The Great Queen Seondeok, 31회, EP31, #04

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It truly has been too long, Misil.
Why are you here?
What are you up to?
I really have only one question for you.
But I suspect you'll have a lot of answers for me.
We've been through so much over the years.
We organized the Hwarang at King Jinheung's orders.
Add to that your help in ousting King Jinji.
And your marriage to my cousin that gave you noble status.
All true.
Thanks to you a son of a Gaya princess entered the Silla nobility.
Then tell me... how could you?
How could you help the King send his twin into exile?
And why have you come back now, of all times?
When the lost princess has returned?
That was Field Marshal Munno? The guy we rousted?
So they said. We've had some great feasts in HIS honor, heh.
That all you can think about?
Deokman and...
Wait, I mean the Princess met us cause of him.
Jukbang, you figure we should say hello?
Just to pay respects...
Uh-oh, at it again...
But I heard he wiped the floor with the Hwarang.
Is it true? Flying around and stuff?
I heard he's a god... a martial arts GOD.
Does that mean the gods are having a meeting?
Huh? What's that?
He's meeting with Misil.
Field Marshal Munno... and Misil?
The marriage you arranged for me with Lady Yun...
made the great Kochilbu my father-in-law.
He was my mentor in many ways. I admired him.
When I was a young Hwarang in the service of King Jinji...
he cautioned me against crossing you.
He would have. Kochilbu and I always did see eye to eye.
Jinji never intended to honor King Jinheung's Final Bequest.
And later, your chances of becoming Queen vanished
with Lady Maya's unexpected return.
What... are you getting at exactly?
The day the twins were born...
Kochilbu died.
What of it?
Is that an accusation?
Not at all.
I'm explaining how certain events left me concerned and weary.
So I left the palace for the nomadic life.
You stopped being a nomad to come back to the palace?
No. I came back to the palace to stop being a nomad.
Then... you've stopped?
I plan to oversee the Grand Marshal competition.
You wanted to escape from the Field Marshal?
He said I should wait for him in Hangzhou.
Instead I took you and ran off.
I couldn't bear the thought of you going back to Silla and facing Misil.
The King told me to keep you alive.
And rearing you... was like having my own daughter.
About that disciple of the Field Marshal's...
Is his name Bidam maybe?
What is it?
Nothing. Thought I'd heard the name is all.
Bidam, isn't she a pretty little thing?
Someday this princess will be your bride.
Huh? What're you... um... huh?
Coincidence has shown me my true calling.
Fate has given me the child that will confront Misil and Misil's own son.
The girl will be a just queen. King Jinji's boy will be by her side.
But he's Misil's brat.
She abandoned him. Jinji placed him in my care.
Even so...
King Jinheung's dream will at last come true.
It's clear to me... it is their destiny.
What's this Bidam like?
Any reason you're asking?
No. He's just kind of strange. Odd.
He didn't know who you were when you met, right?
Right. Not that he cared much when he found out.
Munno's supervising the Grand Marshal competition?
That's not so bad.
It's customary that as next in line Bojong be the new Grand Marshal.
But the Princess commands the Hwarang.
Munno's involvement will prevent any misunderstandings.
Neither he nor anyone else can argue the result.
You're sure Bojong can win?
Oh yes.
The Field Marshal can't be corrupted.
Exactly, it's against his nature.
So all this trouble Munno's stirred up...
will be gone, just like that?
Have you reached a decision?
I have. I like your idea.
Please oversee the Grand Marshal competition.
You know I'll be impartial.
Could I expect any less?
But Field Marshal...
Yes, Misil?
Nothing. You may go.
Yes, of course.
Why didn't you ask him about Hyungjong?
Why didn't you ask him about Hyungjong?
Jinji placed the boy in Munno's safekeeping.
We know Munno took him.
A son I abandoned.
Didn't you know? I don't bother with regrets.
Are you concerned about Bidam? Should we have him watched?
Don't waste your time.
Announce the competition.
My Lady.