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late Eastern Han Dynasty
Yellow Turban uprising broke out after eight months
was finally quelled
but Dai Han dynasty was too decline
can not save anymore
in 189 BC
Han Emperor Liu Missing 14-year-old successor Strategy
General military Ha Tien holding foreign power interests-->
because they want to thoroughly destroy the forces of the four eunuchs
listen to us Directory
secret orders for war leads to economic Dong Zhuo
Three Kingdoms - a turbulent time conflict
lasting more than a hundred years
has opened so
in 189 BC
Dong Zhuo waste Missing Measures to Save
King Luu Tran Luu Hiep up king
called the Han Empire Constitution
Dong Zhuo was appointed National Chess
right leaning court
people are very discontented sun
any liability in the galaxy who are angry that the insurgents
Your Majesty has just
to promote the national money supply relevant line of supply
We provide mental state of general practice provision
Decree ended
Bam's university
today is the celebration of the life of Wang Yun's map
King's college has prepared dinner in the wine
invite people to attend the banquet
Wang Dong Zhuo's map is not invited?
I know - go for Freedom of the words
the old lady will definitely come to the swift--> certain
State of the
Cao's great
I have to wait half a day then you
Do not you have anything
to tell me know?
Recently you have said little
for everyone
Why not say to us?
You can disregard this brother will not you?
Thailand's deputy
he also realized that right?
All people that new freedom to life King Banquet
is the god of money to former
Of course this is
At that lower
bird life is absolute freedom of non-United ... - University of Vienna
University of Vienna
Cao Duc Manh
At the lower application from the previous report
Okay - please come forward - Report from - Report from
Everyone that I shared a dynasty
but there are a number of parents
can not do this out
Strong knowledge of German is the result
If the state vice-wow
Take me want to close with him
and he went several steps - such that be reasonable?
Please listen to this
Vienna state deputy
Now is the life of the King's Banquet of the map - right?
Duc Manh eye not only life
but also very fine intelligent hearing
He said watch
the guy moved eunuch said of the Freedom of
why invite all people
only have each Remove This is not invited?
should know
Take I respect the spirit of the former empire
especially from university staff
Before the old lady replied
I have something to appeal a lower teacher-sufficiency
Please university staff told
The words of sufficient lowering said
the new customers that Wang neoliberal
why not have Cao Duc Manh?
Q or much
If so - please specify reasons for the lower-sufficiency
At Lower think
is because of the guests who were also
name of subject ethnic pride--> forever beholden to the king
But Cao Cao in the eyes of the people
who is a descendant eunuchs
vile ignoble
why can stand horizontally with respect to you right?
Cao Duc Manh can say these things
has been a very formidable and
There are still other reasons
University of Vienna in Lower truly want to say u?
is sufficient land to accompany the old lady
if not the companion direct
the different spending a walking corpse?
Okay - please say so at the lower end of this
who were invited were former god of the Empire
are viewed more as head Wang Yun
mental well-being of the emperor
But the people watching this event
who is vile virtues - like orange as dog care - stooping under enemy
Why not say lower-sufficient again?
Please talk to go?
What is inferior?
stooping mean?
Tuc down is like someone's dog?
Tuc down any work for the enemy?
a national impact than anyone Trac
this is just a bit less English
What's Vienna university?
The word "international hackers-->" this
not long since been the great god of the Secretary
brazing bones - anxious night it really you?
Why in the midst of day
in the palace of the emperor
dare not speak to one hour?
The he did not have to see Kim Loan star power as the Holy Land?
How many of the great god khanh an appearance but the
is silent as rice - timid fear
in order to realize lower
How are you - what is a coward
recognize the difference of you cowards
Just a little sneeze
who also made himself into the bar high for the flood mice
You ... you ... you
Great people come - please invite
Please invite
Please - agency staff deliberately go
University personnel - invited
King of longevity 60 - in the lower to congratulate
Thank you - invite invitation
Please invite
He should have come to the down?
Bam old
all guests are to meet the new - not missing one
Okay - shut doors and turn off all lanterns
stop solo music
do not do business the week nights to flood limbs
also wished the Kingdom of Life 60
The position - Invite - Invite
wine - wine
How Come
Open Pickup
Please please please
Lao National
someone calling himself Captain haughty effect Cao
unwelcome - insisted the family will pay for old age
Cao Cao?
Cao A Man - a really rude then
it is the presence of highly dense
Cao's just the business
Cao Cao was the subject down to the enemy Dong Bai
sanguo -- and my knees continents - offering her constitutional role
it's lost all face death god who made us
Yes - the original cult y only diurnal
but now am asking the afternoon visit
hang around at night soon
y is the inverse application of pirates dog
This Man
I find nothing more adoption of Dong Zhuo
clicks from the map of human
Cao's time to do this would be eyes and ears for Dong Zhuo
reconnaissance information that
Yes - great people - quickly chased him go!
Let's chase him away - go chase
must be
Not really
The old lady saw
Cao Cao this
nothing like hunting class of Dong Zhuo
at least do not accept him like dog
This Man Cao
still harbor a large media
the surface is likely to serve--> but the inner financial Hide
In liver intestine
e is another scam
Must see - great sense of said
people mouth mouths ten years
life insurance is to wish the old lady
How can we chase visitors out?
butler - Yes
Presentation at a table next door
put a small chair--> a bowl baby
for the banquet Cao
Cao's great
from which the university's invitation to create great projects oats
University personnel - invited
Van Sinh Cao
also wished the Kingdom's map covers 60
Thank you
invited to the banquet
Cao's true it brazenly--> he came back?
Cao Cao would sit
perimeter - inviting
Please - Call
wine - wine
perimeter - today is not the old lady's birthday
in contrast - is the old lady's death anniversary
wife wants to borrow the name Lao celebration of life
to gather people in welding amnesty
is to speak with you
Dai Han Dynasty 400 years of our
went to the last moment and then
scarred mountains and rivers--> this dark period
concrete temple destroyed--> God took time
Heavenly Death humiliation - shame my king
is the enemy in the East--> raging court
outside a popular hero - claiming publicity around
oh one ear - bad reception music - broken enterohepatic
Also - the enemy Tung night there in the palace
ready to sleep in long--> even the non-frequency power supply time female workers
act like animals
Cao Cao - why are you laughing?
Posted by laughter is by
all that macho attitude like a woman
The people cry from morning to night
probably not the enemy crying for Dong died?
You have financial officer said nothing but utter contempt for money like that?
tissue incompetence
but in the blink of an eye can get the co-
hanging out Changle subject
It was extravagant - too megalomania
The first - Yes
sanguo - and sent the name to the strength of this hepatitis A Man Tao
out of line - out of doors
Get up - come on
Go - go
Wait - wait
from which modern people hear me say a word
but man he is old-fashioned
but the alcohol in his delicious
He fashioned this illegal
how perfect match with this wine
Unfortunately - regrettably
Error out
Get out and pulled him out
pity - pity for wine
Go away
Go away Mau
Lu mice - it was a flood mice
Cao's generals - military general Cao Cao - please stop
Cao's generals
New blink of an eye that turned into ducks and hens
What A Man from Cao Cao's generals into this?
What a state bouts heater
name it at home you have something to say?
Cao's generals - the old slave-financial
false slave to sin with his financial
He said my family
on the feast of mouth too much
the story took Dong Zhuo could not mention the
pretending to try new versions of popular attack
chase him out like that
This is to protect military general Cao
correlations in the mail room to wait
wait for all the guests on
he'll come home with his apology
Not in vain for Wang Yun
Okay--> I'll wait in the mail room
There are things you have to get to us
two-bottle wine at the perfect banquet
not to let it sit there empty waiting
peace of mind - peace of mind
Manh Duc parent
Manh Duc parents wait a long time
He felt restless wife
personally come here to apology
from which the guests of the gas then
Dare to question the great god was secretary of the end yet?
Just leave
Now that the party many people--> the old lady did not speak directly add
Please ask Manh Duc parents have wonderful results next enemy kill u?
Of course
Take me
not selling to honor Princess
as not the kind of contempt for life bad language
Recently in the banquet
the position of Secretary had indeed been misunderstood in the lower and
In stooping down to work for kill the enemy because the enemy is actually
How to kill the enemy?
University of
At the lower completely
get the trust of the international impact Trac
although the national government soldiers such as forests minister--> defense is strictly confidential
but at lower still in the local hospital could
without reported congenital
This is the name of Dong Zhuo
is wearing an armor inside
swords are normally impenetrable
Do not know people still remember stories of Fisherman holding knives look like Dong Zhuo
in the spring of last year or reasonable?
Because of impenetrable armor
so new to the scene of a trip--> the entire family was killed
So Strong attention of the German parent is ....
At the lower of the college heard the government's
have an honest communication of intelligence training
can cross off pearl gold--> extremely sharp--> right?
If people can be great for this sword in lower borrowing
at lower training volunteers to provide general government
next to Dong Zhuo
choice of meat - such as dog meat pigs
One dead as Dong Zhuo
West Liang as solid army will lose the right to dissolve
By then the university will become
On the general government operating like
If you say so
Duc Manh neither parent will have to go without the U?
Dr. Ke except for water damage
can open his own nostalgia network?
If you can hang the Dong Zhuo
outside the gate
Cao's name in history will be blue
If such failure
it hangs outside the gate
This will be the beginning of the Remove
However in such decisions from the lower well

Cao Duc Manh - general Cao
If the parents can kill a large enemy
then of course the cover of heaven and earth--> eternally unfading
destiny 400 years of imperial Han Dynasty
this moment
must rely on parents and Manh Duc
So please get down in training
Manh Duc parent
parents thought that it was Seven Essential maintenance training u?
Was not?
Please wait a moment
First Security hardships in this life
did not expect this trivial
States would like to report on the world is not the kind of beautiful
In three days
in lowering the bar causes it to store user names--> the red blood staining
Dai Han Dynasty 400 years
are looking into the hands of generals Cao
Lieutenant haughty name--> cult Nations General comments
Invite people
Can not you examine the
if I will not carry weapons or not do?
It is for external
with great people do not need so uptight
Invite people
General National pardoned--> Cao Cao arrived late
Duc Manh arrived ?
Good - Good
Manh Duc - to introduce to you our
This is our definition of death - Lu Bo - self Phung Tien
it's new Force led economic recovery from the Western Liang
the name of Lu Wei correlator
with at lower long ears like thunder
The Life is the sentence: "The high Lu Bo--> medium chain code Life"
re-plant more natural method shows general file on hand
human space is indeed rare--> lower natural champion
Phung Tien - I have not heard?
the mouth of Cao Duc Manh
is a true champion galaxy
Duc Manh and exaggerated
Lu Bo did not dare to take what
Manh Duc - a new person to do now?
I waited half a day and know you
the horse's mental weakness
hence the late
Spirit for accused
The name of the captain who is haughty
back to a week that did not have?
General country is the unknown
Since the beginning of spring term to date Galactic
now in the city who does not meet grain--> horses do not eat grass
Your horse is going to be hungry god is dead
What is not - not
One can starve
but my horse can not be Cao Duc Manh
I just posted some code the blood of the Western Han Liang
Phung Tien
you go in person to pick a good horse
How hard and his army
Thank Nations General
Duc Manh
no - come here
The two of us talked for a while
Duc Manh - who asked
a person familiar with the Membership Directory About The Site reasonable?
Spirit and native known each other since childhood Profile
but your god and man y different
The name of this miserable About Membership
as new business worth in the new one should have to go kill y
then y has also cavalry captain big air title
is the most time-softened
to name sub-element that runs from scribes
No doubt
it now gathered vassals Highway 18
start our troops reflect
General country anger
Vienna Us nominal capital only--> no major financial
Route Eighteen vassal
nor the military opponents of Western Liang
General country just ordered his army Lu Bo
resulting in three thousand cavalry
can surely complete victory
course - course
Phung Tien addition--> the
We also have two general Ly Well--> Guo Di
they are
who may well want the enemy
Kill them vassals Highway 18
just as only a dog pig
Shen said that
the most important is Minister of State
General Han Xin peace as national bird--> water treatment--> such as Target Ha
Korea since our country has so far established over 400 years
What can anyone be as general international
a financial-economic state of the economy
Cao Duc Manh - Cao Duc Manh
so happy to hear you say
Duc Manh
I have something to ask you
Please state minister says
I know
who the Secretary of the surface / the other gods to respect us
but he thoroughly inside the bone
sorry we can not be hung outside the city gates
You and they're not bad relations
I ask you
After the launch military correspondent Us
we have people often do not act strange?
The great no static
is a party the other night and longevity of the King's 60 chart
the secretary will come to the great god bird
do not invite yourself to God
ears and eyes to do reconnaissance for general national news
but no doubt
they were chased out
These guys are really nothing
everyone who ate the royal fortune
saturated fat drunk
except to scold us out quietly
there is no financial need anything else
I can not hate one that beheaded them all
for beef stew soup
No Where - state minister
It is the main man of military death - the meat is very sour
Sour - sour
I just think it
it was felt that it ?
Luoyang Select this god damn
hotter than the Western Liang
You see people watching - not to the summer
but this was hot to death
Duc Manh
I rested for a moment in
General International - carefully
General National
General National
Manh Duc doing?
Bam Nations General
recently a new spirit is a priceless treasure
That Essential training
God thinks
great products like this - god how to use matches
god know love their country with weapons Minister
God wanted to give it to the national Minister
Give it what we see
It is a sword that was normal
extremely mediocre
How can say is greatest?
General mental state can borrow for a while?
Oh dear
in the world have this terrible sword u?
Great - is great too
this treasure - to use one that matches
only the church as the military intelligence minister this country
commensurate with its new
Duc Manh
who are loyal to our results
thanks very people that we
depth of general international vocation--> the god of hate just nothing in return
Lu generals have what?
affordable parent forgot
national security minister to our parents a gift horse
Huynh see how this horse?
I have personally selected for Parents
a Western Han Liang blood code there
can travel eight hundred miles a day
this quarter horse
Is not for riding at lower missed ru?
Duc Manh said parent process and
good work horse that hero
At the lower test is reasonable for a moment?
Manh Duc parent
the hot horse
if you want it heard the command to bow
there must be a new hero air concept
Parents please try screaming for an hour
That side
Phung Tien
Have not seen Cao Cao?
the walls met at the door
Yeah walls give a command for weeks that Cao Cao
Y rushing to try horse - running as non-stop flights
Phung Tien
Cao Cao had earlier offered to have a sound security training
you see
This is great food Physics galaxy
guillotine cutting iron - such as mud
just a while ago this sword slashing down
who found no
the broken mirror in half
This island is great food - great food
That side - can see through walls is reasonable?
Security training - security training
Cao Cao said - it is the Seven Essential training
That Tinh executioner? - Yes
That side - the walls heard
which also has a bar Wang Yun
That Tinh traditional training
is when the sword is this?
Wang Yun?
At this time Cao Cao said
y is to celebrate the life of Wang Yun
but was chased out
If the
how also donated medical insurance for the traditional training?
Missed it
Cao Cao came to act like one
That women who do not paranoia
thought? This time
thanks to the new paranoia we live now
just like customers closer
I was able to smell of Health
I remember now
while at Cao's gesture was panic
when the donor hands trembling executioner
Also - if he was truly offer training for our
why not now meet
which are up?
Just have to go when we sleep
under a new medical training offered?
If not through the mirror reflection
which startled me awake
Say no long
This sword had pierced his back and then we
Because our findings were
should be assumed that new constitutional Cao training
The first
General National
Cao's media to see me immediately
then who? Mau dismounted to check
I am the captain haughty effect Cao
General country sent me to an emergency--> avoid the color
Export information items--> to view the walls
Time urgency - if you do miss the country's Minister
who is not afraid to take the U? Avoid the color
Bam Nations General
just then a messenger
obey the orders of the Minister of National
the walls have to know the state minister dispatched a messenger or not?
Who is who?
That He who called himself Captain haughty effect Cao
It is like the hotel--> is the enemy
Cao Cao acted like we
immediately commanded--> who dispatched 5000 borders
to start production of Cao Cao
par Compliance
That side
the walls
would necessarily lead cavalry troops to capture Cao Cao
Phung Tien
who would love this sword Essential honest right?
Where the walls dare
I ask you like it
not you dare ask whether
Speak - like it or not?
the walls are like - So--> it is the people then
but we have requested
you must use the sword of this
for the removal of Cao Cao
par Compliance