UCLA Math 71SL

Uploaded by MrsSPenniman on 21.05.2012

Stephanie Penniman: Hi and welcome to UCLAs Math 71 Service Learning seminar. This class
is part of the CalTeach program that is designed to encourage students who are mathematics
and science majors to enter the teaching profession. My name is Stephanie Penniman and I will be
your instructor. Throughout this quarter, you will experience
hands on math activities that are designed to spark the interest of all students, and
build their conceptual understanding of significant mathematical ideas. This is an important part
of the new national Core Mathematics Standards. We will discuss the diverse learning styles
of children with special needs such as gifted, English Learners, or those in resource programs.
You will complete fieldwork hours in an elementary classroom near the university, discuss math
educational issues, explore effective teaching strategies, and participate in manipulative
lessons that will teach you how to convey these mathematical ideas to all children.
In addition to studying research, you will complete Problems of the Week as part of your
homework. These POWs will help you develop critical thinking skills and problem solving
strategies that will help you spark debate with your own students.
Our seminar meets every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 5:30 PM for ten sessions. During
this quarter, you will have an opportunity to participate in an elementary classroom
with a mentor teacher who will also help you plan a lesson and teach it. Most university
students enjoy the warmth and enthusiasm of elementary aged children and find it difficult
to leave at the end of the quarter, even if they prefer to teach mathematics in middle
school or high school after they graduate. As representatives of UCLA and as prospective
teachers, it is important for you to remember to be courteous and professional at all times.
You are expected to wear your CalTeach polo shirt each time you visit the elementary classroom.
You need to be prompt and realize that the mentor teacher may be counting on your participation
for that day’s lesson. If schedule conflicts arise, please remember
to contact your mentor teacher to make arrangements and reschedule your visit. You are also allowed
to miss up to two seminar sessions if you complete the makeup reading assignments. If
you communicate your needs, we can usually be accommodating with your demanding university
schedule. We hope you will enjoy this program and welcome
you to explore the teaching profession as a possible career and lifelong passion as
it has been for me. Welcome and I look forward to meeting you in class.