Behind The Scenes: In Performance at The White House: Country Music

Uploaded by whitehouse on 23.11.2011

Dierks Bentley: Hey, y'all, Dierks Bentley here at the White House.
Really cool, we just got done doing rehearsals for a big event
tomorrow night, Country music's coming to the White House,
and it's such an honor to be here,
along with some other performers.
As you hear in the background there's a lot of noise going on,
a lot of stuff happening.
These guys are making the preparations for tomorrow.
Big night.
What are you singing tonight?
Lyle Lovett: You know, singing one of -- an old song from my very first
record, a song called, "Cowboy Man."
Dierks Bentley: Yeah.
Lyle Lovett: (singing) ♪ She smiled at me ♪
♪ And as I wondered why ♪
♪ She said ♪
♪ I'm looking for a cowboy ♪
Dierks Bentley: It's really an honor to share the stage with this guy right
here and Kris Kristofferson; I mean, James Taylor;
it's going to be amazing, the people that all come together.
Lyle Lovett: It's incredible.
Dierks Bentley: A lot of heroes in there for me, so I'm excited.
Lyle Lovett: Yeah, me too.
Dierks Bentley: What a fun night.
Lyle Lovett: It is a fun night.
Alison Krauss: ♪♪(playing guitar)♪♪
Speaker: And Broadway music have honored us with their performances.
We've celebrated Latin rhythms and music that helped define the
civil rights movement.
Lyle Lovett: Nobody makes those sounds but you, James.
Darius Rucker: Do you want me to do the --
(singing) ♪ All the Federales say ♪
Kris Kristofferson: Yeah, I'll harmonize under that.
(both singing) ♪ All the Federales say ♪
♪ They could've had him any day ♪
♪ They only let him slip away ♪
Dierks Bentley: What songs are you doing tonight?
Lauren Alaina: I'm doing "Coal Miner's Daughter," by Loretta Lynn.
(singing) ♪ Not much left here but the floor ♪
♪ Nothin' lives here anymore ♪
♪ 'Cept the memories of a coal miner's daughter ♪
Dierks Bentley: So is Loretta a big, like, influence on you Country-wise?
Lauren Alaina: I really love Loretta because she's, like,
super funny and has this great personality that everyone is
kind of drawn to, and I just love this song.
It's such a cute song and it shows off my personality, so...
Dierks Bentley: Yeah.
Lauren Alaina: I'm excited to be singing it.
Dierks Bentley: It sounded great.
Lauren Alaina: And I'm singing one with you, "Always on my Mind."
Dierks Bentley: Okay, we'll do the chorus now.
(both singing) ♪ So tell me ♪
♪ Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died ♪
♪ Give me ♪
♪ Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied ♪
♪ I'll keep you satisfied ♪
The President: As Charlie Pride -- who played here two years ago --
once said, "There is enough room in Country music for everybody.
Country music can be about love, it can be about heartache,
it can sing sad times or it can yell out that I'm just here
having a good time.
It's about storytelling; giving voice to the emotions of
everyday life."
Now, over the past couple of years,
some of the greatest artists from Motown, from Jazz,
Classical, Broadway, have honored us with
their performances.
And tonight, we're transforming the East Room into a bona fide
Country music hall.
(rhythmic clapping) ♪♪(music playing)♪♪