USANA Reset Weight Management Program

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RESET is a key component of USANA's approach to true health
this unique program that can help you jump start healthier eating habits and
only five days
Setting you on the path to a new and healthier you
More than two-thirds of adults and one third of children in the United States
and canada
are now considered to be either overweight or obese
one-third of the adult population is presently on a diet
and another third is trying to maintain their weight
in the US alone
we are now spending more than thirty billion dollars each and every year
on diets
many of these diets simply do not work
medical study shows us that nearly everyone who loses weight on a diet
will gain all that weight back and more in just a couple of years
no wonder that people are so discouraged
still the question remains why don't diets work? The first answer is simple
because diets are short term solution for a long term problem
another reason diets don't work is because they are not balanced
first we thought the problem was too much fat in our diets
then we felt the problem was too many carbohydrates in our diet but the most
critical reason that diets do not work is because they failed to address a
possible underlying cause of many obesity cases today which is insulin
when you are not as sensitive to your own insulin
your body not only begin storing additional fat but it also literally
holds onto that fat like a sponge holds onto water
in 1981 one doctor david jenkins introduces a new concept for how
quickly her body's are able to absorb long chains of sugar
which make up carbohydrates
he was he able to calculate a number that he labeled glycemic index
doctor jenkins shocked many by finding that certain complex carbohydrates
found in our breads, flour, rice, cereals and potatoes
actually spiked people's blood sugar faster
then if we were spooning table sugar on to their tongue
hi glycemic foods literaly spike your blood sugar and stimulate the release of
which is your storage hormone
when blood sugar rapidly rises it causes a tremendous release a free radicals
which in turn leads to significant inflammation of arteries
especially the fine arteries of the muscle called capillaries
this is known as glycemic stress
RESET is the most nutritionally complete meal replacement
programs available
and it's simple
for five days will replace your usual meals with usana low glycemic shakes
and bars
plus you'll get one serving of fruit
one serving of vegetables
and although you'd be restricting calories during RESET
you will never feel deprived
because our low glycemic milkshakes nutrition bars are filling
and satisfing
research shows that eating low glycemic food as part of a balanced diet
there's a healthy way to help control hunger and lose weight
and importantly this carefully formulated programs will help you control your carbohydrate
key first step in
making healthy food choices everyday
and what's most exciting
the results are immediate
after just five days you'll find that you've made a clean break from the
cravings for foods rich in refined sugars and carbohydrates
making it easier to cut back on the amounts of food and numbers of calories
you consume in subsequent meals
to a few days on reset solve all your weight management issues
of course not
reset is not the quickfix fad diet
it will however give you the start you need for
lifelong habits of healthy balanced nutrition
so i think every RESETas an important first step towards resetting your body and
resetting your life
and after you complete the RESET program
you'll want to continue your healthy low glycemic eating habits
by replacing one or more meals a day with the macro optimizers
as you move on to transform and maintain phases of the program
as an olympic athlete i've always tried to stay in shape
and one thing that has me do that
is sticking to a healthy diet with usana macro optimizers
after you complete the reset program you will want to continue your healthy eating
habits by replacing one or more meals with the macro optimizers
if you'd like to continue losing weight you will move on to the transform phase
in this phase you replace two meals each day with nutrimeal shakes and at least
one snack
with one of the USANA's delicious bars
then you will eat one regular low glycemic meal and one low glycemic snack
in this phase you will want to make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
and limit foods with a higher glycemic index
and remember to take your essentials or health pack
it is during this phase they should begin to slowly integrate a moderate
exercise regimen into daily life
every RESET Kit includes an informational dvd that features a thirty minute
workout session with olympic speed skater Derick and myself
this is a great beginner level workouts that you can do three times a week
in addition
walking is a great way to begin your exercise program
although a goal at ten thousand steps roughly about
five miles is often recommended
this number maybe a little too high if you just started walking program
for the greatest success use your pedometer to set & track attainable
goals based on your level of fitness
start by simply adding two hundred to a thousand steps a day to your baseline
depending on your level of fitness and your energy level
once you've reached your weight goals move on to maintain phase this is your lifetime
plan for healthy living
each day you simply replace one meal within your Nutrimeal milkshake
and at least one snack with one USANA's Bars
then just stick to a healthy balanced diet for your other meals and snacks as
much as possible
and continue to exercise regularly
and remember to take your essentials or healthpak
by following this simple plan
you will look and feel
better than ever
you will have truely reset your body
and reset your life
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