ACROBATICA - Ruota con una mano Tutorial (Sub ENG)

Uploaded by RiflessiCondizionati on 20.01.2012

Hi guys! Here's a new acrobatic tutorial.
But before we begin, remember the contest that just started. Here's the link. It will expire on the 15th of february.
Today I'll show you how to do a one-handed cartwheel.
Everything I said about the normal cartwheel applies to this one too, so here
is the link to the cartwheel tutorial. Click on it to be redirected.
The one-handed cartwhel is a variation of the normal cartwheel. It needs a faster
rotation as you use only one hand for support. The more time you stay on your arm, the harder it gets.
There are 2 types of one-handed cartwheel: if, with your right leg in front, you put
your right hand on the ground you have one, if you put the other hand you have the other.
For the progression there are a couple exercises that I hadn't shown you in the cartwheel tutorial, so I'll show them now.
First, put a support under the hand you are supposed to lift off the ground.
For example, if you wanna do the cartwheel on your first hand, put the second one on the obstacle, like so.
Then you wanna gradually raise the height of the obstacle, so that your hand gradually gets lighter and uses it less for support.
If you don't have any obstacle, there are some other exercises you can do.
Do a cartwheel like this, with one hand on the other.
Then grab your wrist, then your elbow, then your shoulder and when you feel ready, maybe your uniform, if you do martial arts.
If you still have trouble doing the one-handed cartwheel click here:
I'll put a link to the spotting techniques for the cartwheel.
Hope you liked the video, see you in the next one!