Vincent Riou sur PRB abandonne la course sur avarie - Vendée Globe 2012 2013

Uploaded by VendeeGlobeTV on 25.11.2012

Hello everyone, today's sunday November 25th
This morning, we had to make the decision
to abandon the Vendée Globe race
A decision made overnight ...
because yesterday, following the damage,
I had started fixing the boat
I had repaired the front part
well, a start at least, that seemed to be ok
and then, overnight I started the repairs
of the outrigger which was the second damage
and along we discovered
it was more damaged than expected
so we had to deplore
that PRB wasn't in a state to sail
fully loaded and on starboard shroud
So, this morning
I secured the boat on starboard
with as much cable and jeer as possible
to hold up the mast on starboard
and am now heading at reduced speed in 10 knots wind
with a 2nd reef in the mainsail
towards Brazil
so, I can show you the problem
it's here, this part that was damaged
up to here
so to fix it, I was able to hook up
to the existing carbon cable over 2 inches
I would have needed 3 or 4 times as much
for it to be reliable
So, following a number of calculations
made by the concept designer of our rig,
we had to conclude the boat wasn't in a state to sail
so... make the sad decision
to abandon this race
you see what it all comes up to