Bronx resident: On exaggerated police presence in neighborhood

Uploaded by PROPNY on 30.03.2012

Jackie Robinson, down on block 146th and Bradhurst, we come out after the gym, we got a basketball
in our hands, basketball shorts sweats, duffel bag two DT cars run out, hop out, mind you,
one of my man's twisted his ankle, they rushed him to the floor, he's screaming his ankle
hurt, they got their knee all in his face, taking ID, I was tired, my back hurt, I wanted
to eat. There's too much harassment out here, you can't do nothin, nothin, can't come to
the park, can't go to the store. I go to meet my grandmother at 155th train station, they
asking' me questions, where you join, what you doin, you look suspicious. No I'm looking'
like I'm lookin' for my grandmother. I don't understand them. It's crazy. It's disturbing,
it's crazy and that's my story. I'm outta here.