Ontario Food Blogger @Cubits is passionate about local food

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bjbjLULU Laura Watt, Owner of Cubits Organics and Food Blogger: These are beets, and they
grow really nicely here on the beach in Toronto because we're on sand. My name is Laura Watt,
and I am passionate about local produce. I run Cubits Organics, which is a small, organic
seed company, and in conjunction with that, I blog about local food and I twitter and
talk a lot about local food as well, while being at home with my baby. Living in Toronto,
local produce is available most of the year, and I find it's very easy to produce quite
a bit on a small amount of land. You can produce your own produce, which is about as local
as it can get. I think that when you're using real quality ingredients that it looks almost
as good as it tastes, and it's really fun to photograph your food as you make it. In
the summer, we grow a lot of our own food right here, in our yard in Toronto, but we
get certain things at the farmer's market, and it's nice to talk to the people that grow
the food. It's important for our health but it's also important for our economy. We want
to support our neighbors, and farmers outside of the city are our neighbors, and we want
to support each other." It's nice to talk to them. It's nice to talk someone else that
knows that that's a Detroit dark red beet. They're proud of their beets as much as I
am happy to see their beets. I like to cook, and I think people need to know how to use
real food. I think we've moved away from real whole foods, and that people just don't have
the knowledge, and I like to share that, and when you have a good relationship with your
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