What social media platform do you use most? :: thunder::tech's 2013 Marketing Trends Event

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AUDIENCE: I use both Facebook and Twitter.
AUDIENCE: Facebook.
AUDIENCE: Instagram.
AUDIENCE: Facebook.
AUDIENCE: I use mostly Facebook.
AUDIENCE: Probably either Twitter or Foursquare.
AUDIENCE: Facebook.
It's real quick and easy.
It's on my phone.
AUDIENCE: Facebook, probably.
AUDIENCE: I like Facebook.
That's probably the one I'm on the most.
AUDIENCE: I use Facebook most.
AUDIENCE: I do not use any social networks.
I'm the last person on the planet that doesn't use any.
No Facebook or tweeting or any of the other ones that I don't
know about.
Instagram, I don't know any of them.
Well, I don't know what hashtag is.

That's my main way of connecting with people.
If I don't already have their number in my phone, that's the
only way to get a hold of people now.
AUDIENCE: I do think it's very good for some age groups and
some demographics, not for everybody.
AUDIENCE: Well, yeah.
It beats the hell out of writing letters.
You know what I mean?

AUDIENCE: I've used social media to reach out, especially
when I have a negative customer experience.
It's worked for me, like especially even just down here
with Jimmy Johns or--
I've tweeted people, like if I order things online if things
are out of stock and error messaging isn't great.
And I usually hear back, which is good.
AUDIENCE: Apparently people like it.
But I do understand because in my business I use a little bit
of it, that it's not being used as much as we thought it
would a year ago.