165a VL Christian & Oliver - (2012-01-03)

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I'm assuming you won't go to that party?
What? A bit of style wouldn't hurt you. Jessica has already put us on the list.
Don't say 'no' right away. Can you take over both the lunch and the evening shift tomorrow?
What?! - Yeah, you'll get the whole weekend off. Please, it's really important.
Okay. - Thank you.
I need some strong guys who'll help me carry this upstairs. - Right away!
I have a new lodger...from Venezuela.
Olli, say...do you know what day it is tomorrow?
A lonely cabin in the woods... A crackling campfire...
Two pairs of wet socks... Canned beans... Exactly 4 years ago?
Oh, your anniversary!
You forgot about it?!
I've never forgotten our anniversary. - Mhm.
It would be the perfect day for a new beginning, wouldn't it? What do you think?
Have you already forgotten what the doctor said?
You need rest, rest, and more rest. And definitely no wedding stress.
Besides, we just got divorced. I think we should thoroughly enjoy that for now.
Now move your astral body. The curly fairy needs help.
But not the whole box! That's way too heavy! Here.
It's a good thing that Christmas is over. I wouldn't have been able to stand it much longer.
Sure, everybody makes an effort, but you still end up thinking about how nice it used to be in the past.
And how messed up the whole family is.
You know, my parents are as good as separated. Marlene is feeling awful. Kim wasn't even there.
If it'll be just as awful next year, then I'm done. Then that was it for me with Christmas. Period!
Say, are you even listening to me?
Yeah, sure.
Christmas was totally great.
Yeah, exactly. And so full of atmosphere.
Tell me, what are you actually doing there? Show me.
Wow! How cool is that?!
Do you want to spend a vacation there?
And it'll be four years to the day tomorrow. That's why we want to celebrate in this cabin.
Does Olli already know?
He thinks it would be too stressful for me, so soon after my heart attack.
But my heart says something else entirely.
Totally romantic!
Mhm. It is.
Now all I have to do is call the landlord.
Good luck!
Ah, you're all here.
You're probably wonder why I rounded you all up here. Have a seat.
You're the wedding committee, so to speak.
Don't mess with us, Charlie. You're getting married?! Not to Arno, right?
Very funny.
Olli and Christian got to know and love each other four years ago today.
Now they just got a divorce, and just got back together, and need to renew their vows. Right here, in fact.
Well, I think it's great. I'm in.
Great. It's a symbolic wedding. Surrounded by friends. Nice, intimate, full of atmosphere.
You...you really want to celebrate a...a gay party here?
I mean...all I say is 'Hello! Target audience.'
Are we a bit uptight?
If you knew what kind of things some of my guests enjoy doing in their free time.
Yeah, and so that we'll really have a great atmosphere, I think you and Luca should wait tables topless.
Exactly. With short, fluffy aprons in rainbow colors.
Really funny.
I'm laughing myself to death.
Do Christian and Olli know that you're planning something?
No, of course not. It's supposed to be a surprise.
Well...what if they already have plans?
They don't. I happened to overhear Olli saying that he doesn't want anybody to organize anything.
Well, if you're free, could you maybe help us with organizing and doing the decorations? Yeah, Kim?
I'm sorry, but Christian's already planning a surprise wedding.
At the cabin where they both got to know each other four years ago.
Well, then talk him out of it. Come up with something!
Say, Christian...um...where exactly is that cabin?
What cabin?
Well, the hunter's cabin where you and Olli... ...well, where you want to celebrate.
It's when you go to Königsbrunn...you have to go south and then turn off into the woods at some point.
Not very many people actually know the way.
Say, does it have heating?
No, I don't think so.
Eurgh! You guys will freeze something off.
And that would really be a pity, considering the purpose of the event, wouldn't it?
No kidding. I have a different idea of romance.
It's nice of you to worry.
Why don't you celebrate in the city? There are so many cool locations.
Yeah, exactly! No Limits, for example. - Or Schneiders.
No, not Schneiders. Oh God. That's way too uncool for you.
How did I come up with Schneiders? I must be crazy.
Relax. I don't want to go to Schneiders. Who said anything about that?
And the cabin didn't work out either. Some jerk beat me to it and rented it.
Oh, great. And we were so worried.
Well...because of the temperature and stuff.
And because of the bears.
There are so many wild bears in the woods... with that tousled fur and those big paws...
What's actually going on here?
Why do you absolutely want to prevent Olli and me from celebrating our anniversary at that cabin, huh?
Is Olli behind this again? Does he want me to take it easy?
Olli has nothing to do with it! - Olli has nothing to do with it!
So who sent you?
Charlie. How dare you butt into mine and Olli's lives again! We told you we don't want that!
For several days now, I've been trying to turn our anniversary into an unforgettable day.
And then...then you show up, planning your own party without asking Olli and me!
It was supposed to be a surprise!
Yeah, a great surprise! What if we don't want to celebrate here at Schneiders?!
Maybe you've forgotten about it, but that cabin doesn't even have heating...
...and as far as I know, there are mice, too.
I love mice.
And I also love unheated rooms.
But maybe...what I love even more... is a well-run, upscale restaurant...
...with a nice boss and good service...
...fruity cocktails...and well-functioning heating.
Thank you for saving our anniversary.
Now I don't understand anything anymore!
I wouldn't have gotten the cabin anyway. It was already rented out.
And then Dana and Jessica told me that you're planning a surprise party.
Yes. They said you were far from being happy.
Because I thought Olli wanted me to take it easy again.
When I heard that you were behind this... I think it's perfect.
And here I thought we'd have to celebrate the anniversary without the guests of honor.
So Olli doesn't know yet?
No. And it's supposed to stay that way.
What's that supposed to be good for? Waiting tables topless at a gay party? What do you take me for?
For being clever enough to not risk your new job at Schneiders right away...
...just because you're a bit narrow-minded.
Narrow-minded? Have you lost your marbles?
I signed up for being a waiter, not a stripper.
That's actually almost the same thing here. Didn't Ms. Schneider tell you?
It's discriminatory and sexist towards men. Right!
Welcome to Germany. Right.
I know my rights and I don't have to do that.
Have you never had something with a boy?
No! Are you crazy?! Do I look like it?!
Come on, you and that Timo.
Timo's my best pal. We love women and women love us.
Especially me.
Have you ever had something with a woman?
Would it turn you on?
Hell yeah.
That's a typical macho! Two men are a no-go. Two women are totally porn.
I love it when you say 'porn'.
We'll see each other at your first striptease, Django.
I have a favor to ask of you.
Hi. - Hi.
What I'm telling you now might sound funny.
Just don't laugh at me, and let's get this over with. With our dignity intact. Like real men.
What do you want?
Put this on.
You're not quite right in the head.
Do you remember the 'dignity' part? I maybe didn't mean it exactly like that. Sorry.
That's a great start for you here in Düsseldorf.
So...here. Looks great. See you around.
Hey, it's a surprise! I can't tell you more than that.
Come on!
Emilio. Right? - Yeah.
Listen, you've got the wrong guy. This...
This one's for Olli. And I'm to kidnap him and bring him to Schneiders. Charlie's orders, okay?
I'm doing this for her as well.
Small change. It's all part of her plan.
So if you kidnap me, how am I supposed to kidnap Olli?
Don't ask me; ask Ms. Schneider.
Not now! She's in a very important meeting right now. Yeah.
Okay. But I warn you.
If I'm making a fool of myself here, then I'll hurt you. Okay? - Mhm.
I don't know what your problem is. It looks wonderful on you.
And now follow me.
I thought we'd end up as icicles with a gingerbread filling.
Daddy can't draw a decent plan.
If one's able to actually read a plan.
Hey, we didn't get lost at all! Daddy decorated the whole cabin for us!
Oh, and he lit the oven.
Well, your old man is starting to give me the creeps.
All that's missing is the sledge with 10 reindeers that's taking us home.
My name's Carsten Mehrmann.
I'd like to offer a warm welcome. Have a seat.
You're late.
But not too late to enter into the bond of marriage.
Let's start with the ceremony.