7th Grade Civil Servant ep 2 Eng sub (HD)

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Episode 2
What are you doing?
Haven't you just heard your interview was over?
Yes, I did hear that.
Then get out.
Just a minute.
I'm going to go crazy!
Don't you hear me telling you to get out?
What are you doing?
I lied earlier during the interview.
Wouldn't it be possible to give me another chance?
You asked about my country earlier.
We did. And we also heard your answer.
Country. Call its name once and my heart beats
Call its name twice and heat overcomes me.
That is how the Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis defined his country in his poem.
However, personally, the word 'Korean peninsula'
has never made my heart beat or overwhelmed me with warmth.
At least until now, my nation has not moved me in any way.
Instead, it only gave me disappointment and despair.
If I am given the chance, I want to build a country that can move people.
A country that can move people who are nothing, like myself.
This is my truth.
No. 2030 Gong Do-ha.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry. Just a second.
Why didn't he go home?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What if you get caught? You'll have to pay back his car, you'll be caught as a liar!
You and I will both be on the news.
What the...? So weird!
This woman, Kim Seo-won, give me her contact number.
Oh my, didn't you exchange phone numbers?
Well, we didn't, that's why I'm asking you.
I'm sorry, dear customer.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't, due to the privacy protection act.
Did I ask you for her social security number?
I'm asking you for her phone number.
That is also personal information.
What about her address?
I'm sorry sir. There are sometimes people who become stalkers and stalk people to their home.
The addresses are kept confidential.
It's not like there are many diplomats in this neighborhood.
Do you think I won't find her?
Tell this woman something very clear.
If I catch her, she won't make it alive.
Go straight ahead and then turn right.
Thank you.
Who is it?
This is Mr. Kim Young-chul, the ambassador's house, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Is Kim Seo-won ssi home?
You're at the wrong house. There is no such person here.
Isn't his daughter...?
We only have two sons.
This is the only diplomat's house in this neighborhood.
In the writing exam for broadcasting,
they gave out a question on K-Pop, quite exceptiionally.
I said that this question would definitely be on the exam.
I guessed it, and I guessed it right.
So what? Am I showing off? Saying I'm good at guessing?
Yes, I am. You study with me, and I guarantee you a 99% acceptance in broadcasting.
Aside from this public lecture, I also do private tutoring.
One to one!
I don't need the money. I'm not interested.
I will give you everything I have!
Do you understand? Clap of hands!
One to one personal tutoring... Expensive
Look at her, pretending to study.
Blind date. Jerk. What a grotestque taste he has.
Damn it.
Diplomat, you say.
You think I can't get you?
This is so frustrating!
I told you not to do anything stupid.
Stop crying Mom.
Why are you talking about me finding a job all of a sudden?
All right all right, I'll come home later.
Mom, I'm busy right now.
This is the NIS.
Your interview number was 1904. Ms Kim Kyung-ja.
You have been admitted to the NIS.
No. 1904 Ms. Kim Kyung-ja, you have been admitted to the NIS.
This is the NIS.
Your interview number is 1804. Mr. Han Pil-hoon.
You have been admitted to the NIS.
Mr. Han Pil-hoon, you've been admitted to the NIS.
The number of students defined as delinquent borrowers because they couldn't pay back their college loans has reached up to 25,000.
10 million won in college tuition fees.
Some students are even committing suicide because they could not handle the pressure
but the path to employment is still narrow.
Stop drinking. That won't make the dead bull come back to life.
Foot-and-mouth disease yeah right.
I should have just raised dogs.
Stop talking about dogs.
Dogs are the best.
I've gone through so many diseases with pigs and cows
but I've never heard anything about disease among dogs
and I've never seen anyone who heard anything about it.
Stop drinking! Your bones won't heal.
What kind of world is this? The more I work on the farm, the more debt I have.
I have only my land to trust.
Your land? Do you even have land? Peeing on it will inundate it. That's how big your land is.
Wow, you must pee a lot.
Stop drinking, I'm telling you!
When avain influenza was going on, you said chickens were not birds and they all died.
When pigs were dying, I so told you not to buy them
but you were so stubborn, saying you had to buy them when they were cheap. You bought 12
and they all died. We could have just buried them
and now why did you even get at loan to buy cows when they have disease too?
I told you so many times that cows are not worth anything anymore because of the FTA
why did you buy them? Why?
Did I buy them to eat them?
That was the only way to feed you and allow you to go to school.
I bought them because of you! You!
Why are you pointing your finger to me? When did I ever ask you to pay for my tuition?
You brat... Yeah, so what, I couldn't pay your tuition.
So what? Are you looking down on your father because of that?
Stop it! Everyone will hear you!
I want them to hear me.
I send you to Seoul and all I get is her looking down on her parents.
Go back and get ready to get a job!
Getting a job is my business, not yours.
What, do you think I want to benefit from that?
Do you think I'm going to ask you to buy my a dog or a cultivator if you get a job?
I just want you to live your life! Be responsible!
Fine, I'll buy you that damn cultivator!
I got a job!
Who taught you to talk back like that?
Kyung-ja... you...
What? What did you say?
I got a job.
Did you get into broadcasting?
A cake and champagne too.
Why so suddenly?
For no reason. I just wanted a party.
Tell me the truth.
Do you know?
Of course I do. Did you think I didn't?
How did you know?
I got a call.
You had no idea, did you?
You didn't think I would do it, did you? You were shocked, right?
What on earth are you going to do?
You should have told me!
I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you.
How can you say that?
Your dad heard about it and he's gone mad.
Dad knows about it too?
That can't be!
You're home.
I heard about it all.
What are you doing?
Please sit down.
I'll tell you about it all. Sit down please.
I know you're mad
but I thought you might have stopped me if I had told you earlier.
Of course I would have stopped you.
What kind of crazy father would allow such a thing?
But things have already happened, so don't be mad anymore.
Just take a glass of champagne.
You little brat.
What the hell are you doing?
You don't need to do this! I only did what I wanted.
You wanted to do that?
What is the reason?
It's cool.
And the more I think about it, it suits me better than doing business.
You blow your car away on a bet
and you think that's cool?
That suits you?
No, no... wait a minute Father
What I'm saying is...
You're 30 now. You should at least act as a decent human being.
What I'm saying is... the civil servant exam.
You waste your time on that civil servant exam.
And then you spend that time to lose your car and gamble?
Do you even stop and think about your actions?
Let me talk.
What do you have to say?
10 mouths, no, 11 mouths wouldn't be enough for you to explain your actions.
If you don't have ambitions, at least do as you're told.
You... you know how young people these days
bet their lives to get a job?
Do you even know how much they struggle just to get one line on their resume?
You don't even know that, so what do you have to say?
Fine. What could I possibly know?
I'm simply a guy trying to pass the civil servant exam.
How can you talk to your father like that? Just kneel and say you're sorry.
Go out right now and get your car back.
I can't.
Do it!
Losing 10 won or losing your life amount to the same thing for a man.
Go and find your car back.
I don't think he could find it now.
What if he gets into a fight?
I know, I've had my fair share of fights in my days
if you risk your life on it, there's nothing you can't do.
Go and get it back.
It was a fair fight and I have no intention of getting it back.
I'll make money and I'll pay you back for the car.
You think this is about the price of the car?
You know nothing but money.
How can you?
How can you say that? Go! Leave! I don't want to see you ever again!
I'm going!
Why are you doing this to me?
Then... then...
Is it the Agency for National Security Planning?
Oh my dear, honey.
It's the ANSP. The ANSP!
It's not the ANSP, it's the NIS.
Potato Potahto!
I haven't made up my mind if I want to go or not.
You had such a hard time studying during all this time
and we didn't even pay you your tuition, even once.
We didn't do anything for you as parents.
You struggled on your own.
You made it on your own.
Kyung-ja, give me one shot.
Give me more! This is not some precious medicine, no need to be cheap.
Good good.
Here, you have one.
It's ok, it's from your father.
I didn't really decide if I want to go or not... Take it!
Good work.
My dear daughter, good work.
Thank you.
That's why you danced in the bus and fell down the other day.
Give me some more.
Do you think this is some kind of medicine? You can't drink twice.
By any chance...
it's not like you're going to North Korea or something, right?
If they tell you to go, say you don't want to.
Don't just do everything they tell you.
I'm telling you, I'm going to work in broadcasting.
How can you compare ANSP to broadcasting?
You know, back in the days, you mention the ANSP and even a flying bird would drop to earth.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I wanted to die with my cow
but now I can live, thanks to you.
You saved your father.
I haven't really decided...
This is not the time to cry.
Go and tell the village head
call him on his cell phone.
Why the village head?
Do you have wit at all?
We should throw a party to the village!
Sure, village party.
I feel like I should open an exposition.
Mom, Dad, I'm telling you, I'm going to take the exam in broadcasting.
So what, do you think taking the exam will get you a job?
Of course. Work at the ANSP, get paid, and later, you can take the exam.
It's not like the broadcasting companies are going to disappear.
We should live up to her now
Maybe I should get a perm.
Change your shirt at least.
Come on, call him!
You're the broadcasting company.
And you're the NIS.
All right, make your choice. Rock paper scissors!
Yes! The broadcasting company wins!
Everything should be done in three matches.
Rock paper scissors.
Rock paper scissors.
What is this?
What am I doing?
A village party? Sure.
I feel like I should hold an exposition.
It's not like the broadcasting company is going to disappear.
My dear wife.
Go away!
Be quiet!
Eun-jung is studying for her exam.
Be quiet!
Eun-jung, your daddy's here.
You're home.
My dear daughter.
You reek of alcohol!
Go sleep.
What? Go sleep?
That little brat, that's how she talks to her father?
Go sleep?
Am I your buddy?
Go sleep?
What is wrong with you? Come here!
Be quiet!
I told you, she's having her exam.
That brat.
Is your father more important
or your exam?
My my.
How dare you just lie? You haven't even washed yourself.
Why do I have to wash everyday?
Let me rest for a while.
I'm tired.
Why did you drink in the first place?
Not a day goes by without you drinking.
Do you think I drank for no reason?
I all drank it for my country.
That country of yours!
Your country only pays you like a church mouse.
You don't even care about Eun-jung do you?
Are you going to leave her like that?
If you can't send her abroad like others
you have to at least get her an English tutor.
You take care of it.
I take care of it?
What? What?
Do you even know how expensive private tutoring is?
I hear you hear lots of good information on investment.
Do something and pay for her private lessons.
And we have to pay back our loan for the house too!
I got appointed as discipline officer.
I won't be home for a few months from tomorrow
so get me my things.
Are you crazy?
Listen to me carefully honey.
Is work more important to you or your family?
If we're going to live like this, give me a divorce instead.
When I'm done with this, I will be dispatched to the US.
I don't care.
Give me a divorce.
The US?
Yes. In a year.
We're going to the US.
We'll be rid of our lingering past
and we'll go to the States.
What about me?
Of course you're coming too.
The NIS will pay for school tuition
so Eun-jung can go to university in the States.
I'll be less busy than here.
Let's go on trips and stuff like that.
Calm down.
Are we really going to the States?
Why do you think I got the job as discipline officer?
Hey! What are you doing?
Sorry sorry.
This is absurd.
Sir, the Mudong market please. Quick quick.
All right.
Jin Sun-mi, fighting!
Oh, hi.
Do you want some help? No, it's all right.
We met during the interview, right?
Yes, thank you and sorry for that.
Congratulations on your admission.
Yes, you too.
What is his deal?
Put your phone in the enveloppen and put it in the box.
Put it in the box, shut up and sit down quietly.
Go in.
Put it in the box.
Everyone aboard?
This is the NIS bus, right?
Take it off.
Yes ma'am.
Your sunglasses.
Oh, ok.
Go sit down. Don't talk.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Why don't we introduce each other?
Let's be quiet. It's an order.
This is not some research institute. What is wrong with the ambiance?
Hey, you! Kim Seo-won!
I can see you're Kim Seo-won!
Give it back!
Good to see you. You're dead now.
Hey you!
You two, get off.
If you don't get back in time, you're out. We don't need people like you!
You have quite a steady sense of fashion.
What are you going to do about my car?
Do it by the law.
Well, I can see your the daughter of a diplomat, exercising your public power.
By the way, are you really the daughter of a diplomat?
No diplomat living in that neighborhood had a daughter.
My dad is a diplomat.
Oh yeah?
Hey! Hey!
Hey you thief! Give me back my stuff!
You con! What, I'm going to stop just because you tell me to?
You're dead!
Stop right there!
I'm going to check if your address is right.
Give it back!
Why? Are you hiding something?
There's only one diplomat named Kim Young-chul in Korea.
But he only has two sons.
I'm sure you didn't lie on the date.
But if you did, I'm suing you for fraud.
You and that woman CEO of the firm.
You two will both go to jail.
Han Pil-hoon ssi, I'm very sorry.
I sincerely apologize.
But messing with someone else's life, that's all on you.
Let's make it even and give me back my enveloppe.
What if I don't want to?
I'm going to kill you.
Go ahead.
I guess we're here.
Where? Where?
My back!
Damn it!
The barang bridge.
You think you're getting away this time again?
Hello, I'm on the barang bridge
My name is Kim Won-suk, and I'm the discipline officer in charge of you from now on.
Your evaluation will be turned into grades and will follow you forever.
But what is more important than your grades is my evaluation.
But you are not worth my evaluation.
You give up on your comrade from the very first day?
One straight way for my country.
On that way you are bound to be with colleagues.
As a punishment for leaving your colleage behind, you will have a penalty of 15 points.
Just so you know, a penalty of 50 points gets you fired.
Anyone opposed?
We were definitely ordered to stay quiet when we got on the bus.
But they were the ones who made a fuss and were kicked out.
Isn't it unfair that they're the ones who did wrong and we're the one being punished for it?
Then get out.
It's unfair, so why go through with it?
Pack your bags and go live in a fair world.
No ma'am.
Anyone else opposed?
All right, it's all unanimous, so you will be given a penalty of 15 points.
While you're sitting her comfortably
don't forget that your colleagues are fighting for their life to get back here on time.
It's so cold. You'll see when I get you!
Go a little bit faster.
I'm going as fast as I can.
It's so damn cold!
Hey! Hey! Over there!
Go there!
Hey! You! Stop right there!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Get off! Get off!
Sir, I don't know this man. Please go faster.
Stop right there!
Stop right there!
Damn it!
Go away!
What? Do your best!
Get away!
What? You're blocking?
Sir, please go faster.
Hey, I really didn't want to get this far
What are you doing?
What are you going to do with that?
Don't do it! It's enough! Get ready!
You're dead.
Hey, don't do that.
Get this!
Stop right there! Faster!
I'm going to kill you!
Go! Go!
So he ran away from home and you can't get in touch with him.
You have to do this investigation the proper way.
My friend is a district attorney and I told him, so he'll give you a call.
Yes, sure sure. We all have DAs.
You have to find our Pil-hoon.
He's our only son.
I've ran away from home in my days, but we have to look for him, that's when they come back home.
Well, you didn't have to do this. Thank you.
On your way out, put this in the recycling bin.
You work hard in this department
Hey everyone have a drink!
It's not like he earns millions working here. What a rude man.
Why did you get rid of him?
Security is your life and mission.
So everyday you start with this oath on security and end the day with it.
Go and sit down.
On the signature part, use the alias you will be using from now on.
Aliases will help you avoid exposing your identity
and will enforce your security and those around you.
And thus it will be a way to protect your country.
Your alias may be used on your passport, so write it down in English and Chinese characters.
One straight way to your country.
You two who were late.
Come out with your oath.
Yes sir!
From now on, you two will be responsible for the security oath.
Can't I do it with someone else?
Why? You don't like him?
That's right, I don't like her.
You think this is funny?
How dare you say you don't like?
Change that attitude.
Your peer is more precious than your own life.
You don't like her?
No, I do like her.
What about you?
I will do it.
As a proud employee of the NIS
I bear in mind that security is my life and the life of the NIS
and I hereby pledge that I will live and die for my country without my name.
At ease.
No one in this world, not even your family, must know that you work for the NIS.
You may think it's easy, but you will definitely feel it in your bones from now on
that it is harder to live without a name than to die without one.
Congratulations on entering the NIS. Kim Kyung-ja,daughter of Kim Pan-suk and Oh Mak-nae.
Here. have a taste.
That's perfect.
There's no need for sons.
Daughters are the best!
I so envy you.
You know, from when she was little, being the first at school was the only thing Kyung-ja could do.
I knew she would become big.
Of course. Such a good daughter. Will she give you a plane ticket each season and send you on a trip?
Sure, that's nothing. She will even send the dog of the town on a trip to Keumkang mountain.
Hey, come over here and say something!
Come and have a drink.
Well, well, the NIS! That would even drop a flying bird.
That's where all the presidents went through.
No, they were at the security office.
Potato Potahto.
They're different. Different how? They're all the same.
Just listen to him! He says it's different.
Hey, listen. You know how a long time ago, the newspaper said that Kim Il-sung had been killed.
That time the security office said that he was dead, but the ANSP said he wasn't.
Right right. But we checked afterwards, and he was very much alive.
The ANSP was totally right about that.
They're not normal people over there.
Our village head is indeed very smart.
And anyways, it's not even the ANSP, it's the NIS.
But why the NIS huh?
They messed up with the name.
That's what the government does.
Now that Kyung-ja is working and all, you should make more efforts.
I'm just saying, we should profit from it too.
I requested for an expansion of our farming land, but it's not too sure.
What do the people know over there in the town?
The town chief? Well, I'll tell him how to behave.
We should at least get it over.
Stop talking about the car. That's your price for insulting me.
Why are you blocking? Move away!
You and I, we have to train together at least for a year.
Do you think you can just move on, by avoiding it like this today?
I messed it up from day 1 because of you. I don't want to make it worse.
Hey, you're the one who messed up my style.
Move away.
We meet again.
We haven't been properly introduced. Nice to meet you. I'm Gong Do-ha.
I'm Kim Seo-won.
We are in the middle of a conversation right now.
We got penalty points thanks to you, but as a peer, I'm sorry to have let you down.
I'm Gong Do-ha.
I'm Han Gil-ro.
Let's get along well, shall we?
He must be quite strong.
See you tomorrow.
Yes, see you tomorrow.
Hey! Stop right there! I'm going to kill you.
Hey Kim Seo-won! Kim Seo-won!
This time I'll make it!
Hey, Si-young is here.
Can Si-young sit here?
What? What? Why? Where are you going?
Oppa! Oppa!
Si-young, let's have a cup of coffee. Oppa, wait for me.
Let's have a cup of coffee! Si-young!
May I sit?
Thank you.
Are you ok?
You seemed to be having a hard time.
Who? Me?
Because of that guy, Han Gil-ro.
Isn't he your ex-boyfriend?
Who said that?
I do.
Why do you think that?
He wasn't your boyfriend?
No! Never.
Then who's your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
Oh I see.
I don't have a girlfriend either.
I don't like this kind of misunderstanding.
If misunderstandings keep happening, isn't it the fault of the person who keeps making them happen?
It's not a misunderstanding that I made happen.
Then deal with it.
I don't want to pry, but the one misunderstood is always lonely.
Left foot.
Left foot.
Left foot.
Left foot.
Left foot.
You scared me!
Give me back the money for the car, before I post it on the Ministry's website.
Do you know how much that costs? It's really expensive! It was a new model.
Do you want to die?
Give me the movey for my car.
Stop right there!
Love for us, love for the country.
Love for my peers, love for my country.
Love for my peers, love for my country.
Love for my peers, love for my country.
Love for my peers, love for my country.
That's all the love you got? You have to love more!
Love for my peers, love for my country.
Do your best!
Si-young ssi.
You're not going to invite me to your room?
I think you must have a lovely room.
No, not at all.
I haven't even brought half of half of half of what I had at home.
There's nothing really.
Look at you.
Why? Why don't you just move in here?
You went a bit strong there.
Oh, ever since I got this huge penalty
I don't know why but I always come on too strong.
I did apologize about that.
Although it wasn't my fault.
Any fight among lovers is the responsibility of both parties.
You must have done something wrong for your boyfriend to act like that.
He's not my boyfriend.
I wish you wouldn't be so comfortable in your language.
It's your first time working, right?
I guess you're too young to know
but if you act like you deserve to be talked down to, then that's how you will be treated in the real world.
If you've harmed your peers since day 1
then stay low and stay quiet!
Are you here to flirt?
Stop with your love affairs and fights!
Bon appetit.
Han Gil-ro.
You're driving me crazy.
Follow me.
Oath for payment.
In relation to the car accident that
happened during my date with Han Gil-ro
I hereby swear I will pay back the following.
According to this oath
I will pay half of the car's worth as soon as the training is over.
As soon as the training ends?
After one year?
We can't go out during training anyways.
If you don't want it, it's fine.
Ok. Ok.
Social security number 860131
Is that true?
You say it once more.
You really don't trust me?
That's right.
Your social security number.
Name, Kim Ji-won.
Is that your real name?
Yes, it is.
I was afraid something annoying might happen during the date
so I just replaced the middle syllable.
For real?
Trust me. It's not a lie.
All right.
This document
can be proof that you're not a fraud
but also at the same time a proof that you are a fraud.
If one single thing here is a lie, you're going to the police immediately.
Here, you write one as well.
Before you get the money
you will not bother me for any reason
no eye contact whatsoever
and no talking either.
That's a piece of cake.
I told you, I hate people like you.
I like people who work hard, even if they don't have money.
From now on, don't even stand next to me
or sit next to me.
Don't even dream of it.
I won't even lie next to you.
Don't work too hard.
Take a break.
Civilians that have been killed by the rebels
today amount to more than 47 in the sole city of Dili.
We can't cover all this
with our resources.
I will look for schools or other areas that can be used around here.
All right. Do it soon and report back to me.
Yes sir.
Shoot her.
Shoot now you bastard!
Shoot now!
He came in about a month ago under the alias of John Jay.
We found him
during our survey of foreigners who came in with an open ticket
Are you kidding me?
What have you been doing for a month?
Do you think I'll be able to count on you until my retirement?
So, who does he want to kill this time?
We don't have any special intelligence on it
we are looking among companies with military technology.
That's the bastard who killed Dae-sang
We're not in the States, or China. We're in Korea.
If you can't catch him in this country that is the size of your hand, be ready to give up your jobs.
Who will be in charge of this?
I'll get him.
Pack your things.
As you can see
we will take over Future Tech and according to the method involving third party allocation
we will pass it on to WPA.
As you may know, what we want is patent technology
not a company or man power.
Technology patent for military use.
So there's no further trouble.
You just take over the company
take over the patent, and then get rid of the company.
This is perfectly legal
so it doesn't matter if it's the NIS or the prosecution
they won't be able to touch you.
Here, cheers.
Are we also going to kill him?
We'll first use him as a bait for the people at the NIS
and then we'll kill him or get rid of him.
How many more do we have to kill until it's over?
If you're going to say things like that, you can leave.
Do you like living like this?
i don't live like this because I like it.
I'm living like this because I can't die
before I kill them all.
I told you not to stand next to me.
Do you think I want to do this?
Stand up.
Aren't you doing the oath ceremony?
What is this? We're in the middle of a very serious ceremony.
I have a sore throat.
I can't talk.
Are you sick?
You have some fever.
Go to medical after this and get yourself some medicine.
Anyone wants to replace her?
I will do it.
How are the kids?
Are they useful?
There's still a long way to go.
Kids these days have no idea what their country means to them.
What about you?
You used to imitate James Bond too.
James Bond is a patriot.
He's a player patriot.
At least he speaks English well.
How's the position as discipline officer?
Well, that's not the problem
It's the path towards the good of my country
I'm worried.
I'm worried you will turn all the newbies like you.
What's wrong with me?
You're just a civil servant.
My dear comrade
how's life treating you? Let me breathe.
I've devoted my life to this place
that's enough, don't you think?
Are you getting old?
Are you afraid of dying?
I'm more afraid of living.
Don't be the discipline officer.
You want to take the job?
That bastard is back.
I'm putting up a team.
Good luck with that.
Come with me.
I don't know if that will be the way to die
or to live.
It's hot.
I won't see you out.
The NIS must know by now that I've come back.
The document that Han Ju-man passed on
leak it to the NIS.
When the NIS will be all over it
that's when I'll strike.
It's too dangerous.
You will be exposed.
There's nothing dangerous.
They're all amateurs at the NIS.
But hyung
do you remember them all?
Are you afraid I'm going to kill the wrong person?
Killing innocent people...
Listen to me carefully.
Among all the organized criminal groups made by man
do you know which one is the least humane and the most cruel?
It's the state.
For their own interests
they will kill thousands of people without any hesitation.
Do you know who are the marching troops for that organization?
They're governmental institutions.
They lead in their support for the government
and it is through that government that they control and kill the people and gain power.
They wrap it up nicely in the name of justice.
My parents
Mirae's parents being killed. Is that justice to you?
I don't need anything else.
Us killing them, that's justice.
You have to know one more thing.
Justice will survive until the end.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to die.
Not until I kill them all.
One of the biggest ennemies you have to face.
The lie detector.
Through repetitive training once a week
the purpose of it will be to fool this lie detector.
All right.
Ask away.
How long have you been working at the NIS?
I'm not an employee of the NIS.
Hey erm
you know the video
of the celebrities A and B?
I hear that you have to watch those videos a lot if you work at the NIS.
I'm telling you, I'm not an employee of the NIS.
Among your missions, did you ever have to kill a spy
or did one of your colleagues die?
I'm an innocent citizen.
As you can see, if you're an agent, you have to be able to control your emotions
and control your brain waves and your heart rate.
All right then.
Get going, one by one.
How does it feel, sitting down?
I'm not scared.
As an agent of the NIS
are you being disciplined?
I'm not an agent of the NIS.
How could I ever give him work?
The moment he opens his mouth, all the national secrets will be blown away.
No, the thing is
I'm quite honest, usually.
Do you love your country?
Of course. I love my country a lot.
Are you an employee of the NIS?
Have you ever studied on counter-terrorist policies?
Do you love your country?
I love my country.
Are you willing to give up your life?
Through this machine
we can differentiate between men like him
and boys like him.
Citizens who have not been trained to pass the lie detector
and yet who do pass it
are 1 in 120,000.
These are two kinds of people.
They're eith psychopath or a natural spy.
During the past 20 years,
there is only one person
who has passed the lie detector during this training period
That person is me.
Are you impressed?
Let's starts, shall we?
You're an employee of the NIS.
You're under training.
Is that true?
You know where the training location is at and the entrance code to the building.
I'm not an employee of the NIS.
And then starts torture right away.
So that they can find our location and our entrance code.
May we ask questions?
Kim Seo-won ssi.
What year were you born?
The year of the tiger.
The year of the tiger.
I knew it.
Is your real name Kim Ji-won?
Your real name
is it Kim Ji-won?
My real name is
Kim Seo-won.
Your social security number.
is that true?
I don't remember.
Is your father
a diplomat?
I won't answer questions
about my parents.
Answer it. You don't have the right to remain silent with a lie detector.
You clearly told me that your father was a diplomat
Is your father the diplomat Kim Young-chul?
Ask me again.
Are you really the daughter of a diplomat?
Yes, my father is a diplomat.
If you want to prove that I'm a fraud, go ahead.
I haven't told you a single lie.
You're either one of two.
A psycopath or a natural liar.
Pass or fail?
This brat.
She will get big.
You will lose everything in one blow.
Were you on the field?
The main character in all parties
is the woman.
Give me!
Are you stupid? Why do you get yourself treated like that?
What do you believe in?
The path towards my country.
Do you want to be kicked out of here?
There's only one way for me.
Only for my country.