Spring Breakers - Official Trailer (2013) [HD]

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-Good morning, sunshine.
-Rise and shine, little bitch.
-Where's the money?
-Money, money, money.
-You know what.
-All I know is I'm not going to sit here another day.
-It's spring break.
-How are we going to get enough money in time?
-I don't know.
We're the only ones still here.
-It's spring break.
-I'm tired of seeing the same thing.
-Spring break.
-This is our chance to see something different.
-It's spring break.
-Just get the cash.
-Pretend like it's a video game.
-We can do this.
-Spring break.

ALIEN: We're in a magic place, ya'll.
You can change who you are, ya'll.
Titties and big booties, ya'll.
That's what life is about.

-Who are you?
ALIEN: My name's Alien.
-Why are you here?
ALIEN: I saw ya'll in there.
You look like nice people.
Come on, ya'll.
Why you acting 'spicious?

I knew ya'll was special from the moment I saw you.
It was written on your faces.
-I just have a really, really bad felling about this.
ALIEN: Let's cause some trouble now.
Spring break, bitches!
ALIEN: I got my dark tanning oil.
Lay out by the pool.
This is the American dream, ya'll.
-Spring break
-Ya'll want to die tonight?
-Spring break.
-Get down!
-You're scared, aren't you?
-Spring break forever.
-Spring break forever, bitches.