2008-2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Air Intake Installation

Uploaded by KNfilters on 13.12.2010

This K&N air intake system is designed to increase vehicle power and acceleration, by
reducing restriction in the intake path. The intake kit fits the vehicle shown. As well
as additional vehicles identified on the K&N website or catalog. The K&N air intake system
is guaranteed to produce a measureable increase in vehicle horsepower. K&N has extensive testing
facilities that include several chassis dynamometers used to precisely measure engine and drive
train horsepower and torque. The kit includes components that have been designed or matched
to the needs of the vehicle to produce a safe horsepower increase. Detailed installation
instructions are included with this kit. The tools needed for this install are shown.
The first step of the install, is to turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative
battery cable. Loosen the hose clamp that connects the intake
tube to the resonator box then remove the intake tube.
Lift up firmly to release the airbox from mounting studs, then remove completely.
On models that come equipped with air temp sensors, unplug the air temp. sensor electrical
Remove the two 10mm bolts that retain the resonator box onto the engine.
Pull up firmly to release the resonator from the engine.
Install the provided silicone hose onto the throttle body and secure with the provided
hose clamp.
Next, remove the two rubber bushings from the factory airbox.
Install the two rubber bushings that were removed in the previous step into the provided
Install the large “Z” and “L” brackets onto the heat shield with the provided hardware.
Do not tighten completely at this time.
Install the rubber mounted studs into the provided brackets as shown.
Install the provided edge trim onto the heat shield. Trim if necessary.
Remove the 13mm bolt from the upper fan shroud.
Install the two “L” brackets onto the fan shroud with the provided 8mm bolt and
Rremove the bolt shown from the radiator core support.
Install the provided heat shield mounting bracket onto the radiator core support using
the bolt removed in the previous step.
Remove the 8mm bolt that retains the airbox mount.
Install the twisted ”L” bracket with the bolt that was removed in the previous step.
Do not tighten bolt completely.
Next, assemble the saddle bracket assembly.
Install the heat shield onto the factory airbox studs and then mount to the previously installed
On models that come equipped with temp sensors, drill a 7/8” hole in the K&N® intake tube
at the drill point.
Install the provided grommet into the K&N® intake tube as shown.
Next, remove the O-ring from the air temp. sensor as shown.
Install the air temp sensor into the K&N® intake tube.
Install the NPT fitting and NPT plug.
Install the K&N® intake tube into the silicone hose at the throttle body and align to the
mounting bracket, secure the intake tube with the hose clamps provided.
On models equipped with an air temperature sensor, connect the harness extension into
the factory connector and then connect the open end onto the air temperature sensor.
On 2008 and later model year vehicles, cut the factory crank case vent hose 4” from
the end as shown.
Connect the crank case vent hose assembly to the valve cover port and intake tube vent
fitting as shown.
Next, install the K&N® air filter onto the intake tube.
Align the heat shield for best clearance then tighten all the brackets.
Lastly, reconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable. Double check to make sure everything
is tight and properly positioned before starting the vehicle. It will be necessary for all
K&N® high flow intake systems to be checked periodically for realignment, clearance and
tightening of all connections. Failure to follow the above instructions or proper maintenance
may void warranty.
This intake kit is not legal for highway use in California or other states adopting California
emission standards. Check our website for up to date information on emissions legality
for specific parts on specific vehicles and for a list for the other CARB adoption states.
K&N makes products for nearly every vehicle on the road. The K&N website allows you to
search products by vehicles or dimension download installations instructions, view dyno charts
showing typical horsepower gains for this product, and view product details. For more
information on where to buy K&N products go to knfilters.com.