Improving Workplace Safety with AngloAmerican | DuPont -- "Mining for Safety"

Uploaded by DuPont on 08.11.2012

0:00:02:500,0:00:21:000 >> Sergio de Sousa: The eyes of the world
are on Brazil. We are hosting the World Cup in
2014 and the Olympics. These big events are showing the growth of our country. The Brazilian
mining sector is fundamental to the success of these two events.
0:00:24:500,0:00:38:000 >> Simone Frazao: Barro Alto mine is part
of this growth and modernization process in Brazil. What we produce is the basic raw materials
used to build these infrastructures.
0:00:38:500,0:00:58:000 >> Welsgrei Rodrigues Pinto: The mining industry
demands and requires big machines and it needs men to operate these machines. We know that
humans make mistakes. ItÕs the little mistakes that can lead to big ones, fatalities.
0:00:58:500,0:01:05:000 >> Simone Frazao: The mining industry is a
very dangerous industry. The difference is now the danger factor is controlled
0:01:07:000,0:01:18:000 >> Welsgrei Rodrigues Pinto: DuPont was a
team which allowed us a greater vision, a more meticulous vision aimed at safety.
0:01:18:500,0:01:36:500 >> Denise Grun: When you talk about protection
in the workplace, itÕs in our blood. The way that we spread the safety culture is through
the leadership going to the ground and talk with people and check how they are doing their
procedures. This is called visible felt leadership.
0:01:38:500,0:01:47:000 >> Simone Frazao: ItÕs very important for
a company like Anglo American to establish a partnership with DuPont because of DuPontÕs
0:01:47:500,0:01:51:000 >> Denise Grun: During this four years, we
had zero fatalities.
0:01:51:500,0:01:56:000 >> Welsgrei Rodrigues Pinto: No matter how
dangerous your job is, it can be done safely.