Cameron's Countdown - 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 20.08.2012

Cameron: What's up, guys? This is Cameron with DS2DIO 360 breaking down for you the
closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics!
This party was a doozy. There was like every crazy British person you've ever heard of and every
British song ever of all time. And without further adieu, the top 5 moments from the
London closing ceremonies. At number five, dancing nuns in rollerblades circling around
Eric Idol from Monty Python. Wait, did some of those nuns just flash me their union jack
knickers? Yes, they did. At number four, we have the men and women from Stomp making sweet
sweet music and dance moves with trashcans and brooms and whatever else was on stage.
At number three is a moment that most people didn't get to see because NBC cut away to
show you the premiere of their sitcom about an animal hospital. A ballerina was brought
out as a phoenix to represent that the Olympic flame would one day rise again. You guys,
her splits were like more than 180s, they were like 270s, her legs were like what? It
was nuts. That being said, I love poodles. And I'm definitely going to watch that show.
At number two, the most elaborate dance number of the entire ceremony. The Samba. It was
symbolic of London passing off the torch to Rio, who's going to be doing the Olympics
in 2016. You guys, it was bananas. There was a Brazilian Lady Gaga, there were these tribesmen
with these neon green headdresses, there was a human phalanx, I don't even know if I'm
saying that right, made out of origami paper. Clearly the city that does Carnival every
year is gonna bring one badass Olympics in 2016. That's what I'm talking about. My number
one moment from the closing ceremonies: Spice Girl reunion!! You guys, it was incredible!
They were even better than they were fifteen years ago, and that's tough cause they were
awesome. Before they hit the stage we got to watch this crazy little taxi ballet with
these light up cars. And then the girls came out, and it was awesome, cause I've always
wanted to be a spice girl. No, who am I kidding? I've always wanted to be all of the Spice Girls.
[Cameron Sings]
Well that about wraps it up of my countdown of the best moments
of the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremonies.
I'd also like to give a big shout out to all the athletes who were doing some
dances in the cutaways. Remember this whole big ceremony
was just for you guys and all of your awesome hard work. And I really hope to see all of
your shiny, happy faces in the next Olympics in 2016. Same goes for you, Prince Harry.