Croquettes from the wall - Quickies - São Paulo, Brazil - 24 Jun 2011 (RTL nieuws)

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Dutch croquettes, cheese soufflés and ordinary croquette sandwiches, in Brazil.
In the heart of São Paulo, the first Dutch snackbar has opened and it is immediately a huge success.
It is still getting used to the Brazilians to get a snack from the wall.
But if the waitresses are helping they succeed.
A croquette sandwich is something very different. That is really something completely different.
I didn't know that before.
It was a dream of the Brazilian entrepreneur Marcus Vinicius ...
... when he first came to the Netherlands years ago and discovered the Febo there.
With his last money he took a croquette from the wall, and the idea was born.
Today after 25 years I am here with the business from the Netherlands ...
... and with the croquette and the beef croquette and noodles and we have everything.
With an investment of a few hundred thousand euros is there now Quickies in the heart of São Paulo, ...
... the biggest city of Brazil with over 14 million inhabitants.
The croquettes are made by Dutch recipe, and the fries are imported from the Netherlands.
Two weeks after the opening, more than 2,000 croquettes are sold every day already.
These students are here today for the third time.
Delicious. Very nice.
Let's see if it really tastes so good as in the Netherlands.
Striking is that the food from the wall change the whole food culture in Brazil.
Usually people are lunching nice and quiet at one of the many fruit bars, ...
... with plenty of time for a sandwich and a chat, now it's on the Dutch way.
Get a croquette quickly from the wall, and go.
Here now with this concept they are getting their snack out of the wall and they walk.
So for me it was also a surprise.
Because I never thought it might project that this could happen, because it is not a culture.
For the Dutch living in Brazil is this a bit of nostalgia.
I've been here for 9 years, a long time without croquettes, so really super.
After a short time the really Dutch fries with mayonnaise and the croquettes from the wall, ...
... can be obtained throughout South America, because the owner has great plans.
Within 5 years he wants to open a few hundred of these branches in Brazil, ...
... and then move on to the whole South America.
This is Nina Jurna for RTL Nieuws from São Paulo.