Tutorial - Decorative Lego Roof Trim

Uploaded by jaystepher on 24.11.2012

Jaystepher presents today a tutorial on
decorative roof trim
that can be used for any Lego structure
Here are the parts that you are going to be using for our tutorial so start with the white
We are going to need five
two-by-six plates
six 2 by 8 plates
six 2 by 10 plates
and one 2 by 12 plate
four 1 by 1 bricks
two 1 by 3 bricks
two 1 by 4 bricks
and one 1 by 8 brick
one 1 by 10 brick
one 1 by 12 brick
one 1 by 1 by 2 corner brick
one 2 by 6 brick

two 2 by 8 bricks

twenty 1 by 2 inverted slope bricks

five 2 by 2 inverted slope bricks

fifteen 1 by 2 profile bricks
and five
one-by-one round bricks
now for the black plates
you're gaining one
walkway one six fy eight
eight by
now let's get started
the first thing i was talked with this bill in the parameter my roof in this
just for demonstration purposes which builds anywhere you like
when taking
two nights later to buy six and hate too much of a places along the side curve
micah seven
takes a long
to buy six in a place one along the bottom here
along the side
now what do you see
to write well drop it right here if you don't have some to wage war which you
can always used to
to my sixes
now would take to to my tenants place one here on this item one on the bottom
so i had a six that opening
and finally i'm going to take a two by six plate filled in here and this is
going to be our
just a simple el-sheikh groups are shahab bilby
inside corner
and the outset corners for our trip
now we're getting ready to build the structural for the flammable hood
i'll take it to buy trek or kind of place along with
front here
like so that's a start locking our plates together
take a went by four p
analytical won by two it's gonna set is along the side here to start locking in
all the pieces
now work along the back door stop with the won by three
placed along the
right side of the melanie is a won by twelve
walk all that together
now or start bill with the center part of this i want to take it to my section
of the said it here
and taking
to my eight
to buy six plate ernie
to write to you're like so
now we're just going to drop it down here
now it's usually won by
paul said a lot easier to straighten out that quarter
take are
when my three
said here
you know one bytes water
and there we have it
now we're trying to start with
some detail in this quarter here
history is a one by one but two quarter briquemont robin hill here
strengthen apec warmer as well
now so please use
anyone by two
inserted slope
places their now i have a little other
discrepancies your son is going to use the
to buy tools said here is also had served architectural character
the other one by one
who won by too slow
no i don't have an outside smoke corner for this
tested that grew up a little bit on the nine using one-by-one robert grossman
places right here
similarly get this nice fancy edge here on the court
does take care of this
part of the trip here
under all day
won by two
skin burns slope
now what do you some profile bricks
decorated this edge here
it doesn't matter which way you would
wanna go
both amor perfectly equal
just to make things a little more spruced up coming to go and have the
horizontal blinds won't trust make it look like because some fancy molding
taking other to buy to invert slopes at the same millions
now the profile records can use being
horizontal through this
now the one might to slope and finally
one of the round bricks please hear this quarter
now like to come into our stake here this part of the roof of the in psych
ward uh...
and take another one might to organized proper right here greenberg's slow
taken i one of our profile bricks
noted to write to emerge slope
profile brick
another one might too
and finally i wanna put another one of the ram breaks in here to decorate the
sarah's continue along with this side of the roof
it's going to come and dropping
one mighty slumped
profile brick
tube right to know
never disclosed
now the profile brick
he won by two inverted and finally anyone by one row brick
and will start on the side here
let's continue with being won by two slope
profile brick so we're just gonna go
every kitchen
each one through the whole side here
and you can see that we're starting to look like
nice detailed blueprint
now decided end up perfectly so i can get away with
keeping the spaced apart because space in the east facing you'd like
this is really flexible here
just keep adding more
making sure i didn't
coming off a line here
our last profile brecht
and now we're gonna sit there around brick here's pdf
and we're going to work on the very last sign
now it does then they'll
kinda rather odd here are some when she had it
deal with that
with state uh...
or each one by tumor cells are going to start on the left or right we're going
to work a weekend work here
that's one of the best ways to do it
takes a more the profile bricks so then you know what is going to continue
until we meet up here in the middle
take two morow
join him
now i have a little weird
your spot here
i'm just going to use
one-by-one to drop them down here
and finally in to c_n_n_ set this you know
this comedian any kind of spacing
right shows that like this just to make things look good
let's get ready to crown off the top of the roof
now want to come in here
and put some plates on the topic here
the kind of
cap off the roof
note-taking eight by eight th
said here in the middle
it was really firmly secured
is the great reading second forty-year structure
and this will be here to take a very very quickly considered side by side you
actually managed to have any three sixteen am also worked in
for bradycorp basic here
entirely is six five pop along the sides here on the roof
realized researchers to work out for
well it's kind of decorated message here
since we don't see all this
must take e
to buy template of an ascetic right here
him in
ke plate
let me get a nice finished edge here
northern tier i_t_n_ assault on the front here
and any leather to brady
culated goes lower side here
place it is too late
yes take care of the back of the roof
thrissur out with a to break here
to my six
and finally another to buy it
sculptural clock bmp thoroughly
there's a risk cover
so there is the uh... top of the roof here's our doctor did trim
people work here is the flat top a route for you can come in here even stick roof
tiles austere
to decorate it up if you wish
he can have some food
within a stalker roof on air
classes for demonstration purposes
but that takes care of the
roof trim here
this work on any kind of building either a m modular buildings for air
single building maybe like a label homer
office building
and it's very sturdy
you can easily expand output more
wells on top of this
so i'm hoping this tutorial helps everyone else
thank you for watching