Ask the First Lady: Michelle Obama On Her Favorite Workout Song

Uploaded by letsmove on 14.10.2011

First Lady Michelle Obama: I always love Beyoncé, so anything fast-paced that she's
doing is a good one for me.
But I have a very eclectic taste,
so my play list on my iPod which I listen to runs from fast-paced
to a little more mellow, so it's whatever --
I would just say you listen to whatever you like and whatever
is going to get you motivated, and for me that's a lot.
So, but the important thing is that you get up,
you try to get that workout in.
You may not be as fanatical as me or the President and you
might not be able to do it every day,
but working out a couple of days a week will make a huge
difference, particularly for young people,
just getting up and moving.
It doesn't have to be complicated,
but if you're moving at some point every day, every week,
it's going to mean the world of difference to your health and to
your future.
And maybe if you're young, you can get your parents up and
moving, too -- you can be the hero in your household.
So let's just keep moving.
All right?
I hope you all are moving, too.
Thanks for the question.