BMW M135i 2013 320 ch drive at 240 km/h German Autobahn !

Uploaded by supervroum2 on 19.07.2012

Welcome to SUPERVROUM2 for first 1 Serie 3 doors test
here we have the M135i model
the sport model with double special exhaust
we can see the 18 inch wheels with Michelin pilot sport tires
the blue special M brakes
front bumper special for the cooling engine system
Now we can test the sport mode
it works very well on that closed road
Brakes, front axle and chassis are modified
the automotic gearbox is very quick
I can use the manual mode to play with the red line
7000 rpm !
what a beautiful little sport car
it looks better that the old 340 hp model : the 1M
although it's not the latest M model
what a breath !
Comfort is not too rough
just little rebounds
good feeling in steering wheel
let's go on german unlimited highway