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C: Well, the silence is deafening.
You don't want to marry me, do you?
S: It's not that I don't want to...
I can't marry you, I'm still married to Amira.
C: And that, young man, is a pathetic excuse.
It's alright, just, forget about it.
Forget I asked.
C: You don't want to rock the boat now that you've reconnected with your mum.
You're putting her feelings before mine, you know you are.
It's like we've gone back a whole year.
I love you so much. S: I know.
C: You're not being fair.
Just ignore it, please.
T: Syed, you have to come.
S: What is it, Tam?
T: Mum's thrown Dad out.
S: I've gotta go.
C: Yeah, course you have.
S: We'll talk later, yeah?
C: Yeah, sure.
If I'm still here.
T: Where will he go? Z: I don't know and I don't care. S: You don't want this, ma, not really.
Z: Don't tell me what I want, alright, Syed?
He spoke of divorce, he used that word to me - the woman who has loved him for the last 28 years.
T: Yeah but he just did it to get a reaction out of you. Z: Yeah, he got one.
Aah! Why is this happening to me?
Z: Afia? Whatever's happened? A: I want Tam. Where's Tam? Z: Tamwar? A: Where's Tam?
It was Uncle. He said some horrible things.
Z: Masood?
A: He said my dad wants to marry you and that... and that he'd kill him before that happened. Tam.
Z: And that's the man you defend.
C: Can I get another, please, Ryan? R: Yep. C: Cheers.
Hello, Dot, do you fancy a tipple? D: Oh that's very kind. A tomato juice would be lovely. C: Right, you are on.
D: Ryan, do you know when the wedding party's due to arrive? R: Erm, any time now, Dot.
D: Right. C: Sit yourself down, love, I'll bring it over. D: Oh, that's very kind, thank you.
S: See ya later.
See ya C: See ya.
Here you go, love. D: Ah.
C: I'm sorry about Jim. D: Yes, everybody is.
I'm sorry, but people are talking about him as if he's dead. He's only moved to another home,
you know, where he can be looked after better. C: Everybody knows you looked after him better than anybody else ever could.
D: Do they? C: You're lucky to have each other.
D: Yeah.
S: Do you want me to take this stuff over to dad? Z: Later.
You must think I'm a terrible woman, throwing her husband out like that.
S: I don't have an opinion.
Z: I don't believe you. Not after I've been so opinionated about your life. S: I love you both. I want you both to be happy.
Z: Well, that hasn't been the case for a very long time now, has it?
You know, we were happy, once.
When you were younger. When it was just the four of us.
Before Tamwar was born, we lived in a flat above Uncle Inzimam's shop. He used one of the rooms as a kind of store room.
Shabnam... she opened a sack of rice, and she poured all this rice into the bath tub because she wanted to cook 'like Mummy'.
We ended up with a bathroom full of basmati.
Who knew I could still laugh? S: I don't remember a shop.
Z: Oh, you were still very young.
Shabnam wasn't much older than Kamil is now. She was the adventurous one.
You, on the other hand, would not leave my side for one second.
You would fall asleep while I would stroke your hair,
and then if you woke up when your father was carrying you to bed, you would kick up such a fuss screaming for me.
I've missed you. S: I've missed you.
Do you still sing that song to Kamil? You know, that one you used to sing to me when I was little?
Z: Yeah.
Z: I wish you could all remain tiny children.
S: I've never.. set out to hurt you.
Z: But you have hurt me. S: And you've hurt me.
Z: Maybe it's because we're too similar. Maybe we're just too close.
You know, when you were little, I would love to watch you fall asleep, and then I would pray that you would always be happy.
That you would get married, have children.
But often what's round the corner is just sadness and disappointment.
C: What was all that about? D: Well it's Mercy and Arthur. They got married.
C: Right.
Time I was heading home. D: Okay.
C: You take care of yourself. D: No-one else will.
Thank you for the tomato juice. C: It's my pleasure.
Congratulations. F: Oh, thank you very much, mate. Thank you.
S: You're still here.
Christian, I love you.
You know that, don't you?
C: Yeah, I know.
S: I'm sorry. You just took me by surprise, that's all.
I've got a lot going on in my head at the moment.
C: So how is it at Masood Towers? S: Depressing.
There should be vultures circling the chimney pots.
Come here.
You don't need to feel threatened.
Now, this is us.
You're the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
And if it means that much to you,
then yeah, I'll marry you.
C: Now, you see, you shouldn't say things you don't mean.
Besides, I don't want you to marry me because I want you to.
Do it because you want to.
S: Why don't you ask me again, then?
This time, do it properly.
Unless you've changed your mind. C: No, I haven't.
But I do wonder why you have. S: Because...
marriage is more than a bit of paper.
And I want to prove to the world that I'm committed to you.
To us.
C: I swear, if you say no after this, I will kill you!
Syed, I love you with all my heart.
marry me.
S: I'd love to.
S: I'm not changing my name. C: Me neither. S: As long as that's understood.
C: We can get matching rings.
S: If you like.
Not just yet.
I'd rather get divorced from Amira first, if that's okay. C: Okay.
We'll just get them and wear them around the flat.
S: I'd rather we er... kept this to ourselves for the time being.
You know, until the time's right to tell my parents.
C: Of course,