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The Eee Pad Transformer, 1,716 PS3s working together for one common goal, and a parrot
like robot! I’m Cali Lewis. Welcome to GeekBeat.TV!
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Tomorrow we’ll have video reviews of the iPad 2, the Motorola Xoom, and the HTC Thunderbolt
up on our YouTube Channel - In the meantime, a couple iPad accessories
for you. I don’t know when this came out, but I didn’t see it before, and it’s useful!
Now, there are a LOT of docks out there, some even with multiple docks in one so you can
charge two or four of the same device. But this one - the PowerDock Dual let’s you
charge an iPhone AND an iPad. Pretty good thought there, since Apple fans have whatever
they can get their hands on! And the iPhone isn’t in front of the iPad so if you need
to do something on the bigger screen, you can still access it. It’s $60.
The other item is for photographers. There are all sorts of ways photographers can take
advantage of the iPad, including the up and coming 100 cameras app from Trey Ratcliff. the way...why hasn’t Apple released ANY camera/photography apps for the iPad 2
specifically?? Anyway...the CF Card Reader iPad and iPad 2 - that’s its official name
- is a dock connector for the iPad that offers up a USB port AND a CF card reader slot. It’ll
be available for $30 in one month.
At CES, we saw a LOT of tablets. One of my favorite ones was the Lenovo Ideapad U1 because
it was a tablet but with a twist. The Motorola Atrix - which we have in our hands; expect
video soon - was also the same idea with a cell phone. You have the main device - a tablet
or a phone - for ultra portability, with a dock. The tablet or phone docks to give you
a full keyboard and mouse. It’s brilliant and as far as I’ve seen not QUITE ready
for primetime, but getting there. ASUS also announced the Eee Pad Transformer at CES,
and now is showing it off and saying it’ll have a price and ship date at the end of this
week. It runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb, has a 10.1” screen with a 1280x800 resolution,
which is also sporting Gorilla Glass. AND it’ll support 10 finger multitouch. The
rear camera is 5 megapixels with the front being 1.2. I’ll keep you updated!
The military is often using cool and awesome technology we all wish WE could get our hands
on, and today is no exception. The Air Force is using Condor, a supercomputer that they
say is on the of the forty fastest computers in the world. As you’re probably aware,
they take quite a bit of photos from up above, but sorting those photos to know which are
important has been a tremendous burden. Now, they’ll be able to move cameras like a game
- turning them, rotating them, rewinding at speeds you haven’t seen. What’s interesting
is what Condor was built out of. PS3s. 1,716 PS3 to be exact, and by using these instead
of regular computers, they’ve saved a lot of money. Pretty cool!
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There are a lot of robots that have been made with the intention of helping people. This
one serves just that purpose but in an awfully cute and a bit of a different way. The Tay-roos
is a robot that sits on a users’ shoulder to free up their hands. It has a camera, a
speaker and a mic. By sitting on the shoulder, it can share the same viewpoint as the
and can communicate based off what it sees.
And now I want one! Full video at
Apple announced this year’s WWDC will be June 6th, and they’ll be talking about the
future of iOS and Mac OS. I’ll of course be live at covering the event,
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I’m Cali Lewis. Bye!