War Commander Event, Operation Hellstorm wave 70, Kad_Corp

Uploaded by KADWarCommander on 26.01.2013

hey guys KAD here

This will be my last uploading
for this event
cuz it's so much painful

i finally made it to 70
sorry about that I couldn't record 60 wave
and i'm on the 4th in sector 24

Once again, I'm done
but if you guys insist me to do more
Well, I have no other choice
okay here we go with the video how I made the 70 boss wave
Before I begin with the video
I used 24 fresh sucide trucks and 11 egats

like I said I gave up my base
I'm not defending my base at all
I'm killing them
while they're destroying my base
also use the sucide bomers and trucks
in red health
It works out also
and set them all in agreesive
they will locate to the targets directly

I will explain the set up things
at the end of this video
with pictures
Trucks did a great job
only hellstorms are left
Good for me cuz I have 11 egats
watch out though
you can be killed if if you're not careful enuff

try to lure some helicopters with ur egats
and kill them
if you think you can't handle themat the same time

Okay, done with bunch of repair time
And the detailed explain time
First, place your sucide bomers or trucks near the def buildings.
like a circle or whatever :)
They need to be in agressive also

Plave ur bombers and trucks
at edge of the map
Example just like that
And third part
yea.. Control ur egats and sucides if that's needed
Thanks for watching the video
give me thumps up if you liked it and leave me a comment and suggestion down below
And share this video with ur friends
So everyone can win the game
That's what this channel about!
Hope you guys the best and happy event for all of ya
I will visit you guys with other informations later!
Good byyee :)
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