Bobbi Brings Back: Lip Color

Uploaded by bobbibrown on 31.01.2012

We've been getting a lot of requests on our Facebook
fan page to bring back colors
"that women have loved, their favorite lipsticks "
but i've taken the top 10
and pulled them from the archive
and I agree they're all amazing colors 
but what I want to do is I want you guys to help me decide which ones
to bring back
So I want you to vote on Facebook to tell me which colors
should be bought back
So it's our Facebook "Bring Back collection, "
only u guys will be able to get it.
Go to our Facebook page - "select your favorite lip color, click vote
"share your vote with your friends, " ask your friends to vote. 
Voting ends on February 29th 2012
"so vote now, "
vote often.
I know which ones I think will be the winners
but I want to hear what you have to say.  "I can't wait to hear the results, thank you