UNC Charlotte's New Student Union Grand Opening Ceremony

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>>CHANCELLOR DUBOIS: These are the top 10 things you didn't know about the
Student Union.
This Union is 196,000 sq. ft.
It's 20,000 sq. ft. larger than the Biltmore House; way bigger than my house.
It's the equivalent of 41.7 basketball courts,
if you consider all the floors inside the building.
Or its 7.289 pool tables. And there are actually
four pool tables inside for the students.
It took more than 569,511 accident free man hours to construct this magnificent building.
No one got hurt.
Just pausing for emphasis here.
#8 Sustainability: First building on campus
with waterless urinals.
Each one saves up to 40,000 gallons of water and of course that saves money as well.
Forget black coffee, every Starbucks employee
has endured over 75 hrs. of intense training and is certified on 27 specialty drinks and
Anytime you want your skinny frappe caramel mocha thingy, you can get it here.
Speaking of employment, the Union has created
over 100 new student jobs, and counting and that's great.
During opening week, the Crown Commons pizza
station will use 375 lb. of cheese.
There are 72 steps in the Rotunda staircase, which is equivalent of taking ten trips up
and down for one slice of pizza.
We have 23 flat panel displays inside, 1,156 digital inches of viewing pleasure.
The Student Union is the new headquarters
for more than 300 student organizations and activities.
We're talking about people who plan more than
1,600 events a year and educate and involve over 200,000 annual participants, most of
them students.
And the #1 thing you may not have known about the Union is you're here today witnessing
an incredibly important step in UNC Charlotte's history. Congratulations to Jim Hoppa and
all of the people who worked on this building and Go Niners!
[cheering, clapping]
This will be your last official act, Norm.
Can we have the ribbon please? Bring the ribbon down!
[UNC Charlotte Fight Song]