CRACKIN' DOWN HARD Teaser | TIFF Festival 2012 | Canada's Top Ten 2012

Uploaded by tiff on 14.08.2012

Hey yo, my man!
Hey mister!
Hey, my man!
Hey, how you doin'?
- How you doin'? - What's going on buddy?
Hey listen, you got any rolling papers?
No I don't have any, man.
No. Sorry. Alright, have a good afternoon, sir!
How about a drink? You want a beer?
No I got water. I'm fine, thanks!
Hey I got your cell phone.
You want to come down and get your cell phone?
I found your cell phone back there. You left it.
Hey do me a favour, come down!
Bring your ass down here. How about that?
I apologize.
I know it's a black thing.