Hoops and Hancocks: Beam Signing Ceremony draws Temple fans

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 16.11.2010

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>> LEWIS This is just one more piece of evidence, this beam. I used to be a lawyer. This beam
is one more piece of evidenceW of what President Hart has been able to do in changing the image
from an inferiority complex to a position where people in America when you say Temple
University now understand that we're the real deal\
\ \
>> PRES HART We know that as more and more of our students make their homes here in North
Philadelphia that you can study and you can play and you can study some more and you can
study some more, but you do need to be healthy. And you do need to play a little bit. And
these recreational and exercise facilities are really tremendous. The new front atrium
is no longer going to be concrete brutalism. It will be a wonderful atrium with retail
opportunities, and we hope will further enliven Broad Street for everyone who drives by and
hears that beckoning call, "come to Tempe, come to Temple. Welcome!"\
\ [basketball game sound]\
\ >> TONYA The construction of our basketball
facility is a program changer. This facility bolsters recruiting, enhances retention and
most importantly demonstrates our commitment to our women's team and our men's team. The
renovation of Pearson and McGonigle Halls will provide all Temple students w/ the kind
of opportunities to be strong in body and spirit, just as our classrooms and professors
prepare them to be strong in mind. \ \
>> FRAN For us we're in a great place. I think Temple is in a great place. I've been here
four years and some change and sometimes, when you're this close you don't see all the
things burgeoning around you. And it's year after year after year now, great, great things
are happening to this University\ \
[music]\ \
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