How to Make Special Valentine's Day Plans : How to Plan a Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

Uploaded by expertvillage on 10.04.2008

Here is a creative way to give your honey their Valentine present and not just handing
it right over. Make them work for it. It's the Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. And what
I've done is I've printed out some little bits of paper and I just give directions for
where we are going to look in the house. So, my honey will take this first one and it says
"Start here." And then, they?ll pick up this one and it says take twenty steps to the right
and look under the table. So you can be very creative and print these out you know your
home better than I do, so you would just pick out different places in the home to send your
honey on a scavenger hunt. This one says, "Go back to the Living Room and look under
the remote." That's perfect for a man. So, now here, I have the remote, and underneath,
it says, "Take ten steps back, and look under the plant." So you're going to, of course,
count how many steps it would be from the remote to the plant. Here I am at the plant.
"Take twenty steps forward, and stop here." And there is the gift.