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"Lord, I'm coming" by Gavin Friday.
Well... what sex and 'this carrot. Moving on.
Hello, Cheyenne!
And not 'a dangerous, with the crisis, the stock market?
The danger and 'my job.
Why 'continue to come here? Coffee' and 'shit.
- Why 'is a friendly place. - Do you know where' really good coffee '?
In Naples. Have you been drinking 31 May 84 tour in "Cheyenne's Bad Friends".
"Bad Friends 'and' sixth album of Cheyenne and the Fellows.
If the crisis continues, you can write my autobiography authorized.
Then write that when you took a bath in Posillipo...
You have stolen shoes and clothes.
Naples and 'a city' violent.
Violence and 'anywhere, but not always see.
Hello. Oh! I am Cheyenne.
I know. Instead it would be Desmond.
There would be Mary Desmond.
Sorry if I'm too direct, but if Mary ... Your father and 'agree...
- We could get together some evening. - It's not 'my father
I think that the idea of
outputs of the two of you together... seems like a nice idea,' cause...
What music do you listen?
Er... The...
Mariah Carey.
Thank invitation, Desmond, but committed for the next 14 years.
Something disturbed me.
I do not know exactly what, but something ...
Hey, Cheyenne! How's it going?
The Tesco are splashed on.
If I sell, earn 30,000 euros.
You know, in my opinion, the stock market does not help you much.
Say? Say. What is dinner?
Pizza. Pizza with vegetables.
Your ability 'to surprise and' the thing that made me fall in love with you.
- Do not overdo the pizza, then you lose . - I never miss it.
Are you sure? Every time I let you win.
Really? And 'cause I let you win?
To make you feel a great big boy. - Oh...
Point! Ready?
Point! My game! 21 to 12!
E 'guilty of fucking my sciatica.
Bullshit! Like I said, sometimes I'll win.
Are you serious?
- News Tony? - Nothing.
Have you 'read the letter MTV?
I passeresti cleaner, please?
- You do not want to know what's' written? - Up to a point.
Oh... When you see those hairs blacks, must tell me. They suck.
They will do the "MTV Awards" world live. Did you know?
This year, Super Special Guest,
After twenty years of absence from the scene ..
They would like Cheyenne and the Fellows.
Why Lady Gaga...
Why 'do not you think?
I've already 'thought twenty years ago I'm still thinking.
I'll wait in bed. Naked!
Who are you? Future. Can I see your husband?
This'. Vai also, the past awaits you.
Hello, I'm Steven. We met at the mall .
Sang Bonnie "Prince" Billy remember? - I do not remember.
Of course I do not remember, because 'was a cover of the cock.
A cover of the penis!
I brought a demo group. I want you to produce your first album.
You should not have a producer.
You are very determined, are not you? Very . - 'Cause you think of me?
Why 'your rhythm and lead guitar prevailed on masturbation.
Nobody did like you and I share this position.
For I am in strong disagreement with the guitar solo .
We too had that problem. Eventually hunted guitarist.
I can not drive out the guitarist And 'my brother.
If you produce, you can put your mouth of everything except the name of the group.
What is your name? Pieces of Shit.
- It 'a good name. - Yeah! ' We have spent six months to give birth.
Anyway, it 'as it takes in this historic moment.
Hello, brother.
This does not have one. Shit, and 'a bootleg!
Shit, Desmond! But where did you get the this finding?
The... when I do.
- Gliel'hai gave you. - What the fuck are you talking about?
Have you agreed. You're both idiots.
You're a paranoid I'm sorry, Mary.
I invited to dinner Desmond Friday '. You must come too.
Forget it! Not in this life
Labs Morgan,...
Melanie That bitch left me.
How long were you together? Four days. - Do you suffer?
How a panda! That woman has exhausted me!
Watch for Theseus.
Grow visibly, like girls out of schools.
I have to tell about un'antiquaria that I did on Wednesday. '
A leg in plaster. It 'was the most' great sex.
No, I do not think that I care very . - Sorry.
Karin! Thanks for letting me recalled. I feel so lonely...
How's life, love? A crash, apart from my husband.
Take a lover. - Gia 'done like everything else.
And how are you?
My Life? My life is... fine.
How many times we tell him not to come on the graves of our children?
Friday '... for that dinner
The '.
- The bike you made it? -Yes. - The bike...? - Ssh!
Cheyenne, is Mary. Why 'does not go from here?
My mother is going crazy for the story of Tony.
In my opinion, would do you good to see a friend.
I was wondering...
'Cause of all the vices that I have granted ...
There 'never was to smoke.
"Where 's my son? You'd have to ask."
The rest is bullshit.
Unfortunately I do not know where he is.
Look for it, then. Look for it all.
Three months is a lifetime.
Why ', if all goes well, take a and goes?
Without saying a word, without giving more 'news...
Why '?
Do not you ever smoked 'cause you're still a child
The children are the only ones who do not feel never want to smoke.
Even Tony has never smoked.
I know you're wondering
"In what way has it off with a leg in plaster to the groin?".
Not apple was wondering, Jeffrey You must go by trial and error.
How can you have all these women?
On second thought, you're beautiful, you're not smart...
And instead, you're pushy, egotistical and sweat like a pig.
So what the fuck you special?
Of special? Nothing.
Pero 'I have two things that many men curiosity' and time.
I dedicate a lot of time women and that 's what the lure
All Saints day. Do you understand? Not allow themselves to exhaustion.
You give 'cause no believed to be worth all this time. Got it?
Enough. And the curiosity '?
The curiosity 'and' gasoline that keeps you alive for those six months.
Do you know who said the zoppetta before my orgasm?
"Cum on chalk, so 'leave me the signature."
Do you realize? These are things that will enrich.
What the fuck? Do I talk to myself?
Do you know that one evening Jane was watching TV...
And and ' asleep with a lit pipe in his hand?
The sofa cushion had started to catch fire
I noticed the time and I turned off the fire.
I forgot a crucial detail, Desmond, why do not you laughed.
Jane is working as a fireman.
You live alone?
I? No. With my family, unfortunately . I have six brothers.
Shit! Six brothers!
Yes', you fools who do nothing from morning to night.
If you disappear for a while ' from the face of the Earth, it would be better for everyone.
Sorry, I go to the bathroom.
- Excellent move, Desmond. - What did I say wrong?
None. Women taking to the baths.
Think a young man going to get coca
food between the teeth, menstrual...
Listen well, Desmond!
Jeffrey knows all the secrets more 'intimate to us women!
The roast beef and 'beautiful. Pity that I do not eat meat and Michelle
Michelle and 'female dog.
Shit... Shit!
How much and 'deep point in more' deep?
Two and ten.
What is the dog?
You not working? I do not need.
Everyone needs to work And you have children? - No.
- Why '? - A rock star should not have children.
There 's always the risk that a designer will come out preposterous.
And because 'there' in the pool water?
I do not know.
Nobody has ever put If you put it does not hide!
In fact, I and Jane we use it to play a pelota.
La pelota and 'more' fun swimming. - And 'cause...
I did not invite to dinner release you for an interview!
Sorry Sorry.
Do not light the 'never to put with Mary.
But I love it.
The secret '... time, Desmond.
Dedicale time. All the time she needs.
It will put you 'to you, you'll see .
And you'll see that you will put ' Count...' Cause the time that flatters.
Time makes them feel safe.
Please do not give up with Mary Promise.
Jane. Hm?
I think I'm a bit 'depressed
depressed I do not make love with the woman you are for 35 years...
As if for the first time.
You confuse
depression with boredom
My father is dying of old age,
a disease that does not exist! And I do not take a plane for 30 years.
This is not the only problem.
'true fact I even have a slight fear of dying.
Yes, but you can not die until they sell the Tesco
What will you do while I'm gone? The usual stuff.
Go easy on Tai Chi.
Jane, can I ask you something? Tell me, darling.
Why 'you let an architect write "cuisine" in the kitchen?
And 'stupid, we know that and' the kitchen.
Back soon. Remember that I can not stand without you.
It 's not true, but and' nice of you to tell me.
The problem 'which is fixed. After half an hour, and they' went.
I also tried the powder-puff You have a mouth so glam!
- I'm serious! - Try-based royal jelly. Those last long.
The secret 'lipstick with many moisturizing agents, such as Lancome.
Free agents, an hour after you fall pieces like rubble.
Even Helena Rubinstein and good. The brand has nothing to do!
If you want a good fix,
the secret ' draw a veil of powder on the lips.
So the lipstick will last 'all day.
Hello, cousin. Hello, Richard.
're Too late.
Next time I want to play a city '
David, I must really say,
Even though we've seen for years,
am always surprised that you consider yourself a friend of mine.
- Why '? - 'Cause we do not have absolutely nothing in common.
You have thoughts of precise, ideas that you accomplish.
These people marvel ideas
and they say a word, huge, "Artist"!
David Byrne and an artist.
You did the same when you played.
Fuck, David! The pop star was a cock!
Lugubrious songs I wrote 'cause were in fashion and we are enriched...
With depressing lyrics for depressed kids.
And two of them, more 'weak other fell under them.
Now I go to the cemetery every week fucking...
To ease my guilt bad only got worse!
"Why do not you come back to play?"
The and I look and I think 'stupid or loves me too, and then and' equal stupid.
How do you not realize the disaster that is her husband.
And this' how much, David!
- First one-hell...
And now, to ensure a smooth transition obstacles,
let us join in reciting the Kaddish for our late .
Who '? You know him?
Everyone knows it not.
- E 'Mordecai Milder. - And who is he? - A legend.
I have the phone. Call between half an hour and close the deal.
I will answer '. Ok, hello.
Do you have fun, man? Would you like to face death?
Punta a restaurant like this and never wrong.
Ernie Ray. Grosse financial intermediation. If I need...
Do I look that makes a big financial intermediation?
The money is in most places' unexpected. And 'experience speaking.
Your great experience speaking, Ernie!
You know you're a nice fellow? How fucking old are you?
I can not understand!
All that you see below lipstick and greasepaint.
You are a really nice guy! And you have also a lot 'of problems.
Do not ask them, 'cause you tell me . Looking for my problem?
No, but I feel that I will know 'soon.
An hour ago my boss told me.
Tomorrow you have to fly to London, they're a month...
So far so wonderful,
apart from having to bring my pick-up in Texas.
Used to my wife I could fottermene.
The real problem 'here in New York the garage costs a casino.
This' my problem!
If I remember correctly there agencies that deal with these things.
Hey, I do not give a fuck agency of my pickup. Of those I do not trust.
Then there 'solution And' so, there is no 'solution.
- Did you read them? - I gave look, but never speaks to me.
You never talk about him You are equal.
The drawings did you look? Yes, but I did not understand a shit.
He has designed everything that could be useful when trying .
When seeking someone, Richard?
I have not spoken for thirty years with my father, I do not know anything about him.
Since you went to Ireland,
did nothing more than trying Aloise Lange,...
Her torturer at Auschwitz far and wide for the United States.
No one has ever found, but there and 'came close.
Both near find his American wife.
These drawings are important...
Can lead to the hideout of a Nazi criminal.
're Not all dead? - Not all age 'media and' long now.
What am I us with this stuff?
You can take it to Mordecai Midler. He discovered more 'than 700 Nazi war criminals.
- 'Cause you have not spoken for thirty years? - I loved him.
I have here the material that may be useful
to capture a Nazi war criminal named Aloise Lange.
Teeth! I take care of the teeth dear boy.
Since the Nazis are either dead or too old to be extradited...
I want my teeth.
Where did the gold teeth of the Jews? Millions of teeth!
I'm in some safe? Are some great lady's neck?
I want to know, 'cause those are our teeth!
Something disturbed me.
I do not know exactly what, but something ...
I know. This is not 'a argument for trendy guys like you.
Your father told me about you.
So, what does? The search Aloise Lange?
No, I try my teeth, I told you.
You're both a little 'pedantic.
Instinct to think that the pedantry
is an essential feature to capture the Nazi criminals.
Right. But the loneliness and 'the theater of grievances.
Your father 'was just too long.
He fed her a grudge for that was not worse than many others.
No and no.
And then, now, would have more 'or less 95 years. Probably 'already' way.
But you have never really tried?
Shortly . It was a small fish. We were aiming for the sharks.
I surrender! Those are more 'effect.
What are you trying to insinuate?
You too have followed the rules of show business.
"Find what 'that gives you' more advertising. '"
I do not let me give you the fool seeking publicity '!
- We are all a bit 'buffoons. - You, for sure! Acconciato that way!
Listen, I gave my life to try bastards.
Other than "show business".
Many Jewish survivors have overcome the problem, but not me!
I have 79 years, but I nailed to 1940! Just like your father.
- Follow the Jewish religion? - No. - You know the Holocaust?
In very general terms. And your father? Did you know?
He, too, in very general.
But in short, , where the fuck have lived up to now?
How did you put with the dogs?
I have one, but and 'my wife who is dealing with.
Instead, I'll take care of my is called Hu.
It's venom inside but he does not see, like you.
Now that would be good to give me your phone.
Never had the phone.
- First one-hell...
As a kid I liked watching ii sky of Poland...
. Same sky I've seen that later! field
striped black stripe from the smoke of my relatives.
But this grim vision
. Not prevent me from enjoying the beauty of that sky.
Another thought monstrous...
Like all the thoughts that men do the infirm.
Ladies and gentlemen, Pieces of Shit.
Do you have a spare room? Are all free.
Hello, Jane. How are you?
News Tony?
No, no... not at all tired.
This', in half an hour I get on the ship.
Here the port is not clear if and 'rough
Richard is doing well. E' became a very nice man.
Pero ', in my opinion, has false teeth.
What's up 'to laugh?
No, ' that are too perfect to be true.
Yes, maybe 'as you say, my and' only envy.
All right, Jane. In a week I'm home.
You drank a lot before?
Enough to decide to quit.
Do you like tattoos?
I thought about just seeing you.
I do not know, I have not done a precise idea .
- The tattoos do in life. - Must be a pretty good job.
And not 'work and' art.
Have you watched now no longer works' anyone?
Everyone does something artistic.
And you, what do you do? At this time?
I'm trying to betroth a girl with a sad, sad boy.
But it 's difficult.
I suspect that sadness is hardly compatible with the sadness
I made it my aunt affiance, a disabled woman, a friend of mine.
A barber, a good barber.
E 'a good thing. Keep company.
And I give thanks. Gratitude and 'another good thing.
Life and 'full of beautiful things.
True, but the gratitude and 'what's most' beautiful you can 'happen.
What are you doing in this remote place?
Seeking a Nazi criminal who was in Auschwitz.
Really? But are not all dead?
I thought so too, but apparently not.
And when you find it, what are you doing?
I want to kill you, dear? No, ma'am.
Why 'should I do? 'm John Smith, a former student.
I was in the area and I thought to come and say hello.
John Smith? No, I do not remember the name.
'S strange, I remember them all my students.
Well, 'course, I dressed in high school and even so I wear makeup.
E 'cause then you do now that you're great , John?
I do not like this thing.
Promise me you'll face this problem seriously.
I promise.
The point ' that your name does not tell me anything.
Perhaps because 'is a common name.
Emily, now you must do good.
Do not mess stattene and here, I guests. Jackie!
Do you like my students? - Of course not!
Jackie has a tremendous character.
I loved her lessons of history. - Thank you, dear.
I remember a really beautiful.
- We talk about 'the Holocaust. - Holocaust? - Hm-hm.
And ' a topic that is at the end of the program ..
It does always do it fast.
Some years I have not even jumped year.
It was really... How to say? Very touching.
Course. It was... a tragedy.
And the children... No one should ever touch children.
Why ' the Germans decided to exterminate the Jews?
I do not know.
These are questions a million dollars.
But he and 'written so much. She and ' idea if it will' make it.
They wanted their money.
Their money? Hm-hm.
But not all Jews were rich All of them had something.
I try to have the habits
but my it 's never been a life habits.
How's your husband?
My husband and unfortunately ' died ten years ago.
I'm sorry. And the children?
- Nathan lives in Asia. I never see him. - What a shame
Nathan complicated character, so...
Let's see my niece Rachel.
I... I see my niece Rachel ... quite often.
Emily! I told you to feel good!
Well. I was so glad, but now I must go.
John Smith ... it just can not remember.
Vedra ' that sooner or later return to the mind.
Hello Hello.
Goodnight, Emily.
The need a lift?
Now I remember! Once, you played well with Mick Jagger.
I know him. It 's a good singer and I like how she dances .
The burgers and 'came a bit' overcooked.
You do not mind, right? Unfortunately and 'went well'.
Do you know what 's the real problem, Rachel? - What?
Let us, without realizing it, from the age ' ' Lighthouse 'so' "...
'E' went well '. "
Sorry, I did it on purpose.
Sorry again. We do more 'attention.
And not 'matter of attending, and' you must know how to play ping pong.
Your Advantage. If you point, you have won.
It's your beat.
If you prefer, we finish tomorrow Just say it.
So not true! I was distracted!
The distraction 'problem widespread anger young people.
Do not forget to tip.
Do not have that kind of girl not have that kind of guy.
Afraid of water.
But it 'a strong child, exceeds all my turns.
You did that , when you were my age '?
Besides playing.
I pulled heroin.
Nothing syringes? I was afraid of needles.
Fear will always save Always.
Even if you have to choose once in a lifetime...
Only one... you do not need to fear.
- You chose what 's the time? - It '.
Explain if not exactly...
Why I did not pariato with my father for thirty years.
I thought we were behind a lack of mutual respect.
When I was 15, I decided that did not love me
'cause I wear makeup eye makeup just like them to me today.
And when you are 'boys,
you never want to get back on their decisions.
For too many years I pretended to be a guy .
Only now I understand
That a father can not ' help but to love his son.
I was fucking
by the fact of not having children.
I understood it all too late.
Better late than never. No! It 's not so! Late and 'late!
There 's Air Force Base near . Here live many soldiers.
And here we have even more the pistachio 'largest in the world.
E '... a sculpture. Is also in the Guinness Book of World Records.
And more than 'small is where?
I know singing.
- Mm '.
It 's not true, you were a singer.
He sang with Mick Jagger.
Truly, and 'Mick Jagger has sung with me . It was his idea.
Wow! The history of rock exclusively in the living room of our house, Tommy!
Sounds, please! Only one song!
But now they sound more ', and then I do not know if I even remember how.
My music teacher says that one can not 'forget.
Maybe he only said it to you and maybe enhance spillarti money.
Please, just one!
Shit... What would you sing?
"This Must Be the Place" of Arcade Fire.
Do not be silly, "This Must Be the Place " and taking Heads.
- No, 'The Arcade Fire! - Trust me, you're delusional.
"This Must Be the Place" and Talking Heads.
The Arcade Fire we have only done a cover.
"Home is where..."
- Still, I was just seeing if and 'granted. - Oh, sorry.
Thank you! It 's been a pleasure playing with you .
E. .. You? How are your relations with your father?
Coupons. Even if you never see him.
Lives in Hong Kong and never returns to America.
Even my family has a fair bit 'of dark areas.
- Ah, yes? - How all.
My father, for example,
has severed all relations with the parents years ago.
Do not know why ',
I asked a thousand times and it' s always been elusive.
You never asked your grandparents?
Same reaction.
Once... I was 12...
. My grandfather told me something that I never more 'forgotten.
No matter what happens, '
".. remember that Grandpa there will always be in your life."
And as I said, I saw was crying.
And he, you see? Almost never.
Lives far away, in a small Huntsville.
I can not make love to you, Rachel 'm married.
Before Hell, there 'was home.
Kiss sneak in the back of the garden, at 13 years...
.. The smell and the smell of the house, the dark clouds,...
.. The thrill of thunder very close, the refuge of the child,...
.. The corner near the window, the blanket during fever,...
.. Happy boredom and thrills of bliss.
There 'was, in short, intimacy' mind.
The 'field' decrees the loss of intimacy 'mental...
Thus establishing a new death breathing
There are many ways to die . worse, and 'staying alive.
Do you have news for Tony?
No. But what are you doing?
You're out 'to look for yourself?
No, Jane, I'm not looking for myself, are in New Mexico, not in India.
But when you come home?
'll Call you back.
It was his?
No. It was Ernie Ray.
He changed the oil recently? , An hour and a half ago.
It has made too and spontaneous combustion.
Can 'happen. ' S rare, but can 'happen.
Lately I come across a lot of rare things.
Could take it as Ernie Ray?
Do not have an intellectual, but I know the names of things.
And now that you know is going on?
It's a huge thing happening, out of fashion, you can not see more '...
Something that has a specific name.
For this I tell you one not betray my trust.
I had strict upbringing, Cheyenne.
I might have a reaction very stiff.
- Hi. - Hi.
What kind of weapon you want? One that hurts.
E 'in the right place. Let me show you something.
(Gunsmith} He's looking good
The only gun in the world with the characteristics of a rifle...
.. But without the clutter of a rifle.
Do not know anything about weapons. - It '.
This weapon can kill, with Precision Aim...
By at least 70 meters.
And not 'only the feeling to kill,
but to kill with impunity, and that' another story.
Believe me, the opportunity 'to kill with impunity and ' an extraordinary...
Rare change of perspective in the biography of an individual.
Permitted to be monsters,
- have-you end up...
Really be monsters.
I'm sorry, you're Cheyenne? What, sorry?
I was asking you, you are Cheyenne, right? No, not me.
Can I sit with you?
Ma .. certainly. Sit down.
Traveler? Tourist.
Well '... And what 's the difference?
I do not know what exactly the difference ,...
Travelers but I know that I have always been on my cock
Yes, I agree is very . Death to all the backpacks!
E 'a good model that.
There 's a good balance between the mechanical and support.
It deals with suitcases for business? Return to this.
Tell me the reason why he wants to know.
I'm here to try a German E 'in the right place.
The Germans are here on vacation,
love these areas, remind him of the Alps ..
And when returning home can say that they were in America.
Do not try these Germans
The name and Aloise Lange.
He was a friend of my father and I would ... visit him.
Do you know him? Return to this.
She remembers when suitcases with wheels did not exist?
There were bags and heavy bags we had to bring over his shoulder.
Bestemmiavamo and sweated under the weight.
And then 'come an individual, few years ago...
If you think that was the most 'simple insights
put the wheels in the suitcase.
E. .. "Poof", the suitcase does not weigh more '.
- Every day-I always do...
What it 'can that nobody thought of that before?
Why 'every day asks this question the fuck?
Why 'I who had the most' simple insights.
I are taking the piss?
No, I would never. My name is Robert Plath.
I was a pilot for Northwest Airlines...
And in 1988 I had the idea.
I made in my garage and I patented.
She did not tell 'which is a success, because ' has been a revolution.
At Huntsville we are 150 residents.
There 's only a man with a slight German accent.
E 'very lean. But his name is not 'Aloise Lange, and' Peter Smith.
Lives in an old house in the hills, on the road to the east.
E 'more' older than me. But and 'more' beautiful than me.
And I can tell you that Peter Smith and I do not 'nice.
What 'story not know if you come back?
Do not put me there with Desmond.
You were right, not know anything about boys.
How are you?
Last night, Mom took my hand
and said that the pain is not 'final destination.
I only realized that people sometimes goes away.
He's' gone my brother, you're gone you .
Can you hear me, Cheyenne?
I beg your pardon, but 'right know that I did it on purpose.
How did you get?
You're taking the piss, guy?
Hidden From a life assholes bishop in hotels around the world...
And ask me how I get in a motel resort in Utah?
How did you know that I was here? America and 'small.
No rental cars, no mobile phone...
I will not have the 'never a phone. Never, never, never will I have' a cell phone.
What do I do? You're on your cock.
E 'was a powerful feeling that weakened during your absence...
But is recovering rapidly share.
Aloise Lange not live more 'here and' escaped.
Aloise Lange and not 'most' I know his name, calling himself Peter Smith.
Holy shit, that brave detective! Prepare beauty case, we're leaving.
Where are we going?
At the end of life. Exactly where is your friend.
- And how do you know where he is? - I know 'cause my name is Mordecai Midler.
I know 'cause I 1500 informants. I lift the phone and find people.
Get your things, I'm going to piss .
Cheyenne, give me a hand and 'locked the bathroom door.
Are you kidding? - No! This bitch will not open!
Call the guy at the reception, will have 'the mat.
Not for cock!
A detective like you, who has found thousands of Nazi war criminals...
Can not even open the door to the toilet?
I refuse to believe it! Asshole!
Why 'my age' I need to do this crap?
What beautiful expressions! Sara 'a banality', but to me.
When I was seven, I saw the numbers forearm of my father.
I asked him what they were and he said...
'S our phone number.
Why the Jews always wrong number.
I spent most of my life in bread motel...
Pensions fourth order, inside the car...
Here, in Argentina, Brazil, Syria ... And you know what? I liked it.
And you know something else? I am convinced that it is liked you too.
Why 'I know so much that you had just need a nice diversion.
You're right, and I 'liked Yes, I know.
This place makes me feel good.
The mountains make me feel at peace with the world.
You know... and 'how to wear a tie.
The know how to use that gun?
How do you know that I have a gun?
Why 'I know. I know all too well that wars never end.
Hitler had a private practice two hundred square feet...
But he always said his architect which was small.
Goering came to a house equal to that of Hitler.
Himmler wanted a house equal to that of Goering...
Bormann wanted a house equal to that of Himmler...
When Himmler was able to get it equal to that of Goering.
All imitated all.
All, but not Jews. They did not imitate anyone.
If you hope to survive,
you must know someone that wants to kill you at all costs.
I survived.
Your father tried to kill me for years, because of the following episode.
Winter of '43 the appeal was made in the field.
He did something wrong, not remember what...
It still threatened to tear the German shepherd.
The dog growl 'against him and Pearl fear piss' arose.
And I... I laughed.
This' the fact, this was humiliation.
Compared to the horrors of Auschwitz, a small thing,
but your father has never forgotten.
Your father wrote me letters,
I wrote words atrocious.
Beautiful words.
Letters my wife forwarded to me by a thousand attentions.
By the way, then you came back occurred to my wife.
But as a student.
I hated your father 'cause his obsession
I made my life miserable.
I was totally won over.
The inexorable beauty of revenge...
Throughout an entire life dedicated to avenge humiliation.
This is called persistence called "greatness".
'Theft' "
" The little bike... "
".. The kiss sneak in the back of the garden, at 13,
black clouds, thunder the thrill that comes close..."
Silence the ticking of the clock... "
. Tight embraces of the mother, the caresses kind of father..."
".. The finger wrote on fogged."
".. The corner store near the window,..."
A blanket of hay fever
".. clear skies of northern Europe."
"To everyone, without distinction, and 'was stolen from her youth."
"To everyone, without distinction, and 'carelessness was stolen."
"Beyond the barbed wire, ... we watched the snow."
'E. .. and God
'God' as... "
God '.
God ..
No matter, I can not remember another
E ' a real injustice that my father died before her.
Holy shit.
Something disturbed me.
Do not know what exactly... but something
Listen, I gotta tell you your father loved you.
How do you know?
He... he said.
It 's not true, but and' nice of you to tell me.
Grab one.
Then, when the hell...
We over the barbed wire watched the snow.
And God looked
God and thus, form an infinite that stuns...
Beautiful, lazy and stops, not feel like doing anything.
Like some women, as kids, we have only dreamed of.