iPad OmniSketch Seurat Background

Uploaded by HelenLBradley on 14.01.2013

I'm Helen Bradley. Welcome to this video tutorial on creating a Seurat
background effect in OmniSketch on the iPad.
So let's see how we would create a background effect in OmniSketch.
I'm going to
tap to start OmniSketch and start off with the brushes. Now the standard
brushes are the ones that come with OmniSketch but you can also buy a set of
geometry brushes. And the bottom row here the third one in from the left is the
brush that we want. And it paints as a sort of series of dots so I'm just
going to undo that.
Let's go and get a color. So I'm going into this sort of red area and as you can
I can get darker or lighter red. And then this little
selector on the outside edge allows me to pin the exact red that I want so
that's what I'm painting with here.
Then we can select a width and opacity. I tend to leave the opacity up very
And the width I prefer it to be really quite small but
as you can see it's going to take forever and a day to paint it at that size.
So I'm going to start with a wider one but you may want to prepare some backgrounds
with a very much smaller brush.
Now first thing I do is just go over
the area of the canvas here
with my first color and then I will start mixing colors.
And I'm not really too fussy about the colors that I use so I might actually choose a
dark blue
and push some dark blue into the corners and then maybe come back with a purple.
I'm looking for colors that sort of
all look pretty good together but
sometimes putting a deeper color like a dark blue
and then just covering it up
again as you go along
works really well. I like a sort of yellow green in there.
because that sort of
works pretty well too. Now if you're working with really, really tiny dots this is
the sort of thing that you could do while watching television or something.
You could just sit here and
change color and just paint over it.
But I do try to get
colors in certain areas so I might work with a single color
in an area
to the exclusion really
of the rest of the background. So
you can see I've got this sort of pinky color coming in here and then I might go and get a
slightly different color
to work in maybe over here,
maybe a bit down here. You want a bit of variety while still
building up this background effect
and sometimes yellows work really nicely,
just pick the colors that you like. And you want to keep on going until you've got
pretty much the whole of the background filled in.
But don't worry too much about the leftover white because the secret to that
is actually getting a background color once you've done everything. So
at this point if we had
like probably twice the number of dots that we've got there now
what I can do is go in and find a background color that gives me
the final effect that I want.
Okay, and once I've done that
I can save this. I'm just tapping the Save button or tapping Save.
Now what happens when you save these, this is the one that we've just created here,
and you can see I've got others here that I have created in the past,
once you've saved them you can then use them for your own projects. So I tend to
make a Seurat background or a couple of Seurat backgrounds and just store them there. And
when I need them I'll tap the Copy button down here
and make a duplicate of it. And then when I
edit it
I'm only working on a duplicate of the background. I'm not working on the
original. Actually this is not the one that we made.
There's the one that we made here.
Okay, let's make a copy of that
and let's open it, and there we are.
So we would now be ready to continue with an image
in OmniSketch.
I'm Helen Bradley. Thank you for joining me for this video tutorial. You'll find
more iPad,
Illustrator, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements tutorials on my YouTube
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