[Opinion] Reptilians: friend or foe? (CC: English)

Uploaded by MaxKroven on 30.10.2012

There's been so much said about these so-called Reptilian beings throughout time: that they're
evil, that they're onto take over the world, that they have infiltrated the main branches
of power in the world, etc. Everywhere i look, there's always a negative point of view about
an entire supposed race of beings, so i wanted to add my own opinion to this entire topic.
First off, i don't know at all if it is a certainty that such a thing as "reptilians" even exist.
They are supposedly humanoid creatures that are descendants from an evolutionary step
taken by reptile beings in ancient times (such as dinosaurs). According to some, reptilians
are the original inhabitants of planet Earth, long before humans even took one step on two
feet after evolving from apes... if you believe in Darwin's theory. For some unknown reason,
at some point reptilians were not allowed on the surface of the planet anymore, and
for this reason they were forced to migrate to underground cave cities, where they are
probably living right now. Some people say that these beings have the ability to camouflage
themselves as human beings, and as such, are able to live amongst us without being detected
(or some of them at least). There's even rumors that this or that famous person is a reptilian
disguised as a human being, and the proof is that he/she shape-shifts on camera on certain
videos, or that you can see their reptilian eyes when you play this or that video in slow
If we take all of this to be a lie and constructs of very imaginative minds, then there's nothing
much to discuss about. The myth about reptilians may come from misunderstood cave paintings
in ancient times or just colorful folklore, and that would be the end of it. But, if for
any reason, reptilians turn out to be a reality, and they do indeed live on Planet Earth along
with us, then there's much that can be talked about the subject.
For starters, why this idea that reptilians are evil? If you take the whole Book of Genesis
story in the bible as literal, and you blame a snake for being responsible for Adam and
Eve being expelled from Eden, then the "evil" character here is a snake, not a humanoid
reptile. Now, if the whole idea of reptilians being the bad guys comes from pinpointing
all the "bad characters" in the world (people who abuse power, dictators, etc) and claiming
them to be reptilians in disguise, then i could understand a little the animosity against
these beings... but then again, is there ANY proof that such and such is reptilian?
I've seen some of these so-called "reptilian unmasked" videos, where a reporter or TV host
gets his/her face completely disfigured on camera, but i also have a basic understanding
of how satellite television works, and how sometimes the pixel information on screen
gets delayed, causing all sort of visual problems on the screen, and some of these people who
seem to be shape-shifting are clearly in this situation (easy to be corroborated by seeing
how not only their faces get messed up, but also background and foreground objects as
well). I think most of these shape-shift videos can be discarded this way. The "eye-phasing"
videos are another story, though.
For the most part, the slit pupil seen in many people on camera is a simple matter of
having two huge light reflectors in front of them, which is apparently most of the cases
when it comes to TV transmissions. Also, sudden head movements on people with watery eyes
may cause this effect, easy to check out when you see that not only their irises look blurred,
but also their faces. With all that being said, there are indeed some videos that escape
from these two discarding methods, and are those the ones that may merit a bit more investigation.
A video where singer/rapper Nicki Minaj is crying on camera is a good example of the
latter, as her eyes look truly weird in some parts of the interview, and i really have
no logical explanation for that.
With all that being said, my main comment is: where is your proof that an ENTIRE race
of beings is evil by nature? Would you really affirm that the HUMAN RACE is a benevolent
one? Could you truly say "all humans are good"? Could you? I didn't think so... and if such
is the case, how could you ever say that ALL reptilians are evil? If there are good and
bad humans, admirable and despicable humans, why couldnt the same apply to these reptilian
people? Couldn't there be good and bad reptilians, then? Reptilians who are not bent on killing
all humans but who actually want to help this planet? is that truly impossible?
My opinion is that it is truly plausible that, if indeed there is a race of beings like the
Reptilians cohabiting this world with us, they may be just like us, and have good and
bad elements in their people, the same as we do. We have great humanitarians and horrible
criminals... maybe that's the case with them too. I'd keep an open mind when being totalitarian
about anything, but that's just my opinion.
So, what's your own opinion about all this? Please leave me a comment in the section below
to let me know. Thanks for listening.