[Notice] 2PM 2013 Calendar (2PM 2013년 달력)

Uploaded by 2pm on 03.12.2012

Hello, it’s 2PM!
Yeah, we are here for you guys with 2013 2PM Calendar.
Wow!! It’s rocking~!
Isn’t it so great to show the fans different looks of our members every month?
I am very very happy about it.
That’s right.
Us 2PM will always be with you guys throughout the year.
Please give much interest and love to our new calendar.
Love it~ That’s right~
Also, we are very delighted to have another year in 2013 with you all.
And in the New Year, we will entertain you by participating in many activities.
Yes everyone, please give much love to 2013 2PM Calendar^^
It was 2PM! Thank you!