talking about Courtney Cox and David Arquette,
both actors and co-owners of the production company Coquette. 
For some time there were rumors about a crisis,
but the official statement came only when Courtney and David fished filming Scream 4.
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