Making Of Star Trash "documentario"

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In 1966, the creative mind of Jene Rodemberry giving birth the best known and longest running television series of all time: STAR TREK
Like all the hit series has inspired parodies
and quotes from legendary comic jhon belushi
at the histrionic Jim Carrey
But also cartoons of last generation are strongly influenced by the unique Trekkies style!
as shown by matt groening in Futurama.

But how Italian television answer to this sci-fi event?
Apart from some small comedy sketch, italy seems avoid sci-fi because always frightened by the american comparison, famous especially for special effects, always considered too expensive for our nation.
But in 2010 something changes ....
Two fans expert in CGI and at the same time serious connoisseurs of the American film style
opened a small production company named DREAMSQUARE PICTURE
making the first Italian parody of Star Trek

Captain's log
we are exploring the unknown universe
filled by stars and planets...
ooh... the planets!
these wonderful orbiting spheres!
after all, the universe is nothing more than a big balls breaking!
Mr. Speck... check the quadrant!
of course captain!
its a fake sicilian Rolex!
I bought it at the fair of Vucciria!
we have one gondal in failure!
For all pigeons!! my Oar is Broken!
this isn't my name!!
Too Simple!!
try again!
Wrong Again!
My name is John!
John Smith!
well.. we asked Rome and this is it!
yes... but i dont think we'll find any Gas station here captain!
i think so too...
who are these Clowns?
must be new gladiators from Ostia, Caesar!
take them away from me!!
Everything is made in chroma studios, 3D background and compositing techniques that involve virtual characters also generated ​​in computer graphics.
made the first pilot, dreamsquare test the viewing audience on the most popular social video: YOUTUBE
without doing any advertising, the channel quickly get hundreds of subscribers and more than 140,000 views, this encourages them to produce another 2 episodes of 5 minutes.
Mr. check off! do you know something?
i cant see anything captain!
and you! mr. zulu?
but what do you want from me? i'm not dubbed! i dont understant nothing you say!
The USS vatican has launched an SOS!
what? what what??
i... i what??
i call you later because i get an SOS!
but right now?
eh! i dont know why!
oh my god! and what happened?
ok.. but dont make me worry!
bye bye!!
The Vatican! in this area?
must be something of very important!
on screen!
captaein kvikken! what a pleasure to zee you!
the pleasure is mine Sideral Father!
can i know what happened to cosmic majesty to send an SOS?
of courze!
we have a big problem with a black hole!
this is not first time you have problem with it!
but not that black hole!! moron!
captain! actually the vatican is going to be attracted by this anomaly quantum!
Seizing increasingly sophisticated techniques, the team decided to evolve
writing third episode, set back in time aboard the famous TITANIC
Star Trash Degeneration is not just a parody of Star Trek
but a pretext to enter comedy general, inside a container to laugh and unite all fans of the series
with blockbuster titles to pick up more viewers as possible.

and this will increase exponentially curiosity of trekkies and more people to the parody.
look! seems real paradise planet!
and... hear! the twitter of birds...
do you hear the twittering mr speck?
and the sweet sound of the waterfalls
can you hear them mr speck?
this is the spring splash!
i can feel it!
almost seems to feel it all on body!
oh! if I hear it!
damn grouchy birds!