Un Aller Simple - Episode 2 - On va avoir un sérieux problème

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Previously in Un Aller Simple
Well, now that we enjoyed
last night and the lunch.
Not so good !
It's time to look for a flat
because we can't live
foreverin the hotel.
Even if it's cheaper than in France.
Visa for
"We're going to have a serious problem"
What color do you want?
Black, anyway.
This one?
Ok so we take it.
We'll see if I understood well 30 RMB.
Well, thank you, she won't give me sales receipt.
No, she will give you back 10 RMB, I think.
Actually, she gives you back 10 RMB.
S**t !
45 RMB ! Thank you Maëlle.
But she told me "Si shi wu"
She told me 30 RMB
and it costs 45 RMB,so she gaves me back 5 RMB.
Thank you Maëlle for this translation !
Because we are so lucky,
we find the only real estate agency
where someone can speak English.
And now, Gonoro
is trying to negociate pump tariffs.
And this one,You see this windows
the cold might enter easily.
It's a detail but
I think it's not well insulated.
Where is it?
Just here.
Well, unfortunately, the real estate agent who
speaks english, wasn't interesting.
Accordingly, we are going to search again an another agency.
We will cross fingers !
Now I think
we're going to get a serious problem.
Have you got your swimsuit Antoine?
Let's go?!
You can go first !
Come on!
It looks quite nice but
it seems there weren't so many windows.
Now, we are following an agency's employee.
who propose a flat which meets our requirements.
and it is in one builduing we found
yesterday by visiting the area.
We'll see how it is, it's looks quite nice.
I like the residence
We haven't tested yet if
we are near the university.
I think we are not far.
Okay, but we have to try to walk until the Uni
to see if it's alright.
Well, we had'nt the right to take any videos
but the flat we've just visited was really nice
There were all we need more or less
Even though, we will carry on looking for others flats
You're grubby Gonoro !
I hate you Antoine
You know, It 's good for the skin... It is nutritious
You see, when I was saying that he has diarrhea...It did'nt want to believe me !
In what have you walked in ?
I don't know....something wobbly
A dead pet ?
He hasn't walked in something, It has just felt from his pants...Trust me.
Let's go to see a third flat
Today, Gonoro got the great idea to bring us back a fruit
which smells just like the worst cheese we can find in France
Well, it looks really strange
and it really smells like feet
Regarding the texture, it seems to be an very old camembert
Actually if you eat it, you stink all the day long
And Gonoro told us it after we'd did it
however, now I will go to bed therefore I don't care and Maëlle too, right Maëlle ?
It stinks when you talk Antoine
Actually the fruit looks like a giant speaky litchi
When you put it in your mouth, you really feel the stench and it just disgusts you
It makes you want to puke
The taste is quite different from the smell
There is still a fruity taste
a tiny one
but the aftertaste is really weird
If someone is interested by this experience
it's called "durian".
Can we find it in France?
Yes, at Chinatown.
In Chinatown, near from Gonoro's home, you can find it.
I've already found a problem.
You've already seen a problem?
What is it?
The toilet !
Ah, did you see it?
But the view is cool.
The toilet is Chinese style.
Oh f***ing s**t !
The toilet is here?
Oh no !
Futhermore, the kitchen is small.
No way.
It's fine but the bed is not confortable
Here, it's an internet outlet.
Where is the fridge?
isn't there?
No Wait, I will ask.
Toilet plate???
I think we have to buy the fridge.
The bathroom is limited.
Indeed, it's small for two people.
Well, but one can take a shower
and the other one on the toilet.
Well, it's been four days that we have looked for a flat.
At the beginning, it was complicated
because it was difficult for others to understand us of course
Just a few people speak English.
in Kunming.
Fortunately, we have a paper from Rick, our hotel's host,
with all our requirements written in Chinese.
On the third day of search,
Chinese students from the university where we will study this year
help us.
We have been more productive with them.
We were able to visit flats which suit us better
considering our requirements.
For example : 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, if possible, ect
Something that other people didn't understand before.
So, at the end of the fourth day,
we have found 2 buildings that we like
and we have seen very nice flats.
And now, we are going to take a decision.
So, we'll let you know.
We have just moved to our flat.
But it still mess so
we are cleaning up and we will show you later.
After efforts comes comfort
Gonoro, explain us what you prepared
Well, It's the first day when we were retailing and fitting the home
Therefore, I prepared a spécial chinese "apéro" (kind of coktail)
Chicken feet
raw chicken of course
You have to eat it raw.
And we also took some drinks, this one is called "Baiju" (it's just like household bleach)
There is about 52% of alcohol inside
We are doing it slowly I think
Very special because it's plastic but
inside something "moves".
"Cleng-Cleng", fruits that I call by this name.
You can find it in France in Chinatown.
And I pay a dinner for the one who eats the feet with nail.
There is a nail on this one.
For our flat ! For the chicken feet ! For China
F***ing s**t !
Can you tell the rules?
Well, it's simple.
The alcohol is a bit strong !
A little bit !
So, we drink a sip of this
Well, an half...
Then, eat one chicken feet
Then you finish the shooter.
Finally, you end it with the banana.
Well, for China !
So, Maëlle? What do you think about China?
Well, it's a real new horizon !
Welcome to Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.
Well, we started our courses a few days ago
And of course, we're not in China only to eat noodles and travel.
So, we will make a tour of the campus of our university this year.
The campus is so huge compared to our school in France.
There are around 20 thousand students
so it's 10 times the population of my hometown.
This one is the water delivery man who deliver water for fountains.
The maintaining property of the campus is good and that's cool.
There are plants, trees, flowers everywhere.
This building is the library.
Unfortunately, we don't have the card to enter yet
but we'll get it soon.
What we are doing must seem weird to Chinese, but we are lucky,
because the Chinese students are in class but sooner
I think they will be outside.
We use bicycles in the campus because if we don't, it will take a long time.
There are many sport courts in the campus. That's very cool.
In particulary basket-ball, badminton,...
and behind, it's the gymnasium.
And, there is a swimming pool as big as the gymnasium.
Apparently, basketball and badminton are the most famous sports in China
The basketball is developped thanks to the famous player Yao Ming.
And badminton is famous in Asia, hein Gonoro.
It's the national sport in Indonesia.
And now, all students just finish class and get outside.
Now, it must be really weird for them!
Nice, there are rice fields in the campus ! (Joke)
Well, on the left, it's the university's restaurant.
There are 3 on the campus.
The red building is for courses.
There is the F1 dormitory which is low-cost.
Here, on the right, it's the beginning of girl's dormitory.
There are 2 dormitory for girls.
Ah, our classmates !
Sometimes, there are Western people around !
On the right, it's the second restaurant.
and there this place is very special.
They don't have offices so they put
packages on the ground.
Now, we are in the girl's dormitory area.
So, Gonoro and I are unwelcome intruders.
Antoine make a zoom on the lingerie so it proves that it's the girl's dormitory.
Face to us, it's a labaratory for teachers.
There are room equipped for search.
There are rice bags for flooding because the water get up until 1m52.
Behind us, it's an avenue with shops
and restaurants.
Most of students who don't eat on the campus, go eat there.
Well, on the left, there are sport's courts again.
You probably wonder why I'm wearing this clothes.
It's simple. When it rains in Kunming,
the rain wets clothes in 2 minutes.
You should wear this dress and so you can cycling comfortably on raining days.
There, it's the boy's dormitory.
Strangely, the girl's dormitory is near the school and
the boy's dormitory is near sport's court.
We already came on the campus.
The courses didn't start yet but we saw
hundred girls with military uniform who were parading.
Then, we got the explanation that it's the opening ceremony for first years
in China.
Well, when we walk in the university,
everyone look at us because there are few western people here.
However, Gonoro blend into the mass.
You have to know that poeple don't look at Maëlle and Antoine.
It's just me because I'm famous here !
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I can do it!
It's a sort of...
It's a sort of...
F**k! F**k! I can't be stable
It really makes me laugh.
So now, we continue... one, two,three...go!
No, I can't !
Just one kiss !
You stink !
Maëlle, can you come to help us please?