Industry of the War threatens the Internet

Uploaded by dialplus on 24.02.2011

The internet and the press, industry threatened by war and terror.
The riots in search of democracy in the Middle East:
They are part of a plan old U.S.
to democratize and to exterminate Islam.
Was never implemented because the results were unpredictable.
Today with the unconditional support of the press,
and with full access to user data from Internet companies
(Like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..)
it's easy to put down any type of government and business.
Now imagine that you've understood the real truth
why the Google China expelled from his country.
The Virtual Communities:
The joy was short lived, was very good, and could remain,
if not for the industry and the Terror War (United States, Britain and Israel).
The industry is burying these wonders of the Internet.
National Security:
Every government should worry the most with the Internet,
and with the press, are very serious sectors,
some may not believe but are extremely serious.
The Lords have to create their own virtual communities
systems and e-mails to people on their hosted and managed by you.
This is extremely serious,
Industry and the War of Terror is working hard in this area.
You do not guard their borders?
Now the world is another, new threats,
add the Internet and the Press, as a matter of national security,
and leaves aside the hypocrisy.
And no importance if these companies Internet service promise absolute secrecy,
because this is impossible, given the pressure, and cunning,
and advanced technologies used by industry and the Terror War.
I have all the respect and admiration for the companies mentioned in this video,
but you can not with this enemy: The industry of war and terror.
Sincerely, C4 Dialplus. February 24, 2011, Brazil.