Green Cleaning & Using Natural Cleaning Products

Uploaded by JustNaturalsAndCo on 18.03.2010

Hi, I'm Karen Girardo of and today I'm going to give you an
overview of some of the highlights of our cleaning line.
We hope you enjoy!
First of all, your
feet have the largest pores on your body.
When you're standing in the shower,
any residual residue of any
toxic or chemical cleaner that you have
is literally being absorbed through the pores in your feet.
Then when you have the situation with the steam in the shower,
now you're getting that right into your lungs, you're getting that systemically, you're taking
that in,
in venues.
So, I recommend the next step for people after the laundry
is to go to the shower.
Within 26 seconds of being exposed to a toxin or chemical,
traces of that chemical can be found in every organ of your body.
Think about it, 26 seconds is pretty astounding!
Starting with a shower, something that
you've got, you know when you're in that shower is
affecting you in
in all venues,
there's a great place to start. Now
what I'll tell you too, here's whats great with our shower--
let's see, that when you picked the unscented,
we also have a
rosemary mint
essential oil blend that many people like because of it's,
because of it's freshness,
a nice minty freshness.
Well what you do, here is it plain and simple,
walk up and spray your shower,
let it sit about 60 seconds,
take your microfiber cloth,
and these by the way, pick up 99.9% of the bacteria
they don't respread the bacteria to other surfaces because it's held in
at the base
and then releases when you wash it out.
So you take the cloth, you wipe it down
and that's it.
There's no rinsing,
you cut your cleaning time in half,
it does a fabulous job,
cuts through soap scum--
people are just astounded at the performance of this, and then what makes it even better
not only do we have that in our ready to use fashion,
but we also, and for the majority of our product line,
we have concentrates.
So that you're saving a bottle
and your refilling it with the concentrate for those that
want an efficiency.
So, there's the first step.
Now, I'm gonna just
briefly go over a couple of the other, what I consider to be our top
as far as
using natural products and where, how you want to step that through.
And the reason that I'v selected some of these top
picks is because
they're things you using very frequently
there's things that, the chemical counterparts are very toxic.
For example
the toilet bowl cleaner
is one of the--
tends to be one of the--most toxic products you're using in the home
This toilet bowl cleaner
works fabulous,
put a scoop in, swish it around,
it not only does it,
is it natural
but I have found it outperformed
any chemical product I've ever used.
My toilet bowl stays cleaner longer,
works great.
Our organic foaming soap is one of our signature products
and it comes in a whole variety
of different scents that we are all scented with pure essential oil.
Thinking back to that conversation that we had earlier about your skin being your largest organ
and everything that touches it gets absorbed into your bloodstream, well
here we are with all those chemically laden handsoaps,
you wash your hands how many times a day?
This is a great product to pick up right away
and start using so you're not introducing chemicals
multiple times a day into your system.
And not only that, bur the pure essential oils in our soaps
kill bacteria.
And I will add this fact
the Centers for Disease Control
have requested
that products
that have antibacterial, antimicrobial products
for use in the home,
cease to be manufactured
because it's the number one cause of superbugs
and bactera resistant
strains of, uh um,
of bugs.
So, there's a great
Air fresheners--
another one right at the top of the list--
standard air fresheners have, um
nerve deactivating
um, chemicals in them that affect your whole um,
your nerve system.
So that just using a natural air freshener
not only is it good for your health but it also has
the aromatherapy benefits
of naturally
body, mind, and spirit.
our natural
spraying just too ounces of standard disinfectants
in the well ventialted area
takes in excess
of a year to get rid of the toxic effects.
So here we are, this is a very strong blend of pure essential oils
that kills bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces.
And then the other thing,
every day were eating off our dishes and there are so many chemicals in our
dish products, in our standard dish products.
So every scoop that you take with your fork, going into your mouth, you're getting a little
of your soap.
Well here it is, the natural
dish soap is a very important thing so that you aren't
eating your dish soap on a daily basis.
So these are really the highlights,
with one other thing I do want to focus on,
our glass cleaner;
and the one reason for that,
again asthma is ramped
in our environment today, all the kids, the
toxic effect of everything that we're using affecting their lungs--
our glass cleaner
does a fabulous job
as well as
there's no ammonia, no toxic chemicals
so that you're not worrying about
harm to you, your children
grandchildren, pets, etceteras. This clear and degreaser is a great all-purpose degreaser.
And things, um, oh my gosh if you've got a messy, greasy stove, does an amazing
simply spray it,
wipe it with your microfiber cloth,
I will tell you
I had the hardest time--
the grease above my, um, stove, the cupboard on my stove--
I couldn't, I have white cupboards,
I could not get that client, it didn't matter what I was using.
I will tell you with this,
I simply spray,
wipe with a microfiber cloth and it comes right up.
So for your really tough
daily jobs, um,
you know, difficult messes in the refrigerator that you can't get up, you spray this
you'll just be amazed you can use this for everything from your granite counter top
to cleaning the baseboard, the woodwork,
you can get Crayola crayon off the wall.
And not only can you buy it in the ready to use, but again,
we have our concentrates
so it's much more economical
and I think that some people are
surprised at when they
come and use Just Natural Products,
is just how cost effective it is
per use
in that it out performs many of the products on the market.