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Now that you know what’s not great for you, let’s talk about some alternatives. You’ll
still have a craving for a burger, hot dog, steak and even ice cream. And while those
foods are OK every once in a while, there are better choices that you can make.
Overall, fiber is an excellent nutrient; it isn’t absorbed in the body. Instead it helps
you speed up your digestive system and helps move food through your body. Whole grain products,
raw or cooked vegetables and fruits, dried beans and peas are all good choices for fiber.
Now, let’s work through some meal choices starting with breakfast.
We know that egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but egg whites don’t have any cholesterol
at all and two egg whites equals one serving of an egg. Egg whites omelets are an option
that can be substituted and so are egg substitutes. You can also use egg whites in baking and
no one will even know the difference.
Meats are a common component of lunches and dinners. Some are high in cholesterol while
others are just high in fat. Either way, you want to replace them with healthier options.
Let’s start over here with lunches. We have a typical lunch of cream of tomato soup and
a roast beef sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread. The cream soup is made with high fat
cream and mayonnaise also contains high fat and cholesterol. Instead go for something
like a vegetable soup and a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on a whole grain bread.
For dinner, we have fettuccine alfredo and fried mozzarella sticks. Again, the heavy
sauce is made of high fat ingredients and cheese is also high in fat. We also know that
frying foods increases the level of fat and cholesterol. A grilled pork chop and a salad
and wild rice is a much better choice. Pork is lower in cholesterol and brown rice contains
more nutrients than white rice.
We talked about how full-fat dairy products are high in cholesterol. It’s good to keep
that in mind when you see dishes with heavy cream sauces. Tomato sauce and toppings light
in oil are good substitutes. And if you really want soup, go for a cup rather than a bowl.
Now this all leads us to dessert and this can be tough. You’ve eaten well all day
and you want to keep up the good work. Replace traditional ice cream with frozen yogurt,
ice milk, sherbert, or even sorbet. Cakes can be a good option too: just swap out the
icing for some fresh fruit. There are some good fat-free dessert options like fat-free
cookies, brownies and even cheese cake. So reward yourself but do it wisely.
High cholesterol can lead to major illnesses and needs to be controlled. You can do it
by following these steps and making the right choices when it comes to eating. Remember,
you don’t need to give up all the foods you love, you’ll just eat less of them.
Who knows, maybe you’ll find new foods you enjoy.
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