Visit From President of Brazil

Uploaded by MassGovernor on 11.04.2012

I want to welcome the President of Brazil to the state house here today.We had an extradorinary
welcome when we were on the trade mission in Brazil in
December with all levels of government and it was terrific to be able to return that
grace and the warmth of that welcome today. We had a wondeful private
conversation about opportunities to deepen the economic and commerical relationship between
Massachusetts and Brazil. There is a lot that is compatiable with
the agenda we're driving here and just like President Obama sees this as an important
strategic economic and cultural relationship just as we do in the
Commonwealth. It is really wonderful that she was able to come with such a high level
of delegation. Many may members of her cabinet were in the delegation as well.
We had an opportunity to entertain her briefly here in the state house and welcome her to
MIT and Harvard as well.