How To Conceal Spots And Dark Circles by Binky Felstead: Binky's Boutique - Episode 2

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Hi it's Binky. Welcome back to Binky's boutique. Today I'm going to help you conceal those
dark circles and those spots.
I've just done my makeup and I've used this Daniel Sandler foundation. I love this color
and also what I love most about it is the fact that it has got in the lid, the matching
color concealer, which is perfect for touching up any little blemishes you may be having.
It's nice because, you know, you've got got your foundation and your concealer in one
package so it's easy to pop in your bag.
If you do really have problem skin I do recommend this product. It's Vichy Dermablend. It's
normally used for acne or severe scarring but the thing is if you put it on, I'm not
going to put it on now, but if you put it on it doesn't look like you've caked on layers
of concealer.
It just has a really flawless thin finish.
You can disguise tattoos with it. It's such a good thing for, I had acne at school and
I wish I knew about it then.
This is the Dior Skinflash. It's really really good for covering up those dark circles under
your eyes.
Put some on this little brush and gently dab under my eyes.
You mustn't rub too hard my mother always said because then you'll get lines.
But it's really good for highlighting your, obviously if you have circles it's good for
disguising those but also highlighting your face. You'll have bright eyes it's good.
This is another perfect handbag product to have with you constantly. This is La Roche
Posays, it's thermal spring water. But basically it's just literally a spray, you can put it
over your makeup, it refreshes your face.
But if you're running to the tube running to the bus, obviously us girlies we get a
little bit caked up from being a bit sweaty with lots of make up on. But it will just
literally highlight your face a little bit refresh it, moisturise it, and it will not
ruin your makeup so it's a perfect little handbag tip for summer as well.
As you can see all my blemishes and dark circles are concealed. All the products I've used
today, go and buy them at
I hope everyone enjoyed this video. For more Binky's boutique click the subscribe video
and I'll see you next week.