Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 6 這裡發現愛

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You can relax a bit more.
Just pretend that you're talking to a regular friend.
Should I be nervous?
Very good.
talk about why you decided to become a writer.
I already talked about this point in my book.
I don't want to bring it up again.
Then why are you called "Ye Zi"?*
(*Ye Zi means leaf in Chinese)
You don't want to answer?
There's nothing to say.
It's hard for me to write if you're like this.
Then just write...
that I randomly picked it.
Okay, let's try again.
Your new book's publishing date has been pushed back.
Is there a certain date right now?
When I can write something, it'll come out. If I can't, then it won't.
You are one of the hardest interviewees I've ever had.
That's why I initially rejected your interview offer.
Are you mocking me for causing my own misery?
Do you normally have this little to say?
In addition, today I haven't...
slept well.
Then next time, I will remember
to let you sleep some more before I meet you.
There won't be a next time.
Oh yeah,
that reminds me...
What kind of stories do you normally like to read?
In the books you write,
the love is mostly idealistic or fantasy-like.
Don't you feel that,
compared with love in real life,
it's a little unrealistic?
Realistic people won't read novels, though, right?
But real love isn't like that.
Then what should it be?
Loving a person
is very painful.
You've never had that kind of experience before?
Since we've come to this point,
you've written so many short love stories,
let's talk about your love life.
Have you been in love before?
Does it mean you don't want to talk about it,
or is that you've never been in love before?
I haven't.
How can it be,
you've never been in love before?
Is it that strange?
Of course.
If not, where did the love
in your short stories come from?
There are many things you don't have to experience personally
to write about.
If you really need it,
there are many people
who would be happy to share their experiences.
Why haven't you fallen in love?
So you've never experienced the feeling
of "first love" with a girl before?
I don't know if that counts.
Then let's talk about the reasons why you haven't fallen in love.
Besides fate, of course.
It's hard for me to imagine
loving a person...
The feeling seems a little revolting to me.
So, all along, you're just a person who's afraid of falling in love?
In your short stories, you tell people to love bravely.
Don't you think it's a bit ironic?
Ah Xian,
Tonight, do you want to accompany
your mom and sister on a matchmaking date?
I... I have to cover a shift tonight.
Cover a shift?
Then there's nothing we can do about it.
Okay, do your work.
I won't bother you.
Found a good match!
Zhen Zhen, have you finished trying it on?
Please move a bit faster.
How about we go to the beauty salon to fix your hair first?
Don't you know how to get ready?
You've been preparing since the morning.
Zhen Zhen.
Zhen Zhen, move a little faster.
You really know how to take your time.
Zhen Zhen.
Zhen Zhen.
get ready
to pick up Malaysian NABU's son*.
(*NABU - National Alliance of Broadcast Unions)
Then who's going to cover the shift?
I can cover the shift.
Is there something wrong?
I just wanted to know if your day went well.
It was supposed to be an exclusive, never done before, interview,
but the interview didn't go very smoothly.
You sound like you had a real setback.
Is it because the other person wasn't handsome?
I'm not in the mood to joke around.
If I don't have anything to write, I'll have to make something up.
Who is it who's so hard to handle, then?
Your high school classmate, Xu Le.
No wonder.
Are you gloating over my misfortune?
Let me give you a pointer,
if you want to know about Xu Le, why don't you ask me?
Zhen Zhen, hurry up.
Zhen Zhen,
the cab is coming.
You're so slow.
Zhen Zhen, hurry.
Why are you wearing this?
Weren't you going to put on what I bought you today?
Where do you think you're going, wearing your pajamas?
It was too red. Any outfit is the same anyways.
It is not, hurry up and go change.
The cab is coming. Hurry up.
No need, Mom.
Oh, forget it. The cab is almost here.
We won't make it. Let's go.
Ah Hao, sorry to trouble you.
I was afraid I couldn't get a cab, so I called you to take us.
This is the address.
This is the address of the family
that our Zhen Zhen is going to meet.
Matchmaking is matchmaking. What is there is to be ashamed of?
What are you shy about?
You're at this age, and you still haven't married.
Your Dad and I are worried about you.
Still shy?
Why don't you ask Ah Hao?
Ah Hao, you say something.
Is our family's Zhen Zhen's characteristics that bad?
Zhen Zhen's personal traits are very good;
she should have a man to take care of her.
Like I said.
The other party...
You know how good his qualifications are?
He's a lawyer!
You never know,
it might be love at first sight,
and so this year I'll get to put on an engagement party!
If the other party's qualifications are so good,
then Zhen Zhen, you must make the most of it.
If you really get married,
I will definitely give you a big hong bao*.
(*Hong Bao - money in a red envelope given as a gift)
Big hong bao? Look, big hong bao!
Okay, let's get going, or we'll be late.
It should be here.
Here... Thank you...
What a classy house!
We really will have good days ahead of us.
Ah Hao,
sorry, but can you wait for a second?
Zhen Zhen,
hurry, get out of the car. Hurry, don't make them wait.
Clothes... Pull your clothes... Hurry up.
Tidy up your clothes.
Vice Boss.
Are you still here?
Everyone went to pick up the Malaysian NABU's son.
I wanted to tell you,
whether it's at work
or from a friend's viewpoint,
you are a great partner.
Thank you.
Vice Boss.
You already thanked me yesterday.
Then it's because I'm just too grateful.
Yesterday's candlelight dinner
was really important to me.
It was really perfect.
I must look pretty stupid.
Not at all.
You look happy.
Vice Boss.
Your eyes look like they're smiling.
I think you must
really like Miss Lu Yi.
Why are you covering the shift today?
Because today my sister went to a matchmaking date.
What does your sister's matchmaking date have to do with you covering the shift?
Because she didn't want to
go on the date,
I argued with her yesterday.
I'm afraid I will bump into her tonight.
Why did you guys fight?
Why doesn't she want to go?
If you don't want to say, it's okay.
I'll just consider it as being private...
She likes Ah Hao.
Ah Hao?
She has liked Ah Hao for a long time.
Take me away from here. Start the car.
What about Auntie?
She has something to do. We'll leave first.
I beg you, please start the car.
Zhen Zhen...
Do you know, no one would ever like
a girl like me?
It doesn't matter
if I go on 10 matchmaking dates, or 100,
there won't be anyone who will like me.
Don't say that.
They don't know how to appreciate you.
What do you mean by this?
Are you comforting me?
If you know how to appreciate me,
then why in the world did you
let me go to matchmaking?!
Why didn't you stop me?!
You must know I like you, right?
You must know! Right?
Why do you let me go on liking you so painfully?
I know I wasn't born pretty.
I don't know much about anything,
but I really, really like you.
I just want to be by your side.
that's all it is.
Why do you keep pushing me away?
Because I can't give you happiness.
When I was in America,
I fell in love with a girl once.
We planned to get married,
but suddenly I lost everything.
I didn't know
how to face her,
so I used a cruel way to leave her.
And I hurt her deeply.
But I know
that in your heart, you must be feeling worse than her, right?
that's why I hate who I am now.
So how can I give you happiness?
Because you feel guilty about the past,
you won't let your current self have happiness?
Ah Hao.
I don't know the past you.
I only know the present you.
Bravely give up your past.
Look at the me who's standing in front of you.
I don't want you to give me happiness.
Just by being with you,
I will be very happy.
Ah Hao.
Let's give it a try okay?
[-I believe in love-]
[-I thought I'd be happy 'til the end-]
[-It's not that I don't understand love's frailties-]
[-It's just that I can't let go right now-]
[-I just foolishly hold on-]
[-I've never let go before-]
[-I hope one day you'll understand-]
Xu Le, it's almost time to turn in your draft.
How's your progress?
Remember to give me a call.
Xu Le, it's Neng Xian.
You forgot to take the ginseng, so I put some aside for you.
If you're passing by the hotel, you can pick it up from me.
That's all, bye.
it's Xu Le.
I know,
it shows on my phone.
I called...
I called you, because...
Because you want to pick up the ginseng?
Why would I want ginseng?
Then why did you call?
I... I called...
I called, because...
I wanted to tell you...
I don't want the ginseng.
I called, because...
I wanted to tell you...
I don't want the ginseng.
I didn't know if you were clear on that, so I specifically called to tell you.
Okay. Then...
I'll take the ginseng home.
I'll give it to my colleagues.
Okay... That's all. Bye.
What am I doing?
What is this guy doing?
Is he ill?
I must be ill.
He should take medicine, right?
What medicine should I take?
Are you from the public relations department?
You look familiar.
Oh, I know!
Aren't you that clueless intern!?
Don't you remember, she brought that stranger
into the weird guest's room, Room 2006?
And then the manager gave her the lowest points.
And she almost didn't get hired.
You're called N... N- what?
Yeah, Nicole!
It's Nancy.
Excuse me, but does the entire hotel know about me?
only the two of us saw, and then we told our manager.
Was that wrong?
If you see something wrong, you have to speak up!
So it was you guys.
You're right,
if you see something wrong, say something.
That day I was in the wrong.
Thank goodness, I still have a job.
I will work my hardest.
You don't blame us, do you?
You guys have more hotel experience than I do.
From now on, you seniors must give me more pointers.
Hey, we two are seniors.
Be a little more modest, will you?
May I ask what should I call you two seniors?
I'm called Ah Jin.
I'm guest room department's most kind, easy to get along with,
and the person best with customer service, Ah Jin.
I'm called Ah Qin.
I'm guest room department's most well brought-up, Ah Qin.
Most well brought-up?
You really can't tell?
She's all pudgy,
whatever you give her to eat, she will eat.
She won't be picky.
Skinny bones, you really are weird.
I'm really picky, okay?
You're picky? Now that's an exaggeration!
There are
a lot of things I don't eat.
Oh, please, you eat whatever there is on the table.
The only thing you don't eat is left over garbage!
When? There's nothing special about that!
I'm really picky when it comes to desserts.
Since both of you like to eat sweet things,
I'll treat.
Okay, okay!
How could we let you do that?
I want a honey lemon sundae.
I want crème brûlée.
Where can I buy that?
You can get it at Family Mart Store.
Let me tell you,
if you can't get crème brûlée,
then you don't have to buy anything else.
Can't buy?
If I, Nancy, want to do something,
there's nothing that can't be done.
Okay, then hurry and go.
Okay, I'm going to buy it.
Thank you.
I think you really lack common sense.
*(Ji Che lit. means motorcycle, but in Taiwan slang it means someone who lacks common sense in dealing with others)
She's so nice to help us buy it,
yet you ask her for this and that.
You're weird.
If she can't buy what you asked for, will you be happy?
Excuse me,
may I ask
do you have any crème brûlée?
Yes, in the frozen food section.
Thank you.
Hey! I was going to buy that!
But I want to buy it, too.
I saw it first.
You saw it first?
Then why is it in my hands?
Because you stole it. Give it back to me!
Give it back to you?
How can a kid like you be so ill-mannered?
I'm paying the money,
my actions are faster,
and you're a bit slower.
Based on what you're saying, this is yours?
I'm a kid. You have to let me.
If you were a polite kid,
I'd even be willing to treat you!
Thank you.
So good!
You're exaggerating too much.
It's this!
I was afraid you wouldn't be able to buy it.
That's right. That really was the last one.
One more second, and
a kid would've bought it.
It's so good
that I don't even need a man.
What if it was a man like Vice Boss?
Vice Boss?
you're with the him everyday,
does he have a girlfriend?
I don't know.
I'll be going first. Bye bye.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's so good!
It's late, why are you still here?
This shift should be over.
It's no problem.
Let me send you home.
Send me home?
It's very late.
As the Vice Boss,
it's my duty to take care of my employees' safety.
Let's go.
Vice Boss,
thank you for taking me home tonight.
No need to thank me.
Compared to how you've helped me,
I still owe you more.
I didn't do anything.
Okay, hurry up and go.
Are you still worried
about your fight with your sister?
A little.
Sisters are sisters.
Misunderstandings are inevitable.
Just talk it through, and everything will be fine.
Just because of this,
you think you won't be family anymore?
Yeah, I know.
If your sister really likes Ah Hao,
if there's an opportunity, I will help.
Anyways, this guy is soft-hearted.
If your sister can pretend to be 100% pure when pursuing him,
she will be successful.
My sister doesn't have to pretend,
she's already a pure girl.
That's even better. There's an even bigger chance, then.
Don't worry.
Love has its own direction.
Okay, I'm going now. Bye bye.
Ah Hao.
(*Jie=older sister)
Where's mom?
She didn't come home with you?
Ah Hao.
Where's mom?
She didn't come home with you?
What happened?
I'm going first.
How was the matchmaking date?
I was wrong yesterday.
You were right.
I am weak.
They said Zhen Zhen's photo
made her look younger than she really is.
Then they asked if she'd
studied abroad before and whether
her English was good or not.
If she married someone outside Taiwan,
how would we be able to give to them?
(cultural practice sort of like giving a dowry or exchange between families)
After everything you've said,
I don't think you should worry about it too much.
We know how great our own daughter is,
But the icing on the cake was...
they said if they knew earlier
that the date end up like that,
they wouldn't have taken it so far.
And they wouldn't have
wasted their time.
Okay, don't cry anymore...
What hurts me the most
is that Zhen Zhen is almost
30 years old.
She must be really sad inside.
Okay now...
Dad, am I getting too involved?
I'm just worried about Zhen Zhen.
I know.
Almost 30 years old and not married yet.
No partner,
so I'm always arranging dates.
And the other party made it end up like this.
Dad, Mom,
from now on, you don't need to arrange anymore dates.
I have someone I like already.
Zhen Zhen.
She has someone she likes? Who is it?
I shouldn't have argued with you.
I didn't consider your feelings.
It's okay.
Why did you turn on the Christmas lights?
Don't you only turn on the lights
when it's Christmas?
Christmas is originally a holiday, to celebrate a gratitude.
I wanted to thank that man today.
He gave me courage to do something I normally wouldn't do.
Something you normally wouldn't do?
Do you mean...
You confessed to Ah Hao?
Yes. I said it.
What was his reaction?
Because I can't give you happiness.
It doesn't matter.
How can it
not matter?
But to the present me,
the confession is more important than his response.
if he doesn't want to be with you, what will you do?
I really don't know.
But now,
I really just want to love someone.
I don't want to care
if he loves me back or not.
Can I come into your room?
I have a brave sister!
Keep up, Sis!!!
I will!
Say, Pan Neng Zhen, keep up!!
Pan Neng Zhen...
Say, Pan Neng Zhen, keep up!!
Pan Neng Zhen, keep up!!
Keep up!!
everyone has gathered
at Master NABU's room.
Yes. I'll be there immediately.
Little Master, you really are too polite,
preparing gifts for everybody.
That's because for the next few days, I'll be a real inconvenience to everyone.
It's really hard to find youngsters like yourself, Little Master,
who are so well-mannered and understanding.
This is as it should be.
Eh, I want to buy this.
What you took is what I want to buy.
Then, Little Master,
I'm going to introduce Judy.
She is our hotel's
most outstanding employee.
Excuse me,
can I pick who will serve me?
Little Master, are you
already familiar with our Sherwood's employees?
A little.
standing in the back
I want that lady
to prepare my daily itinerary.
But she is a new employee.
My father has always said
to give new people an opportunity to practice.
Only then can they learn more and become better.
I believe although this Jie Jie is new,
she will be just like me,
learning new things everyday.
I believe I will definitely get along with this Jie Jie.
Okay, Nancy.
You will be responsible for Little Master's daily itinerary.
Okay, it will be like that.
Thank you everyone.
I wish Little Master a pleasant stay at Sherwood.
Work hard!
This Jie Jie!
Aren't you supposed to serve me?
Please let her stay here.
This Jie Jie!
Aren't you supposed to serve me?
Please let her stay here.
Your name's Nancy?
May I ask why you picked me?
We know each other. Did you forget?
Starting from today,
I'll be troubling you with everything.
This is expected.
Now, why don't you go and help me
buy 20 crème brûlées!
Shut up!
I want to eat them now. Hurry up, go and buy them!
Still not going?!
Make sure to take care of him well. Sure, no problem.
Yes... I know.
Are you looking for me?
Then you are here, because...
Malaysia's NABU
has frequented Taiwan in the past to buy art goods and knows me.
This time his son is staying at your hotel;
he asked me to do some art reporting.
Sorry but who is the person in charge
of the daily itinerary?
It's Nancy.
So you really aren't here today for me?
Not today.
You told me last time you were interviewing Xu Le, and it didn't go so smoothly,
I dug up a lot of information to give you for your exclusive.
Seems like I worried about you for nothing.
What you promised me, you can't go back on your word.
How about this,
let me finish what I'm doing, then I'll treat you to dinner.
My appetite is big, and I'm picky;
it's not something you can easily deal with.
Subconscious actions can bring about surprises.
(*chinese proverb meaning that he things people do without thinking, can reveal deep things about a person's character).
Don't look down upon this beautiful reporter.
Subconscious actions can bring about surprises.
Doesn't sound bad.
I'll wait for you.
Then I'm going to find Nancy.
You guys can go.
These are the 20 crème brûlées you wanted.
They're all here.
Thank you.
I had to go to many stores to buy
all of them.
I owed you for last time,
so can you forget about what happened yesterday?
Not yet.
Come here.
Aren't you the person
who stole from a 7 year old kid
because you definitely had to have some?
These twenty
are all for you to eat.
I'm not eating them.
You said you wanted to eat all of this.
I just told you to buy them. I never said I wanted to eat them.
How can that be? I don't want it.
Hurry up and eat.
I wouldn't.
I want you to eat it.
I'm not eating.
Thank you.
Just thank you?!
I want you to apologize!
You don't apologize and you don't eat.
What are you going to do?!?
I want you to eat it all!
I woudn't!
What are you doing?!
This kid! Stop it!
If you don't eat, I'm going to continue throwing things!
I'm not eating...
Stop it!
Miss Lu. This way, please.
You had better not eat.
Stop it!
If you don't eat, I'm going to continue throwing things!
Lu Yi, it's good you came.
You don't know,
- Xiao Wu just... - Lu Jie Jie...
What happened?
Lu Jie Jie.
Nancy, what's the matter?
Nancy Jie Jie said
she was going to buy some crème brûlée for me,
I was really happy.
But she bought twenty.
I said I can't finish eating so many.
And then she got really mad.
She said I had to finish it all.
Because I wanted to escape, I bumped into the vase.
Then, she got even more mad and said I did it on purpose.
Then, she continued to throw things.
She's really scary!
Nancy, how can you be so unreasonable?
I... How can I?
Eric, you must believe me. I definitely wouldn't do this.
It doesn't matter,
you are in charge of taking care of the guest. You can't make the guest unhappy.
Do you have the customer satisfaction spirit?
Don't blame her.
It's okay.
If I had listened to her
and finished everything she bought,
Nancy Jie Jie wouldn't be mad.
This is not the truth!
You still want to argue?!
You are so unprofessional! Still not apologizing?
Xiao Wu,
do you have some sort of misunderstanding with Nancy Jie Jie?
It's not so important, this is your first time in Taiwan;
you should be enjoying yourself.
Let's have a great time
and tell all the good things to your dad.
Yes. I won't let anyone affect my mood.
I won't let my Dad and Lu Jie Jie be disappointed.
don't argue with children.
I know Xiao Wu's father.
He has always listened to his father. He is a very intelligent and obedient child.
Very obedient?
Lu Jie Jie. I'm sorry to make you see this kind of situation,
but why did you come back?
Your father said you wanted to do some cultural documentary.
Where do you want to go?
National Palace Museum* (*one of the top four museums in the world) Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Taipei Botanical Garden National Museum of History.
All the places my dad has talked about, I want to go.
Then Lu Jie Jie will first take you
to see some of Taipei's highlights,
then we'll go to the National Palace Museum. Okay?
There are so many motorcyles on the streets
of Taipei, and the taxis are all yellow.
I have never seen this in Malaysia.
And the National Palace Museum must be great!
Okay, let me first arrange a car.
Nancy, you guys go and get ready first.
aren't you too good at acting?
You are too much!
I'm going to tell the manager that I don't want to serve you anymore.
You are new, so you don't have a choice.
You! You!
Listen well,
you have to listen to me.
Isn't this a 5 star hotel?
Where's the customer satisfaction spirit?
Xiao Wu, look.
This skyscraper is
the famous Taipei 101 building.
Next to it is Taipei's City Hall.
And that one there is the World Trade Center.
There's always a lot of exhibitions.
A lot of autoshows, computer exhibits...
You can see all of them here.
This is really different from Malaysia!
Taipei has the best fine dining and luxury entertainment
but also a variety of delicious cheap eateries.
In the vibrant Taipei,
there are still many historic landmarks.
Like this one you're looking at, is like the architecture of a castle
called Little South Gate.
It was called Zhong Shi Men* before.
(lit. meaning Important Properous Gate)
It was built during the Japanese Colonial Rule.
(*during 1895-1945)
As for city gates like this, there is the East Gate, West Gate, South Gate,
Little South Gate, and North Gate. These all have a lot of historical significance.
Hello? Xu Le,
where are you?
Da Zhi?
Okay, that's near the National Palace Museum. Wait for me at the museum.
Xiao Wu, come.
Nancy Jie Jie, aren't you coming with us?
I'll just wait here for you guys.
Come with us!
Kids will be kids.
He must've already forgotten his fight with you.
You can't still be mad, right?
What we're looking at is the National Palace Museum courtyard.
The construction was completed in 1965.
It has four floors.
It has traditional Hutong style roofs.
(*Hutong is the chinese styled architecture with slanted, upturned roofs)
High roof beams,
with the spines covered in greenish yellow tiles.
In 1967 and 1971,
it was renovated twice.
The first three floors are for exhibitions,
while the fourth is a visitor lounge.
Xiao Wu, look.
This is the Jade Cabbage.
This Jade Cabbage is carved out of one piece of jade.
It looks exactly like a real cabbage.
On this piece of art, you can see how amazing the craftsmanship is.
Do you see the two insects on top?
Do you?
They symbolizes the hopes of many children,
a grasshopper and a locust*.
*(Locusts (also known as Cicadas) - a uniquely loud, winged insect. A male Cicada emits a buzzing shrill on a warm summer evenings.)
Look, Xiao Wu,
this Dong Po Rou,* (*Fatty pork dish famous in Sichuan) is Su Dong Po's favorite meat dish.*
(*Su Dong Po - Northern Song dynasty writer and calligrapher.)
It's a big piece of fatty meat right?
This is called Ru Yao.
This is one of the National Palace Museums most cherished artifacts.
In the whole world, there are only 70.
The National Palace Museum has 21 pieces.
What's wrong?
What do you think...
If someone confesses to a girl in front of the museum...
If it was a plot in a novel, how would it be construed?
There are a lot of beautiful artworks here.
Lu Jie Jie. Thank you for bringing me here.
I feel like I've learned a lot.
I hope that I will have another chance to visit again.
Xiao Wu, you are really great.
You will definitely be an outstanding boy when you grow up.
I'll be a MAN!
What are you laughing at?
Was I?
I'm just like my dad.
I will become a successful person!
Lu Jie Jie,
I want to use the restroom.
Neng Xian,
can you take him?
I'll wait for you guys at the entrance.
Hello, Lu Yi,
it's Xiao Ma.
Are you thirsty?
What if I said I am?
Do you want to drink
Taipei's best hot and sour soup?
Where are you?
Near the new park.
You want me to go to the new park
to find Taipei's best hot and sour soup?
What I mean is,
in one minute, you'll be able to drink it.
You want me to go to the new park
to find Taipei's best hot and sour soup?
What I mean is,
in one minute, you'll be able to drink it.
Hey, don't run!
"Subconscious actions can bring about surprises!"
able to leave the deepest of impressions.
1 minute.
I don't think I went over.
Xiao Ma!
Thank you.
Only thank you?
Then what do you want?
Do you want to date the guy who delivered the best hot and sour soup
into your hands within a minute?
You gave me 1 minute, but I'll give you 72 hours.
Give me an answer in 3 days time.
Don't run! Stop!
Don't get in the taxi!
Don't run! Stop!
Please go straight ahead.
Start the car!
Start the car!
Xu Le...
Come out!
Who is he?
He is the main guest at the hotel, Malaysia's NABU's son.
You come out!
I don't want to. I came out to play.
You come out to play but what if something happened to you?
- Hurry and come out with me. -Just say I went out to play.
Return with me.
- Hurry up. - I don't want to!
Xu Le, hurry up and start the car. We're returning to the hotel.
Xu Le Ge Ge, you're a good person,
whatever you do, don't start the car!
Hurry up and shut the doors. We're returning to the hotel.
Xu Le, lock the door.
Where are you going?
Hello, Lu Yi?
Xiao Wu ran away.
Xu Le, please help me. If he runs away, I'm in big trouble.
Where is he?
Don't run anymore!
Let go of me!
Let go!
From now on whatever I buy,
crème brûlée, whatever,
you can eat it all.
What crème brûlée?
That's what I wanted to eat.
Whatever you want to eat from now on,
I'll buy it for you.
Just come back with me.
Come back with me first.
Guy named Xu Le Ge Ge, please, you must help me.
Help you with what?
I don't want to stay at the hotel. It's so boring.
What if something happens
when you go out by yourself?
Come back with me!
I don't want to!
Why do you have to always pick on me?
Who told you to steal things from me?
You stole food from a kid?
You clearly did.
Why did you steal food from a kid?
You see, she can't say anything.
The Ge Ge called Xu Le, please save me!
He won't save you, come with me.
Don't want to!
Don't want to!
What's going on here?
Xu Le, why are you here?
So you guys know each other?
That's so great!
Xu Le Ge Ge, bring me please.
Bring you again?
To where?
This Xu Le Ge Ge,
he likes Nancy Jie Jie.
I heard he wanted to bring Nancy Jie Jie to Ali Mountain.
I really want to go with them.
You're saying Xu Le Ge Ge
wants to take Nancy to Ali Mountain? And you want to go, too?
Don't listen to him saying such ridiculous things.
What Ali Mountain? Yu Mountain?
He Huan Mountain? You can't go to any of them!
Tomorrow, you still have to go to the National Museum of History,
the Botanical Garden,
and the Fine Arts Museum!
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
There are no problems in life that you can't resolve.
There are many great things in life
that are waiting for you.
Think about the people who love you.
Think about Ali Mountain! Think about Sun Moon Lake!
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
I've never been to Ali Mountain.
I've never been there, either.
[-woke up one day and-]
[-discovered love-]
Hello, Lu Yi?
You're giving me a reply so soon?
Xiao Wu wants to go to Ali Mountain?
Xu Le wants to go too?
We studied for 3 years in high school,
and he's never been to Ali Mountain? Now he suddenly says he wants to go.
Aside from our high school graduation trip,
he has never been out to explore.
He wants to take Xiao Wu to Ali Mountain?
Is he familiar with the roads?
Going to what Ali Mountain?!
What do you mean bring along Little Master? Your head!*
(*A way of cursing or scolding someone)
[-The sunlight is so beautiful it dries up all hesitation-]
[-The rain seems like it won't stop, my whole body is drenched-]
Going to Ali Mountain?
See how I will torment you!
[-My motivation is to meet up with you-]
[-Everywhere I go-]
[-I use all my strength to write-]
[-I'm waiting for you here-]
[-discovered love-]
[-Waiting for you in a crowd of people-]
[-Suddenly I've realized I've discovered love-]
Going to Ali Mountain!
Going to Ali Mountain!
Going to Ali Mountain?
Just remember,
when you come back, bring chicken rice for me.
Remember it counts
as covering for the car.
Where's Neng Zhen? Why isn't she here to eat dinner?
Maybe she's still mad at me.
Ah Zhen, come and eat.
Where's Xiao Xian?
She left early for a trip.
Trip? What trip?
To Ali Mountain.
With who?
Some Malaysia NABU's Little Master
and Xu Le.
Ali Mountain's maidens are beautiful.
Ali Mountain's youth are strong.
[-Forgetting about the time, waiting for you here-]
[-Suddenly I realized I've discovered love-]
[-Waiting for you everywhere-]
[-The farther I go, the more I realize I've discovered love-]
[-Emotions keep piling up-]
[-The sound of the deepest part of my heart-]
[-Can you finally let me see you?-]
[-Woke up one day and discovered love-]
[-Waiting for you in a crowd of people-]
[-Suddenly I realized I've discovered love-]
Why did you bring such big luggage?
You planning to stay here for winter?
I didn't know what to bring,
so I brought everything.
Xu Le Ge Ge, do you have toys?
Have you been to Ali Mountain before?
No, I haven't.
Nancy Jie Jie,
have you been here before?
I haven't, either.
I only went to Kenting, Taraoke Gorge,
and Sun Moon Lake during my graduation trip.
I haven't been to Ali Mountain.
Why not?
I don't know either.
Maybe because going up the mountain requires more time.
Hello... Please come in.
Sherwood Hotel's Vice Boss already called,
and I have prepared the rooms.
Please follow me.
How great!
Xu Le Ge Ge, where are you?
Next door.
Can I visit you at night?
What about me?
You sleep with me.
Why... do I have to stay in the same room with you?
You're not scared I might do something to you, right?
What could you possibly do to me?
If it's like that, then you sleep with me.
If I need anything,
you'll always be there.
That's an order,
and in 10 minutes, we will set out to ride the railroad train.
So this is Ali Mountain's small railroad train.
A very historic feeling.
How long has it been like this?
Why are some trees red and some green?
Why is the train aways turning?
We've already crossed a lot of bridges. How many tunnels have we passed?
We've really arrived.
We will soon stop.
Are you afraid of heights?
What a big engine!
Xiao Wu,
how do you know about the famous packed lunches here?
Xu Le Ge Ge, is your world really sealed off?
You can see it at the convenience stores.
The packed lunches here are really well known.
If the convenience stores already have them, why do we have to come all the way here to eat it?
Since we're already here,
of course we have to taste the original food from the store.
Convenience store.
Why do you like to eat food from a convenience store?
Convenience store food is cheap and tasty.
I know!
You want me to buy 20 lunchboxes
and then tell me to eat it all, right?
I won't fall for it!
Xu Le Ge Ge,
has she been tricked so much that she's getting paranoid?
Forget about her. I'm going to have a packed lunch.
Hi. Boss.
We're here to buy a packed lunch.
- What kind do you want? - What kind do you have?
We have many kinds.
It depends what taste you prefer
and then there's a commemorative box you can take home.
Commemorative box?
This is our Fen Chi Lake 100 year anniversary commemorative box.
- Is... Is this it? - Yes.
Then I want three.
We'll make it first. Please wait.
Okay, thanks.
Look at him.
Is it really that good?
Yes, very good.
Xu Lu Ge Ge, what do you think?
It would be even better with some ketchup.
What's the big deal? Haven't you had a packed lunch before?
Then what do you normally eat when you go to school?
Our school hires expert chefs to prepare our lunch.
There's French and Italian food.
You eat so well!
How much is your lunch fee for a month?
USD $1,000.
That's almost
my whole month's salary!
Do you guys always eat packed lunches?
Of course.
Taiwan moms are best at it.
They make some great food for packed lunches.
Marinated chicken thighs, marinated eggs...
You can make your own packed lunch for the person you love.
Have you made it for other people?
Then do you have a boy you like?
So Xu Le Ge Ge,
you've never eaten this before, has Nancy Jie Jie made you one?
Huh? No.
- So whose packed lunch have you eaten before? - I've never had a packed lunch made by anyone.
I always buy something in the local store to eat.
If not,
my friends occasionally bring things for me to eat.
Why would friends bring you packed lunches?
Because I grew up in an orphanage.
So I don't have a mother to make me packed lunches.
So what?
You're the high and mighty Little Master.
You don't need your mom to make a packed lunch for you?
Or is it your mom doesn't know how to make a packed lunch?
I don't know if my mom can make them or not.
Because she passed away early.
Don't need to say sorry.
Dad says mom is in heaven watching over me.
A NABU child who has everything,
Does he need to fight with me over a dessert?
Does he drag us to eat packed lunches?
I feel I'm starting to understand more now.
It's because he's lonely.
Xu Le Ge Ge,
why did you want to come to Ali Mountain?
Just came to think about it.
There's lots to see at Ali Mountain.
Why do you have to think about it?
That's right. I want to know
why someone told me to think about Ali Mountain.
At that time...
I was worried about you.
Worried about me?
How do I say this?
Aiya, you know already.
You guys have a secret?
So Xu Le Ge Ge thinks about Ali Mountain
because of you?
Something I said casually,
he still remembers.
The reason he came to Ali Mountain.
Is it really because of me?
How come you're not moving? What are you daydreaming about?