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olav hours all bring new news about the making of the film brad
pitt world war z bring images captured by paparazzi on the set of
london filming we understand that some scenes are expanding or
modifying some that have not says the end result and this to me
sobering me it is first shadow image we have is p
as you can see with tactical clothing
quite dirty as they will have had struggle with 50,000 zombies is that
I think action will not miss going to get very good dose of action
jolie style and then the next scene we can see here
we can see her running mate in the woman who is his usual miguel
if I remember correctly is a uniform say quite revealing in the plot
is uniform that I could to catalog one could recite as uniform
Israeli campaign
is israel army report
ADESE khaki green
those black boots vouchers i am going to put in same display any photos that we will
to make what you may see
Here we have a vivid picture as you can compare the report
valent know that is part of the film was shot in israel
There is a civil war while explodes
the exception
it then if we can see here another report p
it shortens Pared we wanted also another question worth wings
from Macedonia and we can of the great screen
'm doing now
this other
it is an image of the film set to one and a half
percent want is happening how we can fit this environment
we could see in the trailer friend neox in New York as his wife which
do with BDUs Israeli military
that are happening here stealing this film while the
sequel or prequel not know what mercedes race were recording the video these
questions that operate on these Photos and where are you taking the
percent this rock
Well worth rose by see percent next video with new
News about the film agreements thank you very much and goodbye