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Hello and welcome guys we are here in gamescom 2012. Here you can see the crowd behind just getting in. It’s crazy, my voice will be shattered as it’s Saturday, so sorry for my voice.
With me for the next interview have Victor Kislyi the CEO of Wargaming. Thanks again Victor for coming.
Hello, how are you doing? Welcome.
Good, good, good, a pleasure. Victor please, first of all, have you ever seen something like this?
I have been to Köln for a couple times already and each year it is getting bigger and bigger and also our presence here is getting bigger and bigger.
So this time, it’s the biggest I have seen so far and it’s the greatest.
We checked with the gamescom crew here and they already said we broke all records. They aimed for 300,000 and trust me they make it easy, easy!
But we are here for some good questions with Victor. One of the community guys asked us and Victor said hell yes I want to answer these questions. So I have to read them out.
The first question was from Graphic1213. Victor can you please tell us: will the new physics influence in game fps and will this affect players with weak machines?
Absolutely no. The beauty of physics is that it all takes place on the server side. That's one of the reasons why it took us so long to develop it, but machine does not calculate physics,
it’s all on the server so it does not put additional stress on your machine and as always with World of Tanks, physics is impossible to hack, so this is good news for you!
What a relief! As usual, we have you guys in mind when we do things.
But it’s not the only thing which 8.0 has, we have physics and we have better graphics. Better graphics engine you must have seen the trailer?
The graphics of course is calculated on the machine but again we spend a lot of time to make sure that lower end PCs are not affected, the fps rate will not drop.
However if you have a cool machine then you will see fantastic visuals photorealistic, even much better than you would expect. World of Tanks is getting closer and closer to real life visuals.
So guys you heard it even if you have a weak machine you can still have the best fun ever if you have a great machine or you want to save for one now it’s your time, do it.
Thanks Victor for this question. So the next question from Oricfix or Oric at fix. So the question is Victor, why the Fog of War system from Clan Wars was not implemented during the test
most people would really appreciate the change.
Ah! Fog of War, it’s a very special and cool feature. I even think that it was me who proposed this to producers some half a year ago. So here’s the thing. In random battles,
people, you know don't know each other mostly and it means its lower level of co-operation. If we also add Fog of War to random battles, it basically will mean that people will be more cautious
and they will camp even more and obviously nobody likes when the other team is camping. So we don't believe that fog of war will add any valuable meaning to random battles.
On contrary, the proposition is good, we think, we truly believe the proposition of Fog of War is only good for Clan Battles and for Tournaments. You know my team we by definition co-operate,
we talk to each other so this adds tremendous strategic kind of elements to that particular short battle so we will have to have a reconnaissance like the small tanks, the fast tanks, the scouts
will play important role to go out there and to actually discover enemy tanks, thus getting the composition. So for Clan Battles and Tournaments, yes it’s big value,
for random battles, it will just do more camping.
So, the next question is from Battleking, powerful name! Are you still planning to introduce Japanese tank trees in the early time there was U.S., German, Russian, France, UK, Japanese
and a mix of Europeans but lately there is a lot of talk about dropping China, dropping Japan for China. Can you clarify this?
Ah, yes you are right. All the European tanks and all classical World War 2 tanks are already in the game. The British tanks will follow quite soon after 8.0 so no worries about that.
Japanese and Chinese, these are still tricky, if you understand the thing is you have to do a lot of research on that. There were not too many battles with big Japanese tanks.
We know they existed and actually were built but, they were kept on a on the main island, like heavy, like the really heavy, heavy tanks, they were kept on the main island
and they have never seen action. The same is true for the Chinese, of course for the Chinese the heavy tanks, the cool tanks, those will be after war tanks, after the Korean war
and again they were not such huge battles as for example Battle of Kursk or Battle for Berlin or Battle for Moscow, or Normandy invasion so there were not so many tank clashes.
It is a little hard for us. The answer is right now we do not know which tree will come out first. We have to make sure that we get all those materials, all those details right.
So what’s going on now is our historical specialists at Wargaming headquarter, and European headquarter, the American headquarter our partners in China and some people in Japan
we are trying to get as much material as possible. We are getting some really amazing surprising materials from like for the Japanese tanks from some Russian secret archives.
So we are trying to digest what was that some really strange photos we can see. With China it is easier cause they have a huge tank museum and they have a quite elaborated
military history science in China, so we, our Chinese partner KongZhong has employed a professional historian, actually 2, so they are right now they are fetching photos and blueprints of the
Chinese tanks. So it is still a lot of work, it’s still not ready, but yeah at the end of the day there will be both trees Chinese and Japanese, we just don't know which one will come first,
but British tanks this fall!
Ok, here we go, you hear amazing stuff but, the next question comes from Caesar328. Caesar asks, will there be any tanks modernized in Poland after the war?
The question with Polish tanks does still not have the final answer. There were tanks modernized after World War 2 so right now here is the situation.
If we manage to find materials and proof for Polish built, Polish modernized tanks up to tier 10, then it will be a separate line.
If we don't manage to do this then Polish tanks will be a part of 10 European tank tree. Frankly speaking, we really, really value the Polish community in the game the fact is that,
the rock solid fact is that Poland has the biggest amount of players on the European server and we love Polish community so we will do our best to drag it to tier 10.
By the way if anyone has any materials, I don't know books, documents photos about Polish tanks after war, please don't hesitate email it to our community managers on European server,
I will give it the consideration. We really need materials on tier 10 Polish tanks. Please help us.
So guys we make sure now in the video you will see our email address down here where you can send your blueprints if you have anything any details send them to us
and we’re gonna forward them to Victor and he will take a look at them. Victor Xtra X is asking you, when if ever, the Mercenary option? Will it be available in game?
Mercenaries is a cool juicy topic I am in big favor of introducing that. It’s like you are a lonely wolf, you don't belong to any Clan and different Clans can invite you to take part with your
tank in these or that Clan battles, so they don't belong to any Clans. Just think about how cool it will be if you are not, if you don't have much time to be a member of a Clan to train every
day and to participate in every battle, Clan wars still are open to you if you have this mercenary license. Unfortunately I’m not going to lie to you, right now this particular feature
is not in development. We are still having more features with more priority which are in development but I promise I will come back from gamescom and start pushing the mercenary topic again.
So they will appear definitely not this year, sometime next year.
Guys, this is amazing news as I know there are a lot of guys asking on the forum say that I don't have time for Clan wars but now mercenary guys you have your chance you can participate
so stay tuned, Victor will come back to you with more details in the future about this. The next question, a tricky one. Nemesis Scorp, Scorpin, Scorpin you know who I mean, is asking,
Victor the French tanktory has been receiving severe nervings with the most streets and patches especially 7.5, what is the plan regarding French tanks in the future?
Should players expect more nerving to come or some buffs?
Well here’s the deal, I hear this question for dozens and hundreds of times depending on who ask the question, the question is….. Why did you nerve, and then you put French tanks or Russian
tanks or German tanks if it's a German person asking or American tanks. We don't, here’s the answer, it’s official, I will be persistent I will say this again and again now and in the future.
We do not nerve a particular nation because we don't like it or we don't like French, or we don't like Germans, or we like Russians, no. This game with millions and millions of players playing
It every day its already a huge enormous statistical system. So we have data on millions of battles happening on shots, penetrations, credits, gold, bullets everything. So our philosophy,
and we stick to it, and there is the only way there is no way around it, is that a battle effectiveness like credit and win loss ratio and some other parameters has to stay the same
for machines of the same level. Right, so it means if in a particular patch, a particular tank is nerved a little bit it means that this tank on its graph had a little spike here and it means
that it is more profitable than 10 other tanks from different nations, from the same level. So you can see like recently in E-100 and Maus were a little bit buffed that's cool.
I play Maus myself. It’s not that I started you know having 70% win loss ratio it pretty much stays at like 54, more or less changing. I enjoy Maus and I believe our guys
our statistics guys that that nerve, that buff of Maus was not because I played I did not send requests to buff Maus, it just yeah Maus somehow became a little bit less profitable
people statistically started to use it less so it's a good time for little, for little buffing of this thing. So we don't nerve French because we don't like French,
it's the game of statistics we need level 6 to be equal in battle effectiveness across the server.
So the next question is from a scuba diver team, so Remi1998 is asking, Victor, are you planning to add amphibious tanks or some other modified vehicle such as
German Calliope into the game?
That is a good question. Of course we have many years in front of us to keep developing World of Tanks and sooner or later more cool things will come. Let’s take amphibious tanks.
Right now they do not make much sense on the maps that we have because of the size of the map. We are now having internal experiments with bigger maps, like 3 by 3km and bigger
teams like 30 versus 30 or even 45 versus 45, so if those experiments with bigger maps cause you understand the server stress will be really high in the productivity but even if those
experiments are successful if we start introducing bigger maps then we will seriously think about the introduction of amphibious tanks and this rocket thing so you, so you understand this,
if introduced now it will greatly unbalance the game. It was not the only rocket thing used during World War 2, we have Russian Katyushas, we have some German SDKFZ, like those halftracks
with Nebelwerfer rocket launchers so there is a whole class of those vehicles so we should be careful now about rocket class but you know it's a good idea, it's a good idea we will think about
it, but right now I am not going to lie to you we don't develop rockets. We will think about it next year.
So but you heard already some really interesting news massive maps maybe, big teams, I am really curious as I sure so you are. But let’s move on to the next question. It seems to be
a German colleague asking here Valdamar 85, Valdamar your question, Victor, what is the status on historical battles?
Right now we have 2 big additional modes in constant consideration and game design phase. One of them is garage battles, I have already talked about it many times when you have,
when you have your tank destroyed you pull another tank and you respond with new tank from your garage and you can have like up to 5 tanks. That's a cool idea.
The truth is that we actually at some stage early this year implemented that mode and then did some internal testing and it so happened that some things did not click, some things did not work
so this particular straight forward implementations was not very fun so that's why we decided to think more and to maybe modify that garage battle mode.
Historical battles, yes we know how high priority we should give it. It will unfortunately inflict some serious changes in the engine, the server side and the client side,
so we are working on it, just there are not many examples of successful historical battle modes for an MMO like World of Tanks, so it’s not yet, it’s not yet finalized but as soon as we freeze
the idea how those historical battles will work we will immediately give it a highest priority in the development, but not within the next couple of months.
So the next question is from, I hope it’s Froch not Froché. So Victor, how will the new graphic work 8.0 with the revamp on existing maps,
how will it work and will it be required for players to readjust their settings depending on the map they are playing on?
No, we believe and our engineers assure us, that you will not have to do anything the changes are scripted in the engine automatically so as soon as 8.0 hits your hard drive
and you load the game you will see all new changes and physics and better graphics without touching your settings screen.
Amazing, this one is really good guys so log in and enjoy. We have a question now from Homer2.
Victor, Homer2 is asking um will there be a tank commander or some type of spectator mode which allows more effective co-ordination and actions from players from the same team?
I totally agree, these two features are very very cool and I want them, there are some technical difficulties with that for sure we have to implement the delay so that the spectator does not
or you know the audience does not transform information for the opposing team, so it's a lot of work, I can tell you that commander mode will, we will first introduce it for the platoons
Clan battles and tournament battles and then see how it goes. I personally am in favour of some kind of iPad interface which will allow commander to do that, that is my fantasy.
Of course, but guys this will take time, we know about this, we are thinking about this we are kind of started some little preparation technical work for that but please
don't expect this before the end of this year. 8.2 is more probable place where we will kind of try to introduce one of these features, but not within the next months.
No, but this is amazing news guys as you heard, Wargaming knows how it runs and 8.2, mark it down Homer2 for you. Let’s move on to the next question.
It’s a really interesting one, CNNK is asking, do you plan on changing the training battle setting or and offering more options, current status unsatisfactory especially if they are used
for ease port as well? Sorry for my voice Victor.
Hmm, training battles. You know the problem is that I personally never use training battles, we are not allowed to eSports, so the truth is I probably cannot give you detailed information
now. Why don’t we, why don’t we agree on this. So I skip this answer, as soon as gamescom is over this Sunday you go to the office, immediately get on the phone with the guys the producer
guys from Minsk and just demand, I know they are working on it like it always on the list I just don't know what particular features so guys please wait for a little bit and Mo will fetch you the
exact answer from the headquarters and you will get detailed list of what is going on and what is going to be changed with, with training battles cause I don't know.
So I'm back in Paris now, one week later after Gamescom, my voice is back, sorry for this before guys
But, I called the Devs, even without the permission from Victor, and...I have the answers!
So the answer for this was quite interesting for me.
So, they said, we give eSport priority, it is very important for us
and much effort and devotion is needed to make the World of Tanks training rooms as good as we need them.
At this point, we have to admit, they're not perfect.
And to be honest, far from that. We're working on it, we'll try to improve it.
The Battle mode needs a complete revision to be honest.
But the good thing is, the devs, right now, are gathering a lot of ideas, I saw many internal e-mails, contacts with eSport clans...
...and they're trying now to make the training room as good as you guys want it.
So, you know it now, with Victor's back up, and the Devs working on it
we're looking forward to it, and can't wait to see the new training rooms.
So, let's go back to the "old Mo' without voice".
Now a bit more detailed, a bit more tricky question from and a tricky name, XiTiX. XiTiX is asking, with the benefit of several years
inside and several millions of users higher content was what the big world engine has to offer?
This is very excited topic for me and this is all good news. You might already read that last week, we as a company acquired Big World as a company. So we acquired the whole company
with all engineers, with all technology. It is a really cool Australian computer programming like Power House and they they were developing this Big World technology for 8 or even 9 years,
and they have great experience running the technology on the Chinese market, so the software the engine we use especially for server side calculations is really robust it has been tested by
millions and thousands and hundreds of millions of the Chinese players for the Chinese games and so far we were more or less happy with the licensing kind of setup with them but given the
intensity of new development for World of Tanks, given World of Warplanes and World of Warships coming out and it being in development and it coming out like well sometime in the future,
we need more and more and more from Big World and that’s why we decided to invest a big amount of money in purchasing that company, so we will, what will happen is we will let some time for
things to settle down to kind of meet the teams, actually from time to time we travelled to Australia and they travelled from Australia to Eastern Europe, so now we can do like that officially.
Just think about this, we had to send them support tickets and then sometimes our engineers had to wait a couple of weeks for the ticket to be answered that was one of the reasons
of slower development. Now that is not going to be like this. Now we will make sure we will invest more money in the team, bring more engineers if needed and maybe the little
restructuring of a particular World of Tanks oriented team so we will give us some time maybe month maybe two for some smooth transition restructuring and after that I can promise
that the development of new patches, new gaming modes, new cool features for World of Tanks and for Warplanes and for Warships will be faster than before.
This is really, really good news for you.
This guys, I think is one of the best answers. I am really surprised myself, my team will be really happy, the patches will be faster we make this for you so that you get your content faster
and I can’t wait to see what will happen I expect high and big things.
There is one more thing, update 8.0 was done before the acquisition so when you when you install it you see what we were able to do using them as a technology provider like
being one of 40 clients but after this smooth integration after this acquisition just imagine what cool things we can make.
This is how we roll at Wargaming.
Let’s move on to the next question. So the last question from Mattsnake. Mattsnake had a really good question, Victor. A new match making system limiting battles to plus minus 2 tiers
is generally appreciated by players. Do you plan to limit somehow a number of artillery per battle, battles which are 5 or 6 artilleries per side are often pretty unplayable?
This is actually true. We noticed the statistics, which I mentioned before , department mentioned that artillery as of now is a little bit more effective and more profitable statistically than
the same tier 7 or 8, medium tanks or heavy tanks this is true. So I believe we have deployed recently a hot fix to little bit tackle this problem and will be next updated too I think we will
completely solve it. It still, some small problems still exist, however, we are not going to numerically tweak the amount of artillery. Rather we will working with a balancer
with the match making system, to make, to use other, other methods and metrics to make every battle more fair. Well think about this, here’s a funny one.
I like playing Maus and when I’m on Himmelsdorf and there is like and from time to time you see 7 artilleries on each side you’re like yes Himmelsdorf, 14 artillery,
you know the life of an artillery man is not easy sometimes there is Himmelsdorf, sometimes there’s Ensk so those guys suffer as well. Here’s a hint, if you are a heavy tank
or if you are an artillery, and you’re on a Himmelsdorf you guys need to use those 30 seconds, that's what I do, you guys need to use those 30 seconds before the bell starts to talk
to each other really quickly and organize the central rush. So a Maus, E-100, I mean any tier 10 tank just rush. Smaller tanks like E-75, IS-3 you have to convince your comrades
to cover your flanks, so they go with you in the center, they don't rush that fast they just see a right and left for the enemy tanks in the banana and coming from the train station.
A Maus or E-100 keeps going straight forward, this is the best scout ever just don't stop, so 7 artillery or at least 5 artillery behind you makes it this rocket artilleries.
It’s like Katyusha behind you. So Maus goes forward and discovers the enemies. Whoever enemy, whatever enemy tank is on your way those Katyushas from behind
just make it scorched earth. Also good news is that if you are aggressive with your Maus by the time you approach the fountain on Himmelsdorf you already can see
one or two enemy artilleries which are hesitant, which don't know what to do, or stay there or maybe turn in slowly to go away. So just stand still if you’ll get a couple of shots
that's not a problem. Just stand still, aim, boom! and one shot one or two artilleries. That is what I do that, that is what works. So, artillery has its good and bad days so yeah
but of course we will work on the balancing system so the battles are more fair and yeah you probably don't want to see 7 artilleries on one side. We are working on this.
So guys you’ve heard it we are working on it and you get some really pro tips for Himmelsdorf to be sure I will use it with my sweet little AMX. I have no chance at all I am not a Maus player
but guys listen and learn. Victor, I have to thank you a lot.
Thank you very much, thank you very much.
And I hope you will enjoy the gamescom and till the next time guys stay tuned we will see you again.
Thank you.