Spotlight - IndieGenius

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My name is Julie McCollough and I'm
the owner of Make Shop and Studio in
the Indie Genius in the Bishop
Arts district of Dallas Texas.
Indie Genuis is a micro-boutique marketplace
housing over sixty independent and local designers.
Everything is handmade, locally made or vintage.
And Make Shop and Studio has
workshops in sewing, screen printing,
hand embroidery, all types of crafts.
In Chicago, I worked in marketing
and strategy for some big dotcoms,
and enjoyed that life
very much, and decided that I wanted to move Texas.
So, after getting started
and just sewing myself and trying
to find place to go and do things.
I realized that there was a
void in the market for places
that offer classes with modern projects
in the traditional crafts such as sewing and screen printing.
So the idea came to create such a place.
In 2005, I found a
location and Dallas' Uptown neighborhood
and a historic great little house.
I started creating workshops there
and was well received.
We did a lot of different
things and listened to our customers and what they wanted.
And it turns out there was a lot of people who wanted to do this.
In 2007 the opportunity to move to
Dallas's Bishop Arts district came to us.
It's a very creative, community-driven neighborhood.
A lot of things were starting to happen in Bishop Arts.
At that time we began
to develop Indie Genuis, which
was a permanent marketplace for
these vendors who were
doing the street fairs and the runways shows.
They want to have a place
to sell their product on a
larger scale, and so we
found this great warehouse just
down the street from Bishop Arts
District in which we created
a 5,000 square foot micro-boutique marketplace if you will
where all of these vendors could have
a space, and style it
and create, you know, a
great place to send their customers.
Not just an online presence, but to have a place for them to come and shop.
We'd been doing that about a
year and a half, and then
we decided we have so much
great space down here, it's
a warehouse, and we decided
to move our workshops from Make
into the same building.
Back in 2006, we were doing
the first urban street bazaar, we
knew we needed tens of
thousands of flyers, which we
had never printed in that quantity before.
And concerned about cost, of
course and we did a
lot of research and we were
able to find PrintPlace
and print in that quantity for a great price for us.
And then I was able to
talk to them on the phone and
they walked me through setting my
file up right and were just
so friendly and so helpful,
made it so easy for me
to just do my
own thing and be able to submit it on my own.
So we just sent our flyers
in two days ago
and we're basically going to get them tomorrow.
Our party's in five days, so
we will go out this weekend and
pass out our flyers, letting
all the businesses know
this new direction we're going,
what we have to offer, and
getting folks to come out and
see what we've got going on here at this new space.
We're going to invite everyone out to
come out and sample what we've
got going on, meet a lot of the vendors.
We'll have workshops going on and
just come out and enjoy and have a cocktail with us.
And we're really excited to have
PrintPlace be a part of our
re-branding and our re-grand
opening and help us get our name out there again.