MXoN 2012 Team Germany / Ken Roczen Interview

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MXoN 2012 Lommel, Belgien
Team Germany
Ken Roczen Interview
I think Lommel will be good. I practiced there in the past very often. I have not been there
for a while but I think our chaces are good.
What has been your strangest experience in the US?
Strangest experience? I would say what shocked me the most has been all the extensive travelling.
The flights, getting up early. I wasn’t easy. In the end things were better but it’s
good to have a break now an to come back to the US with 100% fitness later this year.
A you healthy?
I am healthy and hope it will stay like this and also for the team.
In which class will you race the German GP?
This weekend I will ride the 450 KTM in the MX1 class and my goal is to show two good
races somehow and to stay healthy.
Will you ride 100%?
For sure I will give my best but no one knows what will happen. Anyway I hope the best.
Did you extend your KTM contract?
Yes I did in the US. It is for 2013 and 2014.
Which classes will you ride?
In 2013 I will ride the 250 and 2014 I will move up to the 450s.
As how hard did you experience the national races in the US?
It has been tough. The competition is high and as I said some things were not right for me. But
I learned a lot and I am happy to make it to every race and got no injuries.