CNN Asks Psychics to Predict Economic Future...Does it Make Sense?

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David: It's reached a new low in terms of stories related to the economy on CNN. CNN
is bringing on psychics to tell us what the economy will be like. You curious about this,
Louis: Very.
David: Take a listen to this. Oh, I think... do I have this thing? Yes, I do. I do have
it. Thank you, Louis.
Frank Andrews: Let's see about what's going to happen, USA, USA...
Felicia Taylor: Frank Andrews uses Tarot cards, Karen Thorne, a crystal ball.
Karen Thorne: When I look at the crystal ball, I get symbols.
Taylor: And Serena Stanley, a money pot.
Serena Stanley: It brings anyone who holds it prosperity.
Taylor: Three tools they say bring comfort and clarity to their clients during this scary
time for the global economy.
As the experts debate and uncertainty remains, there's only one profession that claims to
be able to predict into the future. You can find them all over New York City...
David: Yeah.
Taylor: Psychics.
Our first stop, Karen Thorne.
Thorne: He has one of the best charts.
David: OK. So you know what? We don't even need to hear what they say. The point is CNN
is bringing on psychics to talk about the economy. And you know what? I started saying
to myself this is absurd. This really is ridiculous. And, but then I said you know what? Does this
mean the situation is so confusing with the economy that we can't find any real economics
experts, or does it mean that CNN is just making some embarrassing programming decisions?
Which do you think it is, Louis?
Louis: I mean, I'd like to think that they are... they took up this story because they
think that people are actually going to psychics to try and get information or, I don't know,
whatever, details about the economy that they can't figure out themselves.
David: Yeah, see, I didn't even consider the fact that CNN was running this because they
legitimately thought people were going to psychics. I thought it was either...
Louis: It was just filler?
David: I thought it was either filler, or they're just... they just don't know what
they're doing, but then I started thinking, the pundits we see every day on 24-hour cable
channels are really no more qualified to predict the future of the economy than the psychics.
In other words, they're both completely unqualified.
I mean, what special knowledge does Bill Kristol have, or Pat Buchanan, that would allow them
to accurately predict what the economy is going to do in the future, something that
really I don't think anyone can do?
Louis: Right.
David: Maybe psychics are just as qualified as Pat Buchanan, for example.
Louis: You make a good point.
David: I think I'm actually going to start using smoke signals to determine which car
to lease when my lease is up in a few months. What the hell?
Louis: Why not?
David: Yeah. I might as well. So there it is. CNN, I don't... you tell me what you think,, is this a purposeful nonsense story from CNN? Do they actually
believe people are going to psychics to help them with their investments? You tell me,
I don't know.
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