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good afternoon
good evening good morning no matter when you listen to this welcome the SEC
sports roundtable this is your host shane bailey have with me all the way
across the city of franklin Blair Smyly welcome Blair. It's good to be back Shane
glad to be here
i'm so glad you are here, otherwise it be just me sitting in front of a computer with a webcam
and a microphone looking like an idiot so i appreciate you taking the time out
to uh...
to do this podcast
if you are finding us on this for the first time that is SEC Sports
we take a look every week at the games that happened uh... last saturday in the
SEC, we take a look at what games are coming up this week that we think are
some importantance especially after you look at some of the games this week you'll
understand why i'd say that
i'm not to mention that will look at a news already type of a information about
the s_e_c_ that we want to talk about that some of my plea centered around the
south east south eastern conference
occasional happens or some other teams there they're just because of the csce
and then talk to go along and the implications
inside the cell six southeastern com property i cannot speak this evening
uh... but we do ahead released weight are talking conversation on football and
basketball in the f_c_c_
we're not afraid to tell you who we are friends of
uh... blair if you look at history and actually has his own bulldog mascot out
there so
pretty good
to see who
less piling up everything for
uh... myself not so easy today but you never know might throw up
coordinator to out there
i'm not a lot for for me as a family info body happy about right now so
will get a ride in the action
uh... talk about some of the things that happened in last week's came in
and we're really just kickoff
talking about i think the biggest names business
uh... news coming from south carolina this week that's marcus
markets a lot more
uh... and the injury he took out of south carolina came
came out with a victory there but uh... that was definitely
more victory without a
some consequences when you say
you had a motive
devastating injuries uh... too
arguably primal better dancin
all college football and i think you could see that with
you really the
you know what happened that day train i don't think i've ever seen
where both teams actually come onto the field
you know to being in literally openly well
uh... players from both sides and
is pretty interesting i mean and i know yourself here i'll be in a topic with my
brother lol
going to school where i get a lot of stuff a lot of information about south
carolina because he's so passionate about it
i'd just like i had a cam with mississippi state stuff he cares nothing
about that
uh... but obviously we would like both of those things but while the stories
new markets lata morin
and his fight to get back to just how great a guy was all of the letters and
emails and
uh... tweaks to
other players in the s_e_c_ deborah one through injuries most types of things
you know kind of
positive notes that he gave them just a
remarkable kid industry
you know hopefully
amino were a couple days removed from this but you know that
uh... never
but never really seen
uh... in a long time where it seemed like college football kinda stopped
for a period of time that day
because uh... it was obviously such devastating news
uh... and history injury coming just a
to be able to watch that and to see his face
i mean you you just need to be
can't see it all over stretch
moved to washington and he said he saw it live in a wall panels son
of soft the of
the staff
tending to tell player down when bono
you know and and not first reaction was i didn't see him out
uh... the way around it all around us like
most of the back to the naked and of the world if you just give you missed the
actual play it as i mean that's the way they were treated in that
uh... but you keeping so still to get that me back in place but
you know to sit there and then turn around and watch that read plato out
right now
and that he had a minute let me just
it was like jelly out there uh... i'm surprised that the other news it's is
what it is not expected much worse news
uh... and i mean a dislocated knee at some point ligaments but nothing broke
uh... you know i think they began the wellesley human you that i knew he had a
broken he broke his leg and uh... he actually didn't know so that doesn't
think about it this one is what they're they're saying this motion
mostly towards what they gave these or so
uh... united so it was if you saw leading treatment
you know that was a devastating at knee injury
years we've probably seen
uh... you're the only thing i've ever seen anymore so that was uh... walls the
god also graders like in ninety four
they are sexier high school
mccall mccauley your uh... or whatever his name was that literally dot is
reports category purple
uh... severed arteries mera respect they never played intel's proj most horrific
thing ever saved it
whitehorse is what i call was more
in that line into
hear the good news
uh... which we know we can always say is good news from
i think he's got a long road back uh... this is not an easy entry into t_-two
recover from the you know there's a there is a good chance to see then he
might be able to see the field again i mean we are at it we are just like
everyone else comparing the standard was mad at you but
you know you look at these had worked in your family what would you know it
i'm getting a lot better season this year so i had to keep up with you but
you gotta get a pretty good showing
uh... denver this week so that you know actually assaults that chain that he
said over seventeen hundred theories
almost nine over eight thousand yards or something like that so uh... you know
and and and it could be extended period of time uh... so accuse you of positive
thing to come back and and marty five morris county ga that he's in give b
uh... he's
dot the attitude he's got the
of the wherewithal to
tarnished would be able to character to counter
uh... take a look at it um...
you know when he is just the realization that you're talking about a guy that was
literally the first off the board it run back yard and guarantee six months
and now you're talking about
most likely in missing all of next year and not returning until unit twenty
fourteen uh... navajo
you know i heard hand i can't remember who i was listening to the day uh...
somebody from the
that that he does in south carolina
i want to be writers i believe but he was saying that there's also the
possibility out there that
that he always is out like the first
three quarters of neck of late next year
uh... comes back right about a year from now
any they won't do that at the basically showcase the fact that that need still
able to perform
uh... and then he he was a stress test and he never alluded to that but that's
what you got to put together is
instead of going out for another four take that red shirt and destroy the
research here yeah
instead of wasting a whole year out
you know just come back next year will grow
do that far from here play some games where the of the season helps healthcare
on al because i can always use
using back if he is healthy
uh... that gets the scouts and everyone to see that the news in good shape and
he is unable to go play in the the next level and if that were the case you
don't see him dropping much as far as
uh... where are we going to strap status at least on wednesday
uh... it's been
you know that gives him
closer but i would not
not as close as you can reduce your course but
but close enough for a certain value and what your ass opposed to two
ride it either he's one of those guys shame that you know that if they're all
this kind of
moved away from that running back decision from the standpoint of
you know being that every down you know type of deal so it did
the idea and i think that could be the case because he you know it took you
know me i think i've heard in october of last year
uh... one and this is the state and we're actually at that game
uh... you know he was not what he was just trying to come in
into is almost three weeks you know it was really a good year
and that he got back which is to make it hurts and so
in this one you think is going to have multiple surgery she that he's going to
have more than one probably
uh... because and then you don't know how to react you know we got the same
situation here where
you know team bread for the tennessee titans here locally deter last year in
independent research and uh... so you never know how it's gonna respond in
those types of things but
that is an option to take a look at that you know you give a year from now
speaking coming in the last four game tonight
waste another to your
uh... and be able to show the potential uh... you know
you know that's an option uh...
that that that would be out there
yeah i think it's actually pretty early but that is good get operation
let's not let's also talk about the game for a minute to uh...
you know
south carolina needed that win and and
you know they
the basically let aristide come back it up when you think
yeah i mean in the u always wonder how they react after
you know after something like that in
you know it was uh... you're about to see played a game uh... tennessee point
about as well as they drove home
uh... authentic in their defense troubles uh...
but to
you shut down you know really that defense of front
uh... and protect or a way they did for mostly game anonymously
uh... you know which is the way that they have
kind of they've heard from a snake bitten and i think you saw between sinn
everything uh...
united a game that is just
yet any possible way that you take it loose
they've also and for him
informally rejection deploys wells in kuwait
you for that one play you know to
did j debate nine clowning
digging around in it
you have a brave fumble and
near that that space for the ball game it's uh... it's gotta be a pretty
pretty frustrated regency standpoint
narrative breakthrough work for touchdowns and at the overturn
fifty-yard sonya
informatica remain standpoint that he had and he was affected but now
now let's give it to connor shah he took some hits and still came back out and
played he
him ask him pretty close i mean even three hundred fifty yards and three
touchdown sonya
yemi encounter shall i got back to award was making him do
uh... i really really really did make mistakes and he
you know it and if you listen to their broadcast it was one of the things
that's very urg
yukon frustrating all is you know what he calls a press impolite
it's easy for you to pass you know not them
took the ball and run so
uh... embodied in warmer
traditions so much the daily eliminates display naked building it breaks down so
uh... give congress show if you can find that i want to make
your choices there you know they they are pretty tough to beat his he's that
he's a pretty heady kid
and is looking at the some of the box for students to distinction
you actually realize that shocking retrofit when i forgot about that so he
has many touchdowns bread
minoso from that sample when they were they were neck-and-neck barrier etc and
out of that last dot turnover
on the comic authority and again that really was the uh... the difference
uh... in that in that game
uh... the other mother so there were other action in the s_e_c_ but uh...
you know i'm not going to worry too much about the misery you came
i don't know why you're laughing
and i was very
make it just begins on the left and right with uh...
maka quarterback
uh... confederate battle for max struggle
you wanted to see more from those folks in damages
i'm certain there was no hot bad case of course
there was a european you gain 'cause nobody's gonna show that game on
where lots of people could watch that disaster
uh... ahead turn it off it was just
mc so disheartening to see
the the same old kentucky do the same all things and and have the same off act
uh... and then it's in exactly
the same ol in effect that it was very
there even now and everything they tried this
didn't work at u_c_ davis it's frustrating
and i'm noah wasn't
you've given the steps up to thirty three freshmen played
so far about something like that some crazy
i mean isn't this the most of the s_e_c_ for
and it's probably one of the party and and and and all of
motivated students focal
you know it's just hard to play in the s_e_c_ to have
that many players being freshman to be effective it is not
you know you can have a few of those plane makers but internet we started
talking eat off thirty three people
you're talking lyman
you're talking about lowering about them the opportunity fits
and it takes a couple years used to get the size for those guys to come up at
the same thing with highly ends and you can just bring in freshman cn
he said he sees a running back to have some success sometimes a corner
well over a wide receiver bit some of those of other positions
uh... it takes a couple years to get that ball gupta manager twelve game
season in the s_e_c_ in kentucky just hasn't had that luxury because
they'd beat up in our ansel
personal copy already in a kentucky
consecutive sometimes because of that
another game there
last week
uh... and uh... disarmament is give up on the skating thinkers
i did so well last year i talk about seventy percent against the spread as
your own i'm barely at fifty percent
you know who would have all
uh... discovered a typical nestle where arkansas
no i did not all arkansas in come out and and when they gain
appalling cover
i think he would be you know all out but i didn't end up all thinking about him
forms and uh... documents for air force that he was sent to determine
unlike you i wasn't expecting arkansas for not wanting to get kentucky when but
you know thirty points or something like that but
i know that all missing hw freeze is better
and i know that arkansas is downward
middle last couple weeks he sought the for arkansas program that you thought
that you thought it turned the corner
we're starting to be competitive again and i don't know what happened what the
wheels fell right back off
of eternal they lose all messin
and it will probably come more and more interesting how the game of cricket
closer because
you know that
of missus actually fighting for uh... balls ball spot in our internet they
have found against so
directly have another non-profits they deduct that from
now this week we're going to return malibu other place one other non
the other first four games so they have a number of ways to work with them and
try and get the right now and then it got georgia
too much of the story
they still battlefield
so so that i have a tough time to get to that sticks with it
in about four days left to do with that
now in so that was the only time and then there's a good chance shame you
know you never know the week and i think the next and this is what we've been
saying with the west
uh... you know the next few weeks in november two were really going on
we're going to have a clearer picture where we are in the west because this
week and next week
really really eliminates that and so
undergo enormous in the states and japan over texas a name change again over
alabama while she is
and uh... you're gonna see if
you know we're all in today and bauza underdogs
i mean there's a possibility that could have been so
that's one of those things where
ole miss is playing well in its uh...
you know it's it's it's pretty interesting man reina
the i've told this homeless rancid you know
uh... almost looks a lot like missus staying there most first year uh... mix
it up
we had a
we have the toughest schedule in the country
and uh...
you know so we had tougher non-profits change when we had a they got texas
which isn't that good at
this year but
uh... taxes welcome
and so we we have
we had a tough nuns nude not convert schedule that year but uh... and then
obviously mister
missed a little
you know missile issue by el paso yard affirm upset and they have a charcoal a
here but uh... and finish your file seven
but they are
video that you get up to pull off instead create excitement it gets people
uh... and he's freezes offices just
it's forego day there's no conservative whatsoever about it and they should
benefit they should be texting any
yet united leading banking when
so if you know miss famed debbie thoroughly side where you're at all
problem is that the menu you know you talk to some ten letters signed about
putting their domain
they would never dream to have a program you have five mins go in and uh... to
have a change for four games left off and you can win one of those doable gang
yeah in in the arms with the you're not going to have
uh... you just not going to have ole miss liz and sixteen th street gangs
s_e_c_ every night just
the they were banished was that the prosecution in a way that
all the way you often sixteen straight losses that it is up and so all use all
of x's or momentum in a little bit of
boli finn
uh... so he's got to get everybody on board their literature
so we say that they will dissolve but the gravesite graduates next month
we think are the owners of the season now their bear along right on this was
last year
where everything just fell off and then a judge it just went off the wagon let
me just uh...
but we also completely often
uh... they get billions is losing destroyed by india
you know it's all said today that alabama in a james has given up sixty
five points
an apology about sixty three on saturday
certainly issues freakin crazy days anymore than what men may not
maybe that's the real reason why i did make all time on this week
well built a uh... living chain is is that
you know what escalates that even more secure you've got the
yeah alabama in your state that's on its way to possibly a third
three out of four years
national championship in uganda you can you got the national championship on the
other year
uh... so it's just
may have had their hands you know and i mean they're starving true freshman this
week uh...
uh... against the new mexico staging
commissioners for sure
deadly n
uh... i was surprised i mean there's actually a lot and for that game i
thought that he would be off
terry i got a question for you shane i was thinking about this this week
what is your alabama new york belches now this is totally off topic and
battles that built but hollow going off topic
yugioh del issue this week and you play solid gain come out there win
uh... you take your texas a m_ next week's year-old man you know did you got
the west's locked up in your own defeated
do you rest orders
white girl last name of the season and filling in ready for the playoffs
against auburn relief literally they would be like that they write right now
thirty opulent under
the wants it that
if you were tony donji yes and you would still be a fourteen-point favorite
but in a statement in your mommy if you look
i mean
but he didn't care and one injury when from
the hormonal destruction and the at him well enough for already didn't
and those things are are at hand while while risco
mini-van in mississippi state game
you guys didn't have any of our opinion
uh... and let you know karen was still in the nineteen was really operate so
you know
and there's no way said he's going to do that
now you might find out second happy might be more actually pull some people
at the game japan like
while he has a meeting many of the other games that
of the original i don't know if you've heard of the harbor emerges
today is that they're supposedly into reservations on all the right now so
that uh... chiswick was asked about today and he basically said no comment
uh... concerning have i don't know this all a couple things today in addition i
covered by us president
there's a lot of stuff in all remain there historically bad
shaming historically
its dominant if you look at that program as a whole
this last
coho there's been some anomalies age thirty year they went undefeated and
still didn't make the national championship because
reggie bush
uh... baat but none of the body of a championship over there in southern cal
uh... or a house or whatever you want to say he got
uh... you know so over due to give her a national championship game that year new
year's anyone made by the national championship md ahead so you look at
those two and hegel out of the picture
of the last twenty years all we're really hasn't had a lot to talk about it
but what world
the vehicle
and at least in the last i mean they have to be thankful
for the most part of that uh...
you know alabama's the way what the forsaken got their because
'cause that's the only thing that was keep keeping those guys uh... you know
who's being
totally uh...
you know i don't know what the record is in the art of all that i know that
alabama's gotta have it usually on their yet this issue right now it's uh...
uh... they desperately need only n
uh... and you think they're gonna do that and new mexico state the problem is
if he can score points you can live all games and so
this commission to see what happens uh... so
yuan alexander
i'm glad i don't know that because i would be for growth
if that isn't it
but uh... especially this year if you look at that hour pulling up required
for order becomes
on our become page
that i would remembered actually
new mom before
on this the first two games
just learned that sports this year
corner that we speak
that game
at that time
you would think i could see it
i think that's all i like thirty five
all burn
is getting twenty three individualized recusing
while the list of big
us all on the day that was my last thirty-five decanter alleyway optically
went off at least with with are picking
page that we have at twenty two and a half and then the twenty three
around but if you look at that
yes that's a pretty high number of problems that they're not scorn
yeah uh...
i don't know i i think they're going to win
i know i don't think they did
who knows and then they could be in such a free for all that the day-to-day i
guess they could lose any money
what were they favored uh... against monroe do you remember
alike in member
they don't ask for twenty eight points
well we present remember women
all along
week three of his arms all the second week
they were sitting on a half-point uh... favorites
that we can ever given
twenty three eight oh
new mexico
uh... knows i might have to go back and we think that i would probably you might
have talked me into pagan
new mexico stages because that might have name i have a problem squier yet
had twenty three months left arm and a
does that work
you know i don't know that you didn't have a problem covering a murder her
talk a lot
with his mentioned a minute ago dot forty nine a seven or email
starting new things uh... you know maintain the development of our program
needed away like that kind of those collins coming in
sent out a little bit too you know when they started a little bit slower than
you thought they would be we'll sit down together going
their role
my body and i got a tough couple weeks to reluctantly dot on this program and
they're gonna have to me that
uh... they've got to see and after the stuff that was that last week
uh... in that
our last year she is me
uh... with doing stuff both of those deemed to be fired up to play
uh... that game
now they have kentucky and not to worry about that for
uh... and they are waiting for
right network for sell
and was a record of the apt
for dozens of witnesses yet they perform for so that i have they've got to have
to have those for and
you know you would think that we have a very good for figure it out here that
you did that the other prom
you never know kentucky kentucky much less or
uh... because you don't know what program that you can see from kentucky
if you get the kentucky that that played georgia
win that game
and that the other you don't know what in fact you can see there
i think that usually name for all mess and baby is the winner of the game
i think uh... you know as if all this wednesday game
that may be king
bay that pictures and a six million uh...
and that they need to have the same way you know remained so having babies got
easier rather than a list
uh... but uh...
you know to
to be able to use it to a ballgame two years in a row
benefits that have to
there and try to be checked
come out of that because they're from a lot of people after
frank and i think the shooter
i don't think he's performed as well as everybody thought he was or at least i
think you've european to build a new job already two years in a row may have been
one since eighty four before bardot something there bets
that's good
and uh... this sub-crater it's good that you respect them and
i mean you expect him have seven eight wins this is now down i would doubt
that's would that's which had call will call was gonna happen was aliens
there's no way shape or form that people were gone they're gonna have a union
i'd like to know what i said on one st seven job id duty if you get to a ball
that is what do you
because this is the people you'll also be fences uh... impact players to be
able to anybody and rio
in your first two years
remarkable answer would be able to leave a critical level that you recruiting
to piss off as many people as you could stall
fantastic job
fiesta bowl game date here to co back-to-back
there are some people call me
me money right
that have been robin robin seasons are
who is a problem at all
uh... i guess i kind of rolled into the to other big games and that was the
uh... big game in the east
uh... everybody give in florida the eastern endurance out of that that
wasn't gonna happen
uh... largest cocktail outdoor cocktail party
and and uh...
georgia has not been we talked about this last week pretty much panned out
met george is not had a good record their jacksonville and that new torvill
hasn't been consul
uh... but they don't let that distract them this year and then they came in
there and and
and did what they needed to do
yeah i mean
or two teams
uh... boilerplate sloppy manholes and i'm totally immersed
between the two teens and hurry you know camp alone will not be gaining first
olympics in the first half in georgia's
that really controlled and in
florida's needed anything go on uh... you know and then marian's oklahoma
game-winning touchdown in
you know we jarvis jones basically just vandals everybody's algerian dinner
generates ideas that that we talk about how sloppy in office looks but sometimes
uh... offenses sloppy because the defense that they're up against is that
uh... yeah
then you had to use teller
defense system in florida's program
uh... again been wrong all season long i'll be going to be near what they are
but as i have a a tremendous defense must must have been awesome job however
that defense
and georgia and investment yes they have
murray and some weapons there and and at just insert running back it seems like
down there
that uh... program but
their defense as well
they they've been able to hang their hat on and so sometimes
plays happen on the offense aside at our negative because the defense is that
and i think some of that was what happened in the first half
and i think that you saw it
now that he's all must have do what must it was done all season long enough to
make adjustments in the second half
yeah by except george was ever made a few more
uh... butter coffee that
they're called just a little better
otherwise you can work floorboards well midterms jones twenty points like it was
on friday let me just takes over again
we have a different attitude towards these it showed up i mean they did and
he may have been gutted the two weeks in a row forever
nearly two hundred yards rushing
and um... you know between their by week's end
in the kentucky game and so
uh... viet safety sean williams or whatever his name was that
uh... caldwell
salute players on the team in
uh... you know when you get into that game and it's uh...
it's a big time robbery game it was a big game in
there will be treated what margaret gets fired up so much as easy only rest
you know that uh... you know that it's a pretty big game it's pretty common
yet another order hold their own destiny in their hands
and they've got up the suitcase
all males in alabama meenal misena
or all
but no worries taken care of
they uh... you know then they get their georgia tech which will be dog and
himself vesperia moved with her mother being left
they may have a small like uh... somebody had never heard of
but i think twice about it this week then
uh... quayle missus week
opponent of yes
they protest already got property and jordan georgia southern there
megan georgia tech in georgia southern
of methanol and their idea
you know the once said
permanent easy standpoint
uh... that's where it fits
it stands to be that their best play in
uh... help me out you know the time breaking rules for the
how that works for the videos
evade it is a dead if your defeatist attitude change
ancillary gets more which qualify with three teams
the retains uh...
it goes with copper for her first
accurate where there's all it gives lawyers for leaving at three things
because that's where i don't wanna that's where you're going to look at it
to me i mean if you wanna
to look at those and look out the rest of the season what you might have
mean you got south carolina's happening there were two losses right
yet reforming
florida georgia misplaced witness relatives
live just hear me out
florida state
can be florida
there that matter
and that's that was my philadelphia's s_e_c_ so i think the record i set out
first cells
transfer who goes to the students on this issue record and monitor or record
high that that's what that's about all the good news for the did not degrade
recycle bins
but none of them our members is if it's like division teams or if there's no
fits your record against the s_e_c_ west
or is it getting the free trade is not intended as its
the tools for a little have works at the truth of the changes
uh... but obviously head to head trolex lucky irreparably gives the opponents
that you play head to head or something right yes it's pretty crazy
but miles out for us to be able to losses
uh... florida
who often have left in their cc schedule
on there is simply a missouri
and then who is uh... they were quite l_s_u_ on the west who's a rather
westlake village
they are deeply
i'm looking it up sorry
we should we should know this is mostly talk about that
again jacksonville state
and i've got florida state
as the last few days
and then uh... missouri this week
that and that he had been there done can only have universal louisiana lafayette
because they're there
three non-profits games in a row to end the season
it's weird
there this plot schedules all jacked up this year
and said
so this week's really there only
uh... other opportunity to have to lose a game in the s_e_c_ yeah
yeah and
so i think now
i'll be interested in the works of art
so me
well that means that
l_s_u_ i'm sorry
that for georgia losing east now they would have to leave all mess
or over all over
and if they do that is our but not by any issues that you can
this is that simple uh...
and i would hate to see for player 'cause the more more watch them play
because uh... and
still wrong at the white house but i thought they are just don't like him
when function
that's the last day and there was one other thing this week
blaurock we'll talk about that one bit
admittedly that
minimizing decisions heroin
well dot nastiest did you think it was bugging closer game than that
the main what after the first eight minutes when they went without a sound
before the game started did you think you would be close to cambodia and
explained it but in the mean bb
actually wars possible started you could ever have against alabama state at the
first madness org
uh... anniston alabama does his
you know in any details
you know it's pretty funny listening to the guys at the game because
yet cam lawrence and jonathan banks or for your starters
you know jonathan banks
unit is the only fifty seven yard touchdown pass wears
basically he was undercutting the route
thinking that he had a safety
over the top
and realized ten yards into it they don't have a safe here at the top
so they've been obviously
missed calls to the eight-year-old fourteen point she
unifil goldwater
you know your first drop on that was a successful drive into the red salmon
you know they exposed for tackles a little bit uh...
but i'll tell you defended a lot of alabama
in this game was
number one i knew it was over after eight minutes
one and one of fourteen enough then
a new york is famous for twenty one points all
you weren't there
may we knew that going to the day
and you can tell you see the state elected misguided and said they were on
the ball six members of the time when they're going to come out around their
because it product off the road almost
that's exactly how simple it send it that
it's amazing uh... fault
uh... what's the commentators
that does the s_p_ inbred nesler and uh...
uh... ta blacklist according to the very good job
because the thing that when i was launched in alabama
that i found out
you know how to do is found the food suppliers in the first thirty five-page
sample carafe in your better
and it's funny because they're not individually any better
what does there's five individuals that are replacing the top players and i
think that hightower smaller stands
they're not better individually
but they're creating more turnovers
than the team did last year
there and they're basically
playing better defense from a numbers champ point then the team did last year
they've got offense that has the best ostensible on has a quarterback they
will not make a mistake
the usual wrote
they gotta run game between a lacey who is two hundred and forty pounds and in
the field in
the individual or a security
emerged multinational eighty-five your too
it was unbelievable because
their often is
play so well with their defense
and vice versa
that behar in better football team than they were last year
and it's also and to be honest with you in all the in all the teams and say that
between all three days and it won the national championship two years ago as
it was the best thing you said
its own
it's just amazing to just look at what they did ya
just you know you know like i know that the president about business in just a
second offense
immediate al-rashid trust
is you're playing only in a message seemed playing
then when you have any eight minutes sixteen point rally goes ninety-eight
your speeded zero holds out
on you know that's what we've done all four years in exile
we got more water still gotten in southern resort more than
you know we pride and rizal a time to come away with no collects
in his chest
you can do that yes alabama
i mean
uh... so that i was frustrated because i was gonna be a better show
but i think it also
i think it's off the net
you know this is they have lost in like three hundred and
fifteen days
delayed one man in a row
uh... canada last weekend of the last year so
t keeping their mouth is
you know i think
uh... in hindsight i was like a sister african
kids truman around so you know
yet they will be uh...
jump in and out of the inner you know somebody hotshots i don't know inflated
egos there now that he's on a
yet and i would think it was that i mean dot the banks is that really means is
your alabama is the best in overplaying his college
agent martz is you know
is actually the worst friend ever play
your worst as a defense in the first half
i mean books
the very first half of the worst we played all year
in if you do that is not available yet exposed way and if you see what they
when they figured out
in the salient after coming here not dinner
knocked into using informatics missed
together in the second quarter
till nine minutes ago on the fourth quarter when they actually stored
you know before bed for hours for the first anniversary forms in almost two
quarters they settled in and figured out
you know that you know how played him but he was a lightening yet when one
points aborted dot
the damage is done
and uh... nearer than the last that i mean
or after-school worse
i mean you got to
debate out their backup or back in we got three pine four true freshman on the
defense line it was total
reluctant he read it
immediately was in the week we literally in the last quarter remote evolved in a
very often
you know scenarios here in your own
hilton failed businesses you're just gonna have to take the lost nineteen
bearish artist came away from it i wasn't sold on alabama because i didn't
think that they have played any part in in most people say they have played by
businesses state it quite valuable
you will find out this week on the city state misses them
this is the swing game where you're going to find out the message state
isn't they got to be able to bounce back in
you look at this very
will come to go through most of them pretty quick cuz they need a we've gone
awry talked about what they know that needs to do that it went through the
next four so this is probably one of the most wins because they're not going to
win all four these are not gone away
the details of their mind out well for a before him that we were talking to us
was the there must win games
good news for kentucky's it's at lexington so hopefully a
you know that uh... the fans will come out think that there's at least a chance
that they can win that game
uh... troy
is that you t
and not much to talk about their fingers another one on you teach tell roster
there filing i mean i'm beatrice is a little late rory is a better to do both
they've got a very experienced poor black and that is for the washington
sheared the flames in the status of sexual
but they played actually uh... but royce dot com they got off as they can move
the ball and if you know in tennessee
uh... they got that little chunk off into the ground there for a decade just
a quick here
chinaren stuff competency struggles with so alone
how they respond uh... you know with
less than seventy thousand people in their own stadium
tuesday less than seventy thousand
you think and that is going to be thirty percent indeed
that sits
and they have a lesson eighty the last uh...
uh... not copper cancer
i would think that after last week's uh...
also think they're going to capture
sure there
stands there
uh... at chris's cut
this is all we can really be forgotten out the majority of the things really
are playing on property and for the next to the world or just to talk about it is
also in arkansas
as bad as arkansas is this year old with a couple of when they are
i think we were talking about new mexico state altered so one two three four
three pre-game survival interest and issued this week
and then you got all message or to write off but what needs to happen there
tortured control its own destiny are always has a cold wind still needed to
have to get to that to be political and this week's not yet
uh... and then you got
you know
missouri and florida
i've just don't know what the misery has yet
yeah you look at one weekend and they they look like they're okay in the next
week they go they'd pay their dues
they're not being present
our franklin still up
back it looks like he's close and he was at the kentucky game
therefore racked up though
missouri's correct so in effect of that
even though he was a hundred standard for said they could bring a minute they
needed to stop the actually wound up on the sidelines
so we don't
is my fingers or even is a different came with franklin
about how the hell no quarterback
but i don't know if it'll be you know i i i don't think i'd be up now
yet from the necessary this year that has
and it was even though just is respected at it doesn't help when you're best
players on the sidelines theresa
and then than the last few days will spend a few minutes talking about men
and we've already alluded to in a scene in the state
competition eating for both of those programs yeah it's a big game it's uh...
so bold twelve million like this shane other uh...
scott strickland
genius movie is targeting the route strickland he uh... he comes out in
advertising when he gets done material
and actually uh...
uh... saga tweet today that they are
yet we have uh... you know we could do a permanent uh... crash at your state is
the end zone on the north again
uh... and uh... which
you know we we did that last year for the eg bowl which was the first time in
stock college football field
uh... but this year we actually picked up permanently
all this year are for this game is actually going to be ashtec's new bowl
twelve which is that the
which is the necessary for the celebration of the
blasted times these teams met which was the
forty three to four in whatever time
businessman dot the snowball because that was the freak snowstorm in
shreveport louisiana all places
uh... so they're commemorating maxine all i can start wearing the special
uniforms this weekend and so
and the white man on wire war against the good old or
blown up
the goal will be for the egg bonus will be all silver numbers buses planets
overshadowed fucking yeah i don't know i actually have white helmets with uh...
silver face mask in a silver
of bald
uh... as well that is pretty cool but uh... yes coming all the different to me
eleven a_m_ shaking i'm going to the game i'm excited
i'm really excited to see time and so uh...
you know i think
your status struggled where or back like this
uh... traditionally we would never lived up well with the running local type or
uh... some hope in that
you know i'm hoping that uh... you know we can obviously he didn't do this gives
all burn
texas a neutral before he went over and over rhodamine eight-term over six times
the list
and they were up twenty seven enough in a lot to in
shreveport at the
independence bowl stadium aaron and ended up at night she down in and barely
um... and of course is not already traveled down so
uh... opened the away
a neon maggie's show up in the he has a couple turnovers but thing with him is
trying to figure out a way to keep him in the pocket
uh... diseases
dangers when he's out of the pocket isn't so yeah i think he only said this
is when you got to keep him inside the pocket and then
uh... deal-making through and i think agree
sleigh in banks and i think your second areas uh...
leader warn bears because of a couple of right now so that that they had because
they were the strength of our defense itself and what they
they were really the reason that we gave up fourteen points and for statements in
i think they've can't take it as a personal challenge to
to make sence i think uh...
these reliably in
atmosphere and looking forward to it so
i didn't think about gas my name is a few weeks ago that the uh... how it was
designed often
yes it was
uh... of plan that actually incident and they actually took his models in often
yet used it and they actually referenced in in the release of its pretty cool
so they had all the credit for it so
escort reforms kaam aa
uh... use very friend friendly from that stands for them for
uh... interactive format social media thing i mean if you saw what we believe
campaigning on last week with regard to it
uh... we believe
we can go and be alabama and
that what the hell of a hand basket were quick but
you know it's pitch
to pretty interesting to see uh... met fan base is how social media actually
works with it
now he does a great job indigenous fan base over their and from the marketing
the state does
uh... might just be more worried cuz you're already working on it but that is
instantly dependence on the other programming in c c
uh... i have used on the side of the band about program
uh... you know the container behaviors
but the editing room at froder continuing the
same uh... changes come in
and basketball
well courses they don't have the finishes and basketball and i mean
everybody called it wasn't is going to be a change in it's not a good change
and then about i have no idea why they decided to keep that pr
that marketing a product that is
he played with half a brain understands that
but never spent a whole new team is going to be out there
and and there's a good change in our country back on bit it's funny you
change it and then you say that about social media actually salt
here this week uh...
you know you think of mississippi you don't think of later
innovative with
social networking as a basically don't have shoes in running water but and
here's how the whole to kalamazoo her brother
but it's funny because strickland is he's apartments followed eighty in the
uh... in the uh... media relations guy which is jen goldberg's who is but an
excellent follow through if your state fan
uh... because he is tummies he's got a
all the staff small stuff is just a great uses twitter so well
on these the same thing is shut down walk is four
uh... dunlap is for this is the uh... plus the fiftieth someone still less
than a spotter customer awkward
he is a must follow to with a great thing about is is he has a lawyer
fourteen thousand followers
is our last uh... also
chucked it actually is basically the media relations for all
all b_s_e_ all fourteen school committee c
missy states media director has over a thousand balch
so you can actually see the same gaffer ole miss his lawyer twenty five hundred
so you can actually see how fan base is really
they are really taking forwards
this social media that's really how univeristy
uh... your is the way that they first respond to everything
uh... and how interactive they are with regards to it it's
uh... it's pretty interesting because i think it's a little bit unique
uh... being that its new city state and
nobody would ever
feigned death that what you know i mean it's just one of things but
i decided to should
all right let's go into the last game that we haven't talked about and i guess
we're saving the best for last maybe
yes it is their that i guess doesn't know what you have a chance it's best to
deposit offer out there
they have a chance because it's in their family
uh... they had a chance because the sensibly they are or justice dangers
from a defense of front uh... isn't if not more dangerous defense from
standpoint with uh... sama gunnery and
uh... there's one point palm up uh...
the mango uh... only ends
l_s_u_ in the other thing is you've got less miles less miles is three oh three
eight six eight one
and uh...
uh... their bravery in the last six games uh... cayenne
uh... alabama's to inform last six games that back group so
i'd just wash alabama domini
but l_s_u_ number one
as late mortality missus status
specially from a defense a sample of the plane that and shane i think you can
figure this out if you want
you didn't want to be like our prior wanted but i've you know once you get
down forty-one up and it's like a list of some positives at the site when i
watch the city state the only way that she actually got to alabama wants to
chat the makeup negative
or no gains in the first or second i am if they stay ahead of the change their
basically impossible stop
profits alliance to dominate
if they didn't bargain for a year shrewd
uh... but if they did third eight there not a sufficient
an alabama you know what she has the ability
to give negative poison was first couple of an ounce and i think they can
i think they can hang with them and i think the games will be a lot closer
than people are going to say it's going to be
so i would like gramm won last year was a
consistent yet i don't know that i don't think so i think
nine six will have on alert
i think the uh... last year was not six-year
uh... i think it's going to be more i think it's going to be more in the range
of p l seventeen
seventeens he engane you know something like that and i i think our brands then
we have not touched and i don't think they're going to win bob
uh... or fourteen yr
or whatever the use of the quantitative people think that
uh... l issues that i did something creative office uh...
if they start being stagnant between government braille she's been waiting on
this day i mean they gotta beggars
uh... they really did their best shot at from a defense standpoint i think
at some point
mckay ranch is gonna have to do is go broke it and he kept they basically
group eight oh nine
dairy slave drop-dead thing that's that's where i was going with this whole
thing time and i think you just you alluded to it
was the guy two hundred sixty
hasn't answered something ridiculous like that without interruptions here and
have an interception sense uh... can large intercepted in last year's
with that being said
it's like days sooner or later you gonna lose you can't see and sooner or later
you go thro panic
there is so at what point does that happen and and work for another few
opens i happened to not feel like
l_s_u_ is going to be opportunistic and they're gonna come away with a few
that's going to turn the tide on this game
i don't know but it ended their uh... and can have the upset win
and what is going to take exactly that's going to have to take my care have a
mistake or two
and it might be a freak mistake where it hits the guys hands it's a receivers
if papa accused their picks it up and run tobacco six
of the jurors instead look it's going to show interception verma care but that
doesn't mean that he caused an interception
i think you're right i think also that the other thing is is that i think i'll
and i think this is a genius is a process that makes a good talks about
everybody talks about is that
every week is
it's uh... you know but i think that they actually do we need to tell what
they did in the city state that you api snow city state and seven and a m going
in the last week actually hurdle
uh... because it made a alabama guy will we can't work pass this message stating
that i was quite good tough anyway but our set another guy come in here how far
we have basically because of all we can
be ready to play in the and they could be gather
we put together being planned so you you could tell they were focused overnight
gained it so
now what you have met by a week
uh... they've got the ability to make it negative play
uh... i still think
i don't think you know if you can win the game
but uh... i could see it maybe being a twenty-one
you know thirteen game or a seventeen cm something like that but
i think there's going to be on the stage uh... well i'm gonna go out on a limb
and say look you can win
annex and it's not an expert it is going to have to take some of what i've
already said
at all those who wins who loses statement next week and possibly also
if those things happen now if you can win if it doesn't
it's going to review the of the national championship game last year and i want
you can run all over
i mean alabama panorama laura office
uh... so it's going to one of those two ways
uh... grownups had early with waco priorities
completely off in left field again
uh... but that more of that kind of looks at what we have for
last week's games in this week's games and how all that or listened to
to bowl championship sandy other seven seventeens in week a
still in the top twenty on the beach yes from the f_c_c_
uh... you know that that's that's some pretty amazing statistics nl
all kind of wrap this up with warm heather i think that it is one other
thing that i didn't cover in the city
now that's it
two more items that i want to discuss before we ended up in the
and i'll talk about
mccarran simply worried since we were just finished up with
without a lot
is the fact that he's in the f_c_c_
hurting his chances
uh... a heisman trophy elevated i don't think the fact that he's in the s_e_c_ i
think the fact that right now it's hurting him because
is an alabama nearby expects eliminating yet he's kinda still got that
dana if it is not good enough for each fifty
a week you know and he's not
year he doesn't have a twenty-eight touchdowns
in four pics he's got sixteen percent from our eighteen goes down zero three x
uh... in eastern install option one
twenty five yards of maine
landowner happy word are really here because there's really not a contender
in this whole
this whole notre dame uh...
whatever his name is the linebacker economy absolutely no way that they exp
talk regarding race
they uh... if he is in the past marie
drops down sixty it
because he if he is playing in the s_e_c_ he is just a regular obeyed the
but she's not there
but that's all topics
but we cannot be seen as your question
this week
if he has a good day
if you see him go thro through
yet to hurt said that we are seeing sort you have to take some
amenable to uh...
touchdowns three touchdowns
uh... indo interceptions and
then we have about ten bullets uh... copycat yeltsin definitely into the cop
station because that gary is that basically guarantees them
into the s_e_c_ championship in into
the national scene should race where
e issues
we are actually getting to that
that role um... but uh... he kidneys
army's most efficient for rack right now on
you have to watch him saturday night amenable
that he he is not a game patrick roy shape he's a play biker
i think there needs to be more more talk with him i mean if you look at him he's
a number one rated pat as far as pastor official tse maria imminent
college football or at least divisions one bolt and should be easy s
what however you want to describe that top echelon agree both hundred
twenty-some-odd schools
can cut the number one passing efficiency he might not have the most
yards but
not a huge step one you just for him to get you into this season and still have
and have a program that undefeated
number one in the conference number one in the country and every single all
everywhere you slice it and i think
uh... i think because he's playing for alabama
and because they're in the s_e_c_
and do you think that both of those things are for you
his chances um right now and and
it's going to take some some shakeup and the top
uh... you know kansas state stumbles and loses it doesn't seem likely right now
that seems legit bumbling if that were to happen that could really hard times
chances ride and how much and if you come away with that but
i might well be for not since i've chosen l_s_u_ charter
be alabama this week anyways
next question of rockingham arapaho popping out
how many coaches are all next year
and stuff you know or consult
uh... so you know that there are any out looking for another church
that basically said where are you talking to birds that are planar comes
in right now
you know the media first foray into
r_m_s_ a four afsane changes if they don't think there's a choice i think you
got to get rid of him
uh... just because of the historically
disaster that it's become i think there's going to be no choice i think
not every patient enough
i think i had to go through the given it much of a chance to read it and they're
and then i don't really think
they're doing is gonna give you shot uh...
that south carolina
i mean that uh...
but i think there are some serious
questions there with regards to
budget and
do you know finances and all that kind of stuff that you have to be an attorney
in new york contracting out itna
as until is not only
not only go if i remember correctly from what i've read
not only is he taking care of it all resisting coat on that program
has some sort of similar
uh... structured program by out well we don't know how appropriate big portion
of their sap hour if you don't get another job yesterday that last year
because when you have to have systems they wanted their doors they're here
which is is all the hot seat
the afrikaner once again what your contractor
values vomiting and diarrhea
so the family and all about whilst
assistants at somewhere around
summer right shot up ten million
it should be painted by outs but uh... anguish two six two six is what's
happened because the seven-and-a-half years your repayment in may and whether
they have with all the assistance
as well hottelet looking out for eugene harbor
yeah i i just don't think
uh... you know because i think that they met her choose it is is that
you could you could do
or we just need to cut everybody on the staff and let me just yet basically
career about him
faults or drive to build but
he just didn't ask me he's got
and maybe even score may turn it off its core later he supposedly isn't job real
well uh... obviously
uh... there with the profits performance
uh... and
so i don't see how he survives and so after you got those three of them you
know was conducting a bit
it's gonna be tough ameen
it i think i could see a scenario we're doing is a forty year i could see a
scenario where he doesn't show
uh... are regulars
i'm going to uh...
avenue three i don't know kentucky's go far joker
i mean i'll like your career really do i think he's got a raw deal i think the
fans out there are artist
stalking someone that they're growing up there aren't matlab i don't know what
their dealers
but the program has a lot of strings in it
uh... and
i don't know why there's such an uproar for for a change there i don't think
that you're going to bring
somebody in that's going to do we need better than what people and
lemonlovingirl recruiting classes he has he's got a lot of talent there
lot of things we look forward to and and what you're going to see if you can see
somebody come in
take a program that's got a little about suppliers have kind of experience from
this year
uh... and probably compete for another ball game
uh... next year
and they're going to do that all winter of those guys and players
uh... m
the good news for me at least a
as a joke refrain is that
athletic department seems to uh... be on the same killed as i am with this and
beyond joker shot
and not wanting to make a change i think they like what he has to do with the
program where he's kapila
they just don't like the attendance in
and they might come down to two you know simple economics dot but those jurors in
that dot they had stopped showing up in the seats
you know that that they speak
they speak very loud at uni stadium
uh... but it only takes you know koppel wins next year will spend the return
even if jokers they're in that were happy to beginning
winning cures a lot of bad things yeah as all of us all said today
that makes it even after it after four years at michigan state
before winter l_s_u_ uh... but before he actually had a string of successes that
you say packers first four years his twenty five twenty two and two
and so even the state of the
you know with the national championship this year
she usually put himself in the conversation of
the conversation gireesh
college football coach of all time obviously in this modern era uh...
mother bc essar but uh... uh... nutria miguel in his first job twenty five
twenty two and two hundred eighty m
at a place like mission st
uh... you know the the problem is is that
you don't if you're making
fiat five million dollar buy out then
you know cancers just down the way it is you know mister holidays
i think that he didn't know how things like three quarters and a half for
solemin entities
in comparison to some of these other other guys we've been talking about is a
much smaller number but even then
you know he's got a
coffee made all the way i mean i think if they switch coaches yeah i think i
think the problem that you have to away is number one is that
yet to make the decision i think the thing that you have this dot billy in
is that a or
cases the gallup haradim in india and he's got full
yet he's got full control of the statements of awesome
yet in any way
with due regard pretty much
a whole new hair right his heart harbor on hand
martin right
bass pro growth
note was denied
it was uh... he was a uh... marketing
patterns of abuse the hell of a flat tire them yeah
and uh... and that's gonna turn out to be a mean
you know really hamilton also harbors perot said he had a couple
the uh... couple stays out the are the kinds of martinsville proved to be a
good coach
now he has not been working hard last year of the universe the latter half of
that program
and will start talking more about what your column actually we found you know
bishtar news in preseason
himself you know an interesting day my herd uh... train and n all the rumor
mill or whatever was
obviously to this is the difference does that john grouping
if they fired air do it but or the names that they they basically it said that
that that would be they would reach out i would be the first contact obviously
uh... but after that that names of bobby betrayed i you know the regular warrants
but famine and that's all coming interesting mike dunleavy
uh... at oklahoma state
uh... was in a manner that would never really registered
you know as oklahoma state
that has uh...
team in pickens she netted two hundred million dollar
yeah first of all the police
was that a better job than
come into tennessee uh... and taken over a a top twenty top fifteen program with
all the facilities and delivering that all fits inside
uh... premiership bottles and intriguing
name that was dropping
said that time of the most days of the intrusion
i liked that one man in so many others i don't know
i don't know
i don't see donald c green coming to be to the college ranks
i think he's happy doing what he's doing right now wedding attendees the man use
intrinsic matthew and it was in oklahoma state when he said that was the yes
anyone's yet ryan
and i'll see green i don't see tennessee with would betray announcement
knows i mean
people people what wins and and character means nothing at that point
induces seeing hearing every year it seems like in the s_e_c_
uh... cell
still think the trainer thing is going to be a very difficult higher
just because of the h_r_
fiasco that happen in arkansas features of the official copies of science found
it's not a big deal i think putting your name
to that hires a maybe it's more difficult to yet so he he needs another
year to total weight that outside
i would think that i don't know
though you cannot even see him you know i i agree
not meaningful spore stations are property that i listened to i don't even
hear him making any type of appearances
and you'll get a reasonable
yemenese very p
when you look it up
but it was at texas tech
in a way i mean he he got off and he went over to series exam with uh...
one of those guys hacker
diag a rate that's what what
in orange apparition mallory new high heels over there
uh... you know
basically he
talking it up
just so that they were able to stay relevant these conversations
uh... but you know he's not not not heard from
and so
uh... i i i had done with you i don't think that's too likely that
understands that they did before are
and head coach is gone the s_e_c_
well we've come to the end of this roundtable all over the next few weeks
what we're going to try to do is maybe have a problem after podcasts
if we can get the staff
or get the the folks in here to uh... to teleport about where we can do a little
basketball on the side here as we
we start ramping up to basketball season and we've got a few
few basketball fans that uh... we lined up
um... that i have posted here with us in the past so
may be rejected those guys and might see an extra broadcaster to
uh... tween now in the in the united to reach is strictly basketball related
self like you to see a double dose of us as we can we move forward into
basketball season but is that relevant are open mic
period of the podcast blair
it was nice to see you actually tweet
and so it took some some reading from
one of the other co-hosts uh... that might be in alabama fan
uh... to to get you active on twitter about uh... you know your your light it
up there for about thirty minutes
yes they are there
with a passion
uh... yes or a uh...
yet except what matters to estimate out sent out for in
also yeah jerry frasier
black happy out there anything you want for author on the open market
nominees for the conform to calling them on uh...
taking the long army nobody on something and uh... leaves out
and uh... at uh...
couple amendment spider man sees all fargo and uh...
intended to
taking a little takes a new message stating this weekend so excited by
brandon been stronger than sir
markers to be excited to get there
only grandchild at uh... the tailgate parties
will be fine colonies romance is about seven a m zone i'll be thinking of you
i will not be a bit well i will be at least seven but number moses in my
saturday of program
i know i believe that he directed us
they'll still be there that's when i look at those
uh... it is selling the moral so hope with his podcast will be out on
halloween it's that's going to be of my goal is to get this out for you guys
tomorrow so we are taking a little ones out going to be chesi and woody
from time to maestro while awesome
you know i A
they're at an age where you can kind of leader and i guess to a certain way for
really did you have to pay both chose a those but i think someone independently
on their own and so
you know i think a lot tickled to death that you're able to get down and some
sort of a quarter maybe outfits exactly you know so that's a win for her and
it was awesome if this is amazing the different you know you've been only
started three the difference between last year this year
uh... you know just last year's clearly are aware of what's going on in
this year so it fired up about it and
warmed up picked out so i'll say it looks like such as per couple
yet so
is uh... and it doesn't even though it was a good candidate to hide from the
the kiddos writers outcome third wednesday night light so with that gas
thank you so much for listening in
uh... if you want to find ways to listen or interact with this podcast please do
we are on you tube we do a couple hangouts
uh... when we do the
podcasts over people to go out there and watched thinking actually watched as
when we record lyle
now we record logically tuesday wednesday
uh... storm
two zero wednesday night's is generally a record cops
so be on the lookout for that be happy that we got out we aren't wearing a sea
csr ki
as well as on face book as you see escort team
uh... the youtube channel same tennessee csr g
a lot subtraction of their last
couple months on the june genocide
people are out there uh... kinda subscribe unlike in watson what we're
doing less than
surprise that that that that they want to send watched you guys
uh... webcams basically
talk is easy sport but that might be the easiest way for them to get this
information cell
that's the reason we do what we want to get the information out and as many ways
of course we are always on options
uh... it just if you do a search for s_e_c_ sports last time i checked we
were the number one
uh... listed podcast undressing she sports so uh... kudos to all of you guys
out there download them listening to this podcast
uh... it wouldn't be that way if it wasn't for you folks up thank you so
much for doing that
and uh... austin to radio where in the top twenty five percent of all hot casts
on that meeting last time i checked as well so guys thank you so much for
for less than an but even if it's for twenty thirty minutes and know that
these podcast go an hour hour and a half
uh... but they were great for
for me i was in the podcast of the slings all the time when i'm in the car
uh... the last thing is you just pick up where you left off in their afterward up
long huge commercial breaks out
with that thank you so much more what i call this podcast uh...