Designing a Place for 2 - Couple Gets Apt Makeover (part 3) video

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ASHLEY: The bedroom now is like a workspace.
ERIC: When I get home, I want to be inspired
to do my own stuff.
ASHLEY: I think it should be a haven.
ERIC: It's hard to live with a woman.
She likes to put baskets everywhere.
ASHLEY: And that red comforter.
Oh my goodness.
ERIC: I'm inspired by Barack Obama.
And you know, I'm honored to have his poster up on my wall.
ASHLEY: Obama poster belongs in the bathroom.
ERIC: I just think it's kind of ridiculous that you want to
put him in the bathroom.
We need some help.
ERIC: We need some help!

ASHLEY: Nice to meet you.
VANESSA DELEON: Nice to meet you.
Eric Clark.
VANESSA DELEON: Eric, nice to meet you.
ASHLEY: Pleasure.
VANESSA DELEON: So let's see the problem room.
ASHLEY: OK, come on.
VANESSA DELEON: So tell me a little bit about the problems
that you are having here in this room.

ASHLEY: There's paint brushes, a lot of paint supplies
There's a lot of pictures on the wall, paintings.
So there's a lot of stuff in this room.
VANESSA DELEON: So Obama in the bedroom.
ASHLEY: I don't want that poster in the bedroom.
This is our intimate space.
A picture of us maybe would be nice.
But I don't want politics in our bedroom.
ERIC: I love that poster, and I don't know where
else we'd put it.
VANESSA DELEON: I see some baskets, which is great for
Is that kind of your function?
ASHLEY: I love baskets, yeah.
ASHLEY: I love baskets for organizational sake.
But I also love it because I love nature.
VANESSA DELEON: From nature to bold.
Red comforter, so who likes the red?
ERIC: I love the red.
The red is awesome.
That's my favorite color.
VANESSA DELEON: I definitely see the merging of the two.
And it can happen here in the bedroom, and little by little
throughout the apartment as well.
It needs to inspire you, but also reflect a little bit of
Ashley's style as well.
So don't worry.
I got this in the bag, you guys.
ASHLEY: Oh, nice.
Day two.
Are you excited?
ERIC: Yes.
VANESSA DELEON: I want a little bit of you and bring a
little bit of you in here, and then merge the two together.
So all right, guys.
You want to help me empty out this room?
ERIC: All right.

ERIC: I'd like to see how Vanessa is going to change
this thing around.
ASHLEY: I think it's a lot to have all our stuff taken out
and not know what to expect.

So far, they cleaned out the room.
Bookshelves, we built those.
Built a desk.
I love the comforter and we put up some drapes that had
muted colors in it.
So super excited.
ERIC: Our house is kind of a crazy mess.

He's nervous all around.
I don't think there's one aspect that
he's not nervous about.

VANESSA DELEON: Welcome to your new space!
ERIC: Wow.
ASHLEY: This is-- oh, look at that.
Oh, I love it.
VANESSA DELEON: This is where you can go to the park and
your trees.
ASHLEY: I love it.
VANESSA DELEON: And it's a swing.
The Obama's gone, and Ashley is in place.
And I feel behind any great man is a better woman.
And if you notice, I incorporated your baskets.
So your space is not such a deal breaker any more, right?
ERIC: Yeah.
ASHLEY: Not any more, I guess.
I love it.
I love the tree.
Feels like a safe home.

The room is actually really warm and intimate now.
And that's my other favorite part about it.
It feels more like a family.
ERIC: You know what?
That's a beautiful thing.
ASHLEY: Yeah, that was the point.
ERIC: I can't believe that the room is set up in a way that
we both can use it.
That's great.
ASHLEY: That was the point, right?
ERIC: That's awesome.
ASHLEY: Now that we got our bedroom done--
ERIC: Yeah.
ASHLEY: How about our bathroom?
Living room?

VANESSA DELEON: Wowza, that was fun.
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