Tour in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California

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We are in the San Pedro Peninsula facing the Port of Long Beach from a viewpoint
At the southern tip of the Peninsula of San Pedro, beautiful scenery and the Pacific Ocean around
Friendship Bell donated by Korea in a public Park. In San Pedro Peninsula, with a beautiful view.
The explanation of the meaning of the Bell of Friendship, in English and Korean, each one choose language
Decoration in the Park of Friendship between Korea and the U.S., in the Peninsula of San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA
The building that houses the Bell of Friendship, a Korean construction of great beauty.
The Friendship Bell is constructed of massive bronze set in a stone pavilion at Angel's Gate Park
View from the Bell of Friendship. On the left is the west and the sunset is approaching
The park is usually called the "Korean-American Peace Park" and the images in the bell express it.
Park's donation was coordinated by Philip Ahn, a Korean-American famous actor.
The bell was donated by Korea to the American people to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States
The sunset with Full Moon in San Pedro Peninsula, along the Pacific Ocean, a beautiful place!
And a sunset over the Pacific, seen from a viewpoint. Unforgettable moments we could enjoy!
The submerged hills are emerging over the millennia and the movement of tectonic plates.