HP Indigo 20000 and Indigo 30000 digital presses | drupa 2012

Uploaded by HPGraphicArts on 13.03.2012

Everything that you touch, that you buy, that you see around you,
has been packed and labeled, right?
We re here to talk about what brands and consumer product companies are looking for
from their packaging. Basically, what do they want?
They re looking for packaging that provides a better consumer experience
for reduced costs with a faster response time.
What excites me most about this press is
the great deal of development that we have in such a press.
The main feature of this press, I can say, is the format.
The press is designed to be deployed in the flexo packaging market.
Today there is almost no digital printing in the flexo packaging market.
The fact that we bring such a large format is opening many applications
almost all of the flexo packaging applications are open to this press.
So, it´s a good fit in that way.
Another great advantage is the digital printing which allows us to print anything
whenever we like, and change the job on the fly with almost no changeovers.
Another great advantage is this being a one shot press,
since it is a web based press we accumulate all of the images on one of the drums,
and then, in one shot, transfer it to the substrates.
This gives us perfect registration
and also the ability to print on very thin substrates; as thin as ten microns.
So, there s more to it than just flexo packaging; it can also cover the labels market.
In addition, the large unit behind me is the priming unwinder.
It s the unit which combines a powerful unwinding system
30 inches wide and almost one ton in weight of substrate roll.
I m waiting to see what the impact of this press will be for this industry.
I assume it s going to be a big game changer
and have a profound effect on the flexo packaging market.
It s a press that we re going to be announcing into the market
which is specifically designed for folding carton production.
The first thing which s exciting of course is the new format.
It s 75/53 cms. over 29/21 inches.
Not only that, there s also the thickness.
Now we can print on any board up to 600 microns,
any of the shelf media including metalized plastic - anything.
This press is really meant to be an easy fit for folding carton producers.
We re talking about standard offset pile feeding.
We re talking about the known HP Indigo liquid electrophotographic process.
It s a one shot process. So you have perfect color registration and no effect on the board.
Of course, we have a standard offset stacker
and at the back end, we will also have an in-line selective coating unit
able to do both water based and UV coatings.
Basically, at the end there will be a sheet which is printed and coated
just like you would get off an offset press
with the HP Indigo quality and color capability that are already known worldwide.
This is absolutely history in Indigo that we re seeing here.
Not only do we get the four generations the 10000, a quick view into the 20 and 30000
which actually is giving us a break for what s coming in the future.
So, for the graphic industry this is a big moment,
a big history that we re making here in Israel at the HP Indigo.
I m very impressed.
This press will be demoed at drupa for the whole public to see
and really from talking to converters and speaking to them,
this is what they ve been looking for. This is on-demand.
This is zero set-up folding carton printing with offset quality and color.
This will really answer all the needs they have in production, in market trends
and give them a new competitive edge.
We are very excited and from the few customers, they were also very excited
and I want welcome all of you to come and visit our booth at drupa
and see the future of folding carton production.